How Much Money Does The FaZe Clan Make? (2012)

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Shamar Browne: Do pamaj

hunter park: Mrtechnicaldifficult

uhh zAir: Hmm 16k views does that mean your getting paid?

Unduruz: DO OpTic!!!

MinecraftTwerk: OPTS Clan I wanna know about that new MLG Clan

jennifer redepenning: i make more money than that i make $400,000

FLAM1nWaffl3x: FaZe and OpTic= Ew.

StormAdapT: They do not split the money because they do not sign contracts in faze that says they have to split it. Machinima does pay because of the simple fact that they do sign contracts

Explore Prime: Reeeaaaly want to see An induvidual faze member/ optic member (heckz, pred fakie temperrr) anyone induvidual!!

Rush Levvyy | JailBait: The members get paid when they upload a episode. the entire channel gets 70.5K - $658.4K a year with views per day varying, and idk how much it would be with the ads combined with that.

OfficialHighEdits: you wish ;)

TehNaRan: do the members get paid everytime they pull out an episode

iGaveTheDee: zzirgrizz

xJewpac: @Stan Brown dude chris smoove is the crap lol glad to see somebody knows him

SpahceRising: I want to see team psyqo

M40A3Kombat: not really but thanks <3 I have never done a com in my life lol :)

M40A3Kombat: /watch?v=G-1fXW-_3Ig ? post the second like time in video

arbaz Ayub: Chris Smoove

~ trama corb ~ Leader @56k: Third One :)

M40A3Kombat: i REALLY DOUBT they split it :/

ImSXCE: Yeah man sure thing ill hook you up! - Tim McGraw

Stan Brown: We Wanna see Chris Smoove's!! look him up.

M40A3Kombat: /watch?v=-7cvgfXL1PI ?

xOriginalModz: Just check SocialBlade :) I checked & It says they make ''£52.7K - £491.7K /yr'' Obv Estimately though:)

M40A3Kombat: william ray johnson makes like 7k a vid

M40A3Kombat: Me..... Awkward.

Plexus Ten: is a legend!

TaClanZz: FaZe is freaking cool my clan is TaZz my xbox name is SaMe x savage send me a friend requist

M40A3Kombat: /watch?v=KNV7mdxmQ3M that one?

littlegrym: nut non the less your a great commentater so subed

SynLSniping: Yes faze players get paid 70 percent of the money like 300 dollars

TheFuzzyShotHD: I was with faze since they started

Epicpoo: You're not very smart are you...

codslayer213: Ways the outro song

Zephury: I think that is sooo far off. Average pay per thousand views is about $1.50..

ViiTaLFilms: sweet, do you remember me? M40A3 ViiTaLz? lol

M40A3Kombat: Exactly they might give like 60 so some one can buy a game that cant afford or 1600MC to change name etc but ya agree

Vuyy: 190k views = like $365 machinima partners don't earn as much as youtube partners cuz der craps copyrighted, this is wrong btw but good analogy.

FlowFrontier: SoaR

~ trama corb ~ Leader @56k: 2:40

combatwarriorXGaming: your sound broke on your video fix it!

littlegrym: keep in mind they have to split that 200k between there 37 clan members that they have that's only 5.7k per member a year! not enough to make a living out of ...

Nozzy Luck: you saw obey agony's car

Dare Deftt: Put soar and obey and dare and optic , the clans right behind FaZe

Adem Bose: How'd you know they don't have a job outside of YouTube? Plus they don't upload a video a day (personal)

Chase Cook: Cbass gets most of the money besides Temperrr

StealthyXxXKING: anyways how much a video do you get??

Harcore Parcore: wow! no life freaks. get paided 2 sit in front of a screen and twiddle ur thumbs! never liking a FaZe vid again :)

Dream Endlessly: They make much more than 200k. They make almost 1 million a year. And they don't split it equally between all members.

M40A3Kombat: -_- Just type the time in the video example 0:45 ..... lol

How Much Money Does The FaZe Clan Make? (2012) 4.8 out of 5

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How Much Money Does The FaZe Clan Make? (2012)
How Much Money Does The FaZe Clan Make? (2012)
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