FN FNAR Match Rifle Explained

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A Ron: There is this company called browning invented before your mom was banging the mail man you should look at that, too kind of a practical use for the pistol grip FN is a subsidiary of the Belgian Herstal Group, which also owns U.S. Repeating Arms Company (Winchester) and Browning Arms Company. You have to know something about military history though not being a mindless zombie who cant even reply back on spell check comments ... "note to self" dont call someone and idiot on the internet? oh

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A Ron: looks? what they didnt have pink in stock did you compain? :)

noob5000000: I like the idea, but after seeing a video of how to disassemble it... no thanks.


Chris Fields: "assault rifle"

MSL209: So, just found out that they ended up scrapping this...

MSL209: So glad they came out with this stock. The pistol grip was not only (IMO) ugly, but would have required me to do some modifications to own one legally in CA.

1celts79: either config - very good, rifle ...!!!

JackLoyal93: I was never a fan of the pistol grip myself, glad they got rid of it.

sgthl: This is a big improvement over the older FNAR, which in my opinion looked like s**t. There is no practical use for a pistolgrip on a huntingrifle (it was never an assaultrifle), less crap that sticks out the better. Now this is usable both on the range and for hunting.

Doubletap88: I like the old style, it fills a niche I was interested in, a semi-auto precision rifle with a pistol grip and adjustable stock that's piston driven. I can see why people would like the new style as well. Imagine the BAR hunting rifles with a "blactical" look and detachable box mag.

Larry M.: I love the look of the new FNAR... I will be picking up the older version in 2 weeks... I can't wait to pick this one up as well.... How soon will it be available? and what will it cost

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FN FNAR Match rifle explained 5 out of 5

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