Tracfone LG 505C

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milo xavier: can I hear Pandora on this phone

Tanya To Hot: Does this phone have blue tooth and also can u go to the browser and watch YouTube videos.

nicoleaniolek: I bought it for 49 $ via tracf website because it offered triple minutes for life. It's handy and has everything I need. I don't want a more advanced phone, I'm past that stage when I had to spend loads of money on something just to use it for 6 months before buying the next new model. This one has both touchp and keyboard, I recorded a few fun ringtones via voice recorder. It's a nice size. The best thing is that it doesn't look like a calculator like the other model they offered me lol. Battery holds for ages. Has photo id which i like using. If you're looking for something that does everything, including cooking , this is not it. If you're looking for a decent & attractive phone, yup.

elchoya100: great review. think about getting this when my boostmobile dies out,keep up the good work eric.

frybry01: your the idiot, have you not seen the $10 bar phones, those are cheap, anything over $60 from tracfone is expensive bcoz tracfone locks a lot of features on their phones. They're not cheap, just restricted.

Neenah Guy: Great Job, Eric!...Tracfone's first smart CDMA (Verizon towers) as opposed to their former gsm (Sprint and AT&T towers) that would drop calls frequently. Thank You Tracfone for offering VOICE DIALING like all your future phones should have...EASY when driving, etc.!

EastmanGaming: Shut the freak up bitch, not everyone can afford a 650.00 Galaxy S4.

EastmanGaming: How is the call quality? Other people said it sucked.

Jayar Flores: I got mine brand new for 19,99 on ebay for a trusted seller and i got a screen protector and case for 6 dollars.

Helen Pattskyn: $90 is cheap?!

Nathan Goehmann: you can get it for $25 on amazon

April TracFone: Hi Dusten, this is April of TracFone Wireless; and I will be addressing your query. Unfortunately, we do not support video streaming for LG 505C phone since it uses too much data. You can go to the phone’s browser and go to YouTube site; however, we do not guarantee that the videos will play. Should there be anything else, please send us an email at

Church: can it watch videos on youtube

robert gandy: I agree donna. It is just 35 a month. No contract. I didn't care about a smartphone, but was just 50$ for this phone. I use it mostly for navigation. And if on the road and need to look up soomthing the ease of doing it is great. I still have my lg. I'm not one of those people who u see out eating and on the phone at sametime. Go to walmart ect. Get a cheap android phone and 35 dollar prepaid card. You will b very pleased.

Donna Scheible: Great, if you want to pay for a data plan. What if you just want a BASIC phone?? I don't want to be tied to my phone 24/7. Bad enough I'm tied to a computer all day at work.

robert gandy: i will sell u mine for 30 are better gettting a kyocers rise. by virgin. if u want a cheap phone and it android. i own will be very displeased in the lg 505!! not a smartphone.. not even 3g or wifi. dont download anything but ringtones. you will hate it.,

robert gandy: dude 90 bucks for that crappy phone? i got a android virgin kyocera with a slide out keyboard for only 50 bucks.. not the best smartphone.. but it is a android with all functions your need. you cant download jack on the lg. i use it only for a backup..and rarely even do that. sad sad sad phone

Eric Kingsley: Try Get Jar.

I love Kit Kats a lot: I can't hear the video. Can you get apps on it?

Theodore Bloch: Just bought mine from

Tracfone LG 505C 5 out of 5

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