Tascam DP-02 DP-02CF Video Tutorial Demo Review Help

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Moe Donnelly: Thanks for the Post! (fast forward 8 years)...I've been needing to transfer files from dp02 for years and hit road blocks cuz the tascam manual is written in geekese

Robert Finck: How do you set up the effects send and return.I have an external effects unit a TC Electronic M350 and would like to use the effects from that on my Tascam

Eighty Eight: been waiting for this video for a long time

Philip Workman: love the demo, however i have one Q (duh!)   to transfer from the tascam to a PC/mac i just need a USB cable? As in, I don't need an external flash drive? The tascam is full and I'm looking for the simplest way to transfer to PC/mac

Rexx Michaels: What is the largest size compact flash card can the DP 02CF use 8 or 16?? Please answer. I cant find any info.

ashley Lee: for anyone who wants to import a beat than record over it the beat should be a wav file at 16 bits mono i use a program called "switch" to do so

ashley Lee: convert beat to a wav file 16 bits mono

James Rock: hahaha

Whisper: I've tried this step by step several times. Everytime I try to import new tracks onto the DP-02 it says "File not found". What am I doing wrong? I want to place music on track one then record my lyrics over it. How?

RestartYourHeart_hXc: What Im trying to ask is when I export the tracks to a computer, is there a way I can open them with garageband and edit each instrument's volume and effects individually? Or will it show up as one master track with all the individual instrument tracks crunched together? I'd like to be able to edit and mix it with my Mac

RestartYourHeart_hXc: Is there a way to transfer unmixed tracks of a song, guitars bass vox and drums, from my DP 02 Tascam recording portastudio to my mac laptop and mix/edit them with garage band? Please let me know if anyone knows how to do this..

pugNdrum: Can this be used as an audio interface?

Steve Bass: Did anyone else catch "Export Tarck" ? Haha Tascam can make some powerful studio boards, but can't use spell check correctly!

CAMG LLC: what kind of hard drive is in this unit, i need to replace mine

Drew Newton: will it work on a mac?

tapper45: @oilyfresh make sure your track is "armed" (red blinking light) before you record. make sure you're playing your guitar on the "armed" channel. when playing back, make sure the track is "not armed" (not blinking). i don't have this recorder but it is standard for most all mtrs. i have a million hate mails in my respose account and i never read through it so i won't be able to follow up. hope it helped.

fresh: I can't get anything to work on my dp02. The manual doesn't really tell how to hook up keyboards or electric drum sets. So I'mguessing all the way through. Can't even get the guitar to record. I havethe speakers set up where I can hear what I am doing while I am doing it, can't hear anything when I play back. This sucks and being frustrated don't help.

Joseph Brad: Before I purchased my Tascam DP-02, I use to just plug my guitar into an MXR Distortion box then into the amplifier from there. My questions is this: Can I plug my guitar into the MXR Distortion box and the plug the distortion box into the midi port on the back of the DP-02 without damaging the DP-02 ? I would prefer to use the distortion box in lieu of the internal effects in the DP-02 if possible.

shwinky789: does it work with mac?

chris chen: @SpencerrrWinterrr Hey guys, I spent more time than necessary trying to figure out why the dp-02 was not showing up like this on my computer. Make sure you are using a 2.0 usb cable. I was using a different one and it was not working. Hope this helps.

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Tascam DP-02 DP-02CF Video Tutorial Demo Review Help 5 out of 5

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