Rabbit Hunting With A CZ-452 Rifle

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Augusto Tormena Neto: A sequĂȘncia final foi massa.

lascar48: Good shooting.

Ray Hart: Just wondering you know anything on the browning t bolt .22 rimfire ! How good or not ? Thanks

irishpigeonshooters: We are using Eley 40gr subsonic ammo..

Ray Hart: Nice shooting guys ! Can a ask what ammo you using for the 22 lr ! Thanks ray

irishpigeonshooters: Lol

irishpigeonshooters: Harmless ???? Rabbits in the pet store are harmless. Rabbits in the wild cause a serious amout of damage on agricultural land to farmers. (and they are yummy)...(nom nom nom) Lol


Harrison William: nice shooting

tskfrcdgr: you a bitch, african american

irishpigeonshooters: First of all how do you think meat ends up in the supermarket. Do you think that animals just roll over and die when the shelves become empty. All of our shots are headshots and what we don't eat ourselves go to a game dealer for processing. Secondly despite what you may think the animal does not suffer. We would rather not take the shot at all than risk hitting them in the body and causing a slow death. There is enough warnings on this video so WHY did you watch it just to complain about it.

irishpigeonshooters: Yeah exactly, They are a nuisance to this particular piece of land and what we don't eat ourselves go's to the game dealer, Cheers

Kevin Koala: idk people who want to eat and who believe they should only eat what they hunt not packedged prosessed food, people eat EVERYTHING and rabbits are just another wild animal.

hannah turner: this is so sad who would want to KILL RABBITS U JACKHOLEs!!! :(

RAYMONDJWISSING: i am not complanning very good shot video very cool pest rabbit and eating it lmao

RAYMONDJWISSING: very good shot and killed nice shot

irishpigeonshooters: We use Eley Subs, its very good ammo. Very quiet and accurate....

Jack Merton: what ammo did you use? good shooting

guerrierodelgiaguaro: Congratulations Comrade!

Mateogon: lol 3:10 it exploded

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Rabbit hunting with a CZ-452 rifle 5 out of 5

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