Tascam DP-02 DP-02CF Video Tutorial Demo Review Help

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Michael Colon: been waiting for this video for a long time

Philip Workman: love the demo, however i have one Q (duh!) to transfer from the tascam to a PC/mac i just need a USB cable? As in, I don't need an external flash drive? The tascam is full and I'm looking for the simplest way to transfer to PC/mac

ashley Lee: for anyone who wants to import a beat than record over it the beat should be a wav file at 16 bits mono i use a program called "switch" to do so

lup3f1a5c0: The tascam dp02-cf sucks, it has too many flaws. And don't try and say it's just because I don't know how to use it. I've recorded plenty of songs, it's just not cuttin it. anyone willing to pay $250 for one, let me know. I personally wouldn't, but if you want one mint condition, no scratches for $50 off, here's your chance. Transaction will be done through paypal.

Justin Neal: how many tracks can you record on the dp 02 at one time?

doomfan101: i have about 30 tracks i cant find them when i connect it through usb how can i export all of them at once or when i connect to computer they are all there

Greenday34487: does this have internal mic, so can u just record on the spot?

onecrystalful: i was wondering if u know how to use the punch foot pedal i don't know idea how to use it can please u help me out?

Aaron Wright: Hey, by that do you mean you can only record two tracks at the same time as in playing two tracks in real time at the same time and them both going on at the same time, or something else like you can only have two tracks to record onto and thats it?

Steve Bass: Did anyone else catch "Export Tarck" ? Haha Tascam can make some powerful studio boards, but can't use spell check correctly!

oilyfresh: I can't get anything to work on my dp02. The manual doesn't really tell how to hook up keyboards or electric drum sets. So I'mguessing all the way through. Can't even get the guitar to record. I havethe speakers set up where I can hear what I am doing while I am doing it, can't hear anything when I play back. This sucks and being frustrated don't help.

IAM DUBB: what kind of hard drive is in this unit, i need to replace mine

SirScreem71: When I import my Master Track to my computer, the sound level all the .wav file is so low I can barely hear it unless I crank my computer speakers all the way up. But when I play it on the tascam through my PA it comes out at normal levels. How to get the .wav file on the computer to play normally? I even up the play level on Itunes, but it barely did anything.

lup3f1a5c0: yeah, i'm having the same problem. let me know if you figure it out.

sleeepingpills: No, your active pickups won't work. It would be like trying to use a guitar pedal without a power source.

AD Beats: @vinnyzim22 you can get a usb cable at any local radioshack etc. just ask for a usb cable..their compatable with any digital device

Larry McCoy: Just purchase the DP-02CF. My guitar has an "active" pickups, is this going to work? Pulling the 9-volt battery from the guitar - does this make it "passive"?

olliebalc: reply to EuphoriaMusicSession: WTF?!#

doomfan101: I bought the DP-02 im not sure how to record mic and guitar at the same time reply soon anyone?

deo704: To import from pc Files MUST BE IN THIS FORMAT .wav The sample rate must be 44.100Hz The bit rate 16 its the only way.

ofarevolution441: all the time you have to spend figuring it out ends up paying off in the end.

Ollie Stench: I was messing around for a day and a half and spent $80 on different CF cards trying to get them to import. I read your comment and sure enough, I was trying to import stereo files. Thanks for the tip!!!

Larry McCoy: Yes, I found out, on the back make the switch to MIC/LINE and it will work. Sorry I posted too soon before I read everything. However, I'm going to return the CF for the DP-02.

Johnny Lawrason: dynamic mics need batteries

rollandmcroll: @ MidWestSK : The tracks you want to import must be mono. That is most probably the reason. cheers

jesus reazola: wtf! my two mic imputs dont give any signal! anybody has any idea why this is happening? any help its greatly apreciated, thanks

ridehonda107: I keep getting a variety of different startup errors every time i try to turn it on. any idea how to make them stop?

gitanomestizo: Can somebody help me. My cuestion is: I can use the microphone input line to record my guitar?, i want to record the sound of my amplier and analog pedals gives me. Exist differences in quality sound between record the guitar use a microphone and plug-in direct to DP-02?

madeyes4u: Does anybody know if I'm able to put my songs on Myspace with this device??

vandealex: cuz this machine is soooo sexy duh LOL

Jeff Golden: can this record more than one track at a time, like two mic`s for drumming?

nilkman: how do u change the file tyupe , my crap doesnt take theat file tyype

wendlinka: Hi, pls tell me how many tracks I can record at the same time?

guitarslf132: wen i go to import a track it says import file not found can anyone help

shotym34: to transfer your music from your computer. all your wav files have to be mono not stereo. thats a big peace of information he left out....

djdrxx: the way you mix the song on your computer you need a program like cubase or pro tools

ben parsons: I have this device and it warns never to plug the speaker outputs of a guitar amp into the unit. Is that the same as running a cable from the "pre-amp out" into the device?

Peetsadoe450: no internal microphone

vinnyzim22: Am I the only one who didn't receive a usb cable with the DP-02? I have no idea where to get one.

lup3f1a5c0: yeah, i'm having the same problem. let me know if you figure it out.

DreamlifeCinemas: I've tried this step by step several times. Everytime I try to import new tracks onto the DP-02 it says "File not found". What am I doing wrong? I want to place music on track one then record my lyrics over it. How?

Higaha: so i can only record with this thing? can i like record guitar, vocals and drums and bass, then like mix them together? if not, i dont see a difference buying a cheaper and smaller Tascam.... and does this have a built in drum machine?

sleeepingpills: Mic up your amp.

Peetsadoe450: my system turns on and automatically has a "Mount Error OC please power down" show up... does anyone else have this problem???

doomfan101: thanks man helped alot :)

kissmeearse: i want to do a few home demos, which will include recording live drums, which would be better value this or the dp-004? thanks

Jo Wil: please please please upload a video on how to make a master track. I cant believe how theres not an instructional booklet or video purchasing this. ridiculous

ashley Lee: convert beat to a wav file 16 bits mono

tonepeace: All right so out of the blue my tascam dp 02 started up with this mount error message and now i cant do anything , I cant even find a problem similar to mine on the net. Does anyone know what the hell "mount error " means and if so WHAT DO I DO ?

BulldogNation08: how do you create master tracks?

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Tascam DP-02 DP-02CF Video Tutorial Demo Review Help 4.6 out of 5

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