Clash Of Clans - Town Hall Level 8 Defense (For Farmers)

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Axel Rosete: Hey, Pat, could you please make an updated version of this base. I would really appreciate it

Kevin Guerrero: Can you make a new tonal 8 base design for farmers and trophy pushing. Please btw huge fan. When I first started playing I subscribed like my first week aha. :)

Jezreel Garcia: Can u do a new base for townhall 8 because they have 4 mortars and in the other video there's no dark elixir storage or dark elixir pump

NOJAMZ: Update

Brandon Kelso: Wow I can't wait to use this!!!!!

Acey Yanagishita: The ideas put into this base is wayyy out of date. Go look at something made in the last month

Jonathan Huynh: FOR FARMER JOE!!!!!!!!!! I dodnt say no nothin

TtfnoGaming: This is so old and worst base but im a fan of you

Eric: Resources are very vulnerable to lighting spells

Daddy Stalin: I had ten million bombs,32 walls and an air defense leftūüė¶

ihsas chisty: where is that air defense?

Santhosh Thevaraj: Patt my th8 base is an updated version

Santhosh Thevaraj: Part it wud great if u wud make a video of my th8 base, im sure u wud love it, jsut check it out patt

Santhosh Thevaraj: Guys listen, if u want to a proper th8 farming base, just visit my base, its a stunner.
Clan : vampire warriors
Name: sanhosh
This base is not copied. Form u tube, just check it out!

squirrelsareverycool: It's not generally a great idea to set all of your storages in one  location. That entire area is prime for lightning spells. Also, the bottom and top layers have needless wall dividers that could be used to fill in another layer, since the sides have the three layers, that'd be handy. 

Esther Twaddell: +hunter devoto I bet ur base Suks its good if ur saving dark elixer u dumbass

Edwin F.: hey chief pat! quick question:
could you do a series of videos like this, but more focused on clan wars? like a war base strategy or something?

jairo kooistra: where are jou duister barracks

Eric Vasquez: Pat where the third air defense

Alexander Mitov: Not good at all. If someone get at first line with archers he will take your resources. 

Clash of Clans - Town Hall Level 8 Defense (For Farmers) 5 out of 5

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