Unboxing My Part 2 Freddy Krueger Silicone Mask Made By James Updegraph/Darkride82

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KOKO RICE: he look like he wanna lick someone's butthole

Zach Ramirez: Man! You look just like Robert England!

John Hamilton: Any active links to the mask?

cristina gallardo: What was he doing with his tung

RandomVideoCircus: Where can I buy one for cheap like this?

its Mas: very nice costume

nick_vids_: I wish I had that costume

Французский человек: Hi everyone! Do you if it's possible to buy this mask on darkride in euros € because I'm french.

Toney Walker: get them off amazon

Ben Simmonds: Why with the tounge

Desire Storm: freak you your a basterd

Mozz Mozz: How has it held up over the years?

chakenbacon: I just emailed the guy and he's asking for $600!! Idk if it's worth it...

Fauwst.V: where did you buy this mask, which is the name of the website or store. please ask me

Aaliyah Wilkins: Are you gay bc you keep sticking your tongue out of your mouth and that is gross

ant nohe: Where do you get it

Эльмира Шукурова: https://www.facebook.com/jamesdarkride - Here is a link to the person who is macking these masks

Vlitglob Vae-Victis: As the blood begins to splat,On his sweater, on his hat,A rotted mouth smiles as you die!His colors are red and green,His skin is not what it seems,He rips and tears off his own flesh!Freddy's come for you, what will you do!?He'll slash you, and rip you,And cut you in two! ...."Freddy Krueger" by S.O.D.....you sir, are friggan' Freddy! Awesome.

The Greenman: So do you jerk off with your left hand or the right?

Jesse Preciado: jow much does he charge for this one

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Unboxing my Part 2 Freddy Krueger Silicone mask made by James Updegraph/Darkride82 5 out of 5

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Chest of souls painting

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