Tracfone LG 505C

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nicoleaniolek: I bought it for 49 $ via tracf website because it offered triple minutes for life. It's handy and has everything I need. I don't want a more advanced phone, I'm past that stage when I had to spend loads of money on something just to use it for 6 months before buying the next new model. This one has both touchp and keyboard, I recorded a few fun ringtones via voice recorder. It's a nice size. The best thing is that it doesn't look like a calculator like the other model they offered me lol. Battery holds for ages. Has photo id which i like using. If you're looking for something that does everything, including cooking , this is not it. If you're looking for a decent & attractive phone, yup.

Dusten Hammer: can it watch videos on youtube

robert gandy: dude 90 bucks for that crappy phone? i got a android virgin kyocera with a slide out keyboard for only 50 bucks.. not the best smartphone.. but it is a android with all functions your need. you cant download jack on the lg. i use it only for a backup..and rarely even do that. sad sad sad phone

Mayi Vazquez: thank you very much sir for answering they do have this phon in Texas (I just learned)I have another question you mentioned video mode I read somewhere that it doesnt record what can of of video are you talking about, to see them? I want to know about that too because I like to put movies in my phone can I do that in that phone?

Heathishness: Update: I was wrong. Although the back piece of the two part cover from a Cosmos Touch will fit, the front piece will not. The bezel is indeed a tad bigger, and won't allow the clips to engage. Don't be fooled by the ads on Amazon and Ebay saying the cover is for all three phones. If it says "Cosmos Touch" steer clear. Just buy ones for the Attune/Beacon. You can also tell in the photo if it is for the Attune/Beacon because the opening for the screen will be more square rather than round.

Eric Kingsley: $90

Priscila Medina: how doess the messaging look? dolook at them individually or does it show the whole conversation?

Eric Kingsley: No, I didn't

Kobe Auger: dude you switched from a andriod to that phone =)

robert gandy: i will sell u mine for 30 are better gettting a kyocers rise. by virgin. if u want a cheap phone and it android. i own will be very displeased in the lg 505!! not a smartphone.. not even 3g or wifi. dont download anything but ringtones. you will hate it.,

Alex Cardoso: how much is this phone please tell me

Heathishness: .. also for anyone looking for a case for this phone ... Cases for the Cosmos Touch, Beacon, and Attune are all the same. (The Cosmos Touch has a different design on the front in terms of the buttons, and a couple other details, but the phone is the same shape with the same ports and openings.) You can easily obtain these with large selection and low prices on Amazon, and Ebay. (When buying screen protectors only purchase ones for the Beacon or Attune, NOT Cosmos Touch.)

Helen Pattskyn: $90 is cheap?!

HeSaidWhatToWho: No..But dude. Its a tracfone..Not a android.

Nathan Goehmann: you can get it for $25 on amazon

Josh Stewart: Thanks for this review.

Heathishness: No, you won't have that problem with this one. I think that's happening to you because the browser button has been placed on the right soft key, so it is easily hit, especially if the phone laggs when backing out of the main menu. The 505c has a browser icon on the main menu only, and is easily avoided. The UI is also more responsive than some others, with little to no lagg, so mistakes are smaller in number. I use the opera mini I installed anyway since it is a more full featured browser.

Priscila Medina: watch your mouth douchebag dont be an idiot

Alese Thuyns: thank you your informational video :)

Eric Kingsley: Phone was never available in retail stores and has been out of stock on line for several weeks.

Patrick Bushman: great job sweeper! you sure are fast to get these videos up - if only I could keep up with you!

I love Kit Kats a lot: I can't hear the video. Can you get apps on it?

TakeoffSet: some people get tracfones so they dont have to pay bills so stop picking on people who have them

Ben DuBois: Where can I buy this?? I really want this phone but I can't find it to buy when I put in my zip code on Tracfones there a certain zip code that will work for me??

jilly52: I just got this phone...very happy with it. You are doing a wonderful service. My mother was deaf, too. She died in 2004. If she were alive, how wonderful, the great strides they have made in communication...and for the deaf, a real bonus! Thank you for the tutorial!

Lesberatti's Place: Thanks, I'm addicted to Tracfone and you saved me from making another purchase. I recommend the Samsung S390g, it has wi-fi and you won't use your minutes when you access the web.

Neenah Guy: Great Job, Eric!...Tracfone's first smart CDMA (Verizon towers) as opposed to their former gsm (Sprint and AT&T towers) that would drop calls frequently. Thank You Tracfone for offering VOICE DIALING like all your future phones should have...EASY when driving, etc.!

Jayar Flores: I got mine brand new for 19,99 on ebay for a trusted seller and i got a screen protector and case for 6 dollars.

frybry01: your the idiot, have you not seen the $10 bar phones, those are cheap, anything over $60 from tracfone is expensive bcoz tracfone locks a lot of features on their phones. They're not cheap, just restricted.

Eric Kingsley: I'm deaf and I actually don't know how loud I am talking when making a video.

ppixelmonsterr: for a phone hell ya

Eric Kingsley: Plastic

tish24810: is there a keyboard on the screen that way u dont have to use the slide keyboard

txl43n: I bought the phone and put in my sd card. I cant set my music as my ring tones. It has to be in My Sounds. How do I do that?

April TracFone: Hi Austinmahonefan2, this is April from TracFone Wireless. The phone does not support video, hence; you cannot play YouTube using the browser. You may search it on the internet or Google it up for further information. If you have any other question, send us an email at

Ray Paul: They make special phone for people like you with disability like you have with doodling.

Eric Kingsley: From what I am seeing on the 505C, it does not have threaded messaging.

Eric Kingsley: No wifi on the 505C

LittleMissDTims: What is the touch screen like? Is it sensitive it does it require a little pressure?

Ace123097: you cant activate this phone with another carrier because it is a CDMA phone which means it does not have a sim card well yes it can be cloned but that is a pain in the rear end

Eric Kingsley: I honestly have no idea if the plan on restocing the phone. I moth balled mine in the review. I could not get used to the resistive touch screen after using my many Android phones.

Lindsey Bower: RUDE!!!!

Heathishness: Also just to confirm for anyone looking for information, the phone DOES have threaded messaging. If clicking the actual messages icon at the bottom of the screen, and opening the main messaging menu, it does not. Those cannot be changed to a threaded format. But the home screen to the left does indeed display your messages in a chat style threaded bubble format. I believe this makes it the first and only TF to have threaded messaging of any kind what so ever. Only one I have heard of ...

Eric Kingsley: I'm deaf and I actually don't know how loud I am talking when making a video.


Ben DuBois: Well, I guess I will have to wait to see if they will ever restock..I'm hoping they do, I have been wanting this phone for quite some time now, since my phone right now is awful. But thank you for your help! I now understand why it didn't show up online for purchase.

Priscila Medina: how does the meassaging look does view one by message by one or does it show the whole conversation?

nathan ward: To Priscila Medina, Yes you can download the facebook app you just go to browser and then when it asks you what you want to do click facebook and it will have a little link saying download mobile version and click that and it will download

Vanitas TheHeartLessOnee: before u can activate it will u need to buy minutes for the unlimited minutes to work. i dont get it . plz respond !! :]

Eric Kingsley: Try Get Jar.

Tracfone LG 505C 3.5 out of 5

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