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amfohr: The flex of the right wrist is not something I do. When I start the club back the weight of the clubhead keeps it low and more inline with my left arm. To me the flexing of the right wrist seems a conscious action at 1:52 , is that right?

sonicdeviant: That palm facing away from the target position at the top isn't taught enough; that's really key and so many instructors teach roostering both wrist upwards.

윤jh: Thanks a lot. Yor are a best teacher in the world.

Tim McGinnis: First time I've ever heard specific and correct instruction on how the wrists are supposed to flex/bend in golf swing. Thank you Herman!

Robert Haar: Hi, practicing all these moves and pressuring the shaft with the heel of my right hand and right trigger finger to increase lag at the top of the back swing and well into the downswing. My problem is a flying right elbow at the top of the downswing which promotes an OTT move as I start the downswing. Trying get the right elbow to come into my rib cage. This a struggle for me. Any advice? Thanks,

bjnwright: Johnny Miller is the only person you've heard talk about the right hand trigger finger applying pressure in the golf swing? Ever heard of a dude called Ben Hogan?

No Here Kruger: Terrible advice. If you already have a strong grip, then making it weaker will be catastrophic to your game and secondly you are suggesting to flip the head over at and after impact. With a strong grip there is no need for this, as the the club face is set through impact.

Danny Jones: Herman, I want to thank you for your golf tip on right hand down, I'm not sure if it's just me but after taking off from playing golf for almost 7-years and basically forgetting what my right hand was suppose to do, I hit weak iron shots over and over and couldn't figure out what the heck I was doing wrong... I am now killing my irons again. I could barely hit my 5-iron 150-yards, now I'm honestly hitting it 175 to 180 yards, it's brought all my power back and even lets my left wrist know what to do. Lag is back etc... It's so much easier to start with my body on the down swing with a proper blanced grip. I can't thank you enough, I was to the point of just giving it up all together.

Larry Harley: I'm 65 and 7.9 index. Golfer since 11 yrs old.  NEVER HAD SUCH A GREAT EXPLANATION of the right wrist mechanics as I recently watched.  This one video helped explain the ENTIRE golf swing and this knowledge has helped me become a much better ball striker.  Much of my distance has returned.  This video helped me unlock some elusive secrets of the effortless Pro release. I've really never understood what should happen at the top with the wrist to set up the down swing till now.Thank You

ugadawgs98: Awesome video. I wish you were in Georgia.

Conrad Labuschagne: This guy is incredible

Guy in Colorado, Greetings!: Right on the money… thanks! That’s the final nudge I needed to permanently weaken my right hand grip… just like Hogan said in Five Lessons (pg. 29), point the “V” right at the chin. I have been toying with it off and on but thought that maybe “modern” golf had figured out something better… not! Of course, at the top of the swing, this puts the club pressure on the first knuckle, actually slightly forward of it, giving great support to the force created by lag on downswing. Now I will “trust” my swing.

Actually, I have the most power at impact when my right hand has returned to that weakened position anyway, so it makes a lot of sense. Whenever I used the strong grip like so many instructors are teaching these days (“V” at the right shoulder) I’d be over in the next fairway every time… unless I’d really opened the club face so much that it looks unnatural resting on the back part of the club and face pointing skyward.

Jim Sims
Gunnison, CO

Chuck Dunchack: I swear this must be some kind of secret. I have struggled with control of the club at the top. Now I see why. With the trigger finger technique explained, I have regained control and have much more power. Never seen it explained like this. Thanks Herman.

Jinhoon Chung: This is as similar as A swing. Lol.
High handy player like me, this video shows me a lot.
Especially, clapping motion you show in 4:20. It helps a lot. Thanks.

Josh Martins: So..Like you mentioned in another video? If you have a slightly strong left hand grip then it's ok to have a cupped left wrist ..right?

James Saylor: Great detailed video. Can't wait to get to the range and work on this. You mentioned in the video that the butt of the club is pointed at the golf ball. How long does it point at the ball? It appears that the butt of the club goes very quickly back to the inside on the downswing.

YoeyYutch: I just  had this 'tray of dishes' feeling when hitting one of my last few balls at the driving range today. It wasn't intentional, probably related to fatigue, It felt very natural. In fact I noticed it as it happened, but I continued the swing and hit a nice push draw, which is one of the most difficult ball flights for me to produce. I really liked how this wrist position reinforced my swing philosophy of having passive arm movement in the downswing, allowing gravity and my lower body do most of the work. I can't wait to get back out there try it again!

Sandeep Bhasin: Thank you for this video. There are so many videos on the takeaway but very few which describe how to go from takeaway to top of the golf swing and there are many misconceptions on how to do it. This clarifies things quite a bit. Had a question though - It seems the right palm is pretty much facing down at the end of the takeaway and the way it does from facing down to eventually facing up is purely thru dorsiflexion of the right wrist?

JayZoop: just make sure you don't put those wrist too far forward at moment of impact.
golf is an endless struggle of balancing everything.

JayZoop: I really feel this will help my shot out.  I think what I was doing was not activating my right hand soon enough, so that lead to a slightly open face.

Right Wrist Action in Golf Swing - Golf Lesson by Herman Williams Golf 5 out of 5

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The right wrist during the take away
The right wrist during the take away
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