Cubical Quad Antennas

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WA4BWO Dave: N

Theodore Sears: It would be nice for fringe uhf dtv.

Steve's Mixed Bag: Dave , would it work to delete the reflector at the rear and use a second director instead , to produce equal gain to both the front and the rear of the antenna ? (Driven elem in the middle with a director in front and rear of it)This location is a narrow valley about 2 miles wide but about 20 miles long, so no need for gain to the sides. Some gain to the northeast and southwest would be nice. Or should I just build a single loop full wave quad ? If I do a single loop then i'm at 100 ohm . Not sure if there is such a thing as a bi-directional 3 element quad with 2 directors instead of the standard Reflector--Driven---Director design ...Thanks !

Jonn Kammeron: HI Dave. Many thanks for your great channel.

Rick Lawson: great informitive video im building a 10 ,11 metre 2 element quad thanks again vk4ftrl

Michael Whittle: love ya video's Dave very interesting and great ly demonstrated i'm ex vk3 been in NT a year no licence change here i operate and at moment i are limited in radio use to 10-15 mt rmainly hf .now i design own antennas mobile and home when have it is great watch detailed video's and great information.miss other bands hope get vk 8 licence tranSer soon.

Roger B Walker Sr: Hi Dave, Is It possible to build three peg leg antennas but mount them with four feet spacing thus being able to switch from one peg leg at a time thus creating a superscanner?

MsJinkerson: I hate the damn formulas just tell the legnth

Marty Lemons: Thanks, I.learned a lot.

santos morales: Información solamente en inglés era bueno español aunque se entiende

Egy Coordinator: Hi Dave, I want to build a 11 mtr cubical 4 elem., what will be the best balun for use with this antenna?, I have on hand a balun 1:1.  Thanks in advance, I wait for the answer.

PJ: Dave,  Thanks for the quality video. I really enjoy the technical education that you put in this and your other videos.  The steps calculating the dimensions and reminders on the formulas is appreciated.  Now I am looking at what I can stuff in my attic,  I live in a neighborhood with a HOA.  Love the challenge of what I can do with stealth in mind.

Ray Harkins: Dave. Thanks for the ideas. I am thinking about a 40M quad. May be more than I am ready for.. 73 kb6lqv.

Robert Harrington: Great videos Dave!
Building a quad for 10 meters INSIDE my living room!

ifell3: Hi, your videos are really top quality. From what i understand you can't have a 1/4 wave yagi, is that correct. Could you have a 1/2 wave yagi for a cb/11m, but whip the elements so it turns out about the same size as you have in the video? And then could you use this same principle to build a whipped cubical quad? 
Regards jon

Shane Pander: what is the equation for finding space length between each element.  I a m building a four element 152mhz quad.   I have already figured my elements and spreaders mathematically, but how do I figure out the spacing between each element.  oh, and how do I figure the space for the drive element to place my coax cable?  thank you for all your help sir.

Shane Pander: does the boom length really matter? as long as the distance between the reflector, driven element, and the director is accurate; does the boom have to be much longer than the specs of the fore-mentioned? , I am building a 152mhz quad, with only one director.    thank you, you have been a great help.

wa4aos: Very helpful video..Thanks... Any thoughts on a simple way to wire up a 20 meter boom-less quad from the ground? I thought about using a J Pole to support the boom and rotate it as I wire each element..

Glenn WA4Aos

ebear1ca: How about the body centered cubical quad.

N2RGT: Another great video, Dave!  Thanks a lot.  My next project....73's de N2RGT

Cubical Quad Antennas 5 out of 5

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Cubical Quad Antenna
Cubical Quad Antenna
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