Right Wrist Action In Golf Swing - Golf Lesson By Herman Williams Golf

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EDTHEWATERGUY: Thank you Herman! For me,this is one of the most important tips I ever received. My left hand v points towards my right shoulder like many teachers teach but no one teaches the right hand v is pointed more towards the chin.Now I can really feel the compression with the trigger finger and have much more feel and control of the club face.WOW!

Grant Hooper: this strong grip stuff needs clarified. not sure if you meant to suggest that if a weekend golfer adopts a strong grip he may flip or if you are teaching something unique here and meant that it doesnt work for what your teaching....but.... if you look up the research of kelvin miyahara, a renowed golf teacher out of hawaii and some biomechanics professor he teamed up with.... they do surveys and studies of tour swings and did like 300 on grip and relationship to clubshaft. they were surprised to find that the standard grip was not standard. but that a slightly strong 2 1/2 to 3 knuckle grip was by far the majority, with some going 3 or 4 knuckles and very few going 2 knuckles. even more revealing....they posted pictures of high speed 300 frame per second impact of each guy corresponding to their grip and found ZERO guys with a three or four knuckle grip having the clubshaft pass the hands. guys like tommy gainy, graham mcdowell, jb holmes. dustin johnson, robert garrigus were what the impact looked like for 3 and 4 knucklers. pretty much every drive holder was 3 knuckles plus... i think keegan might have been a little weaker than the rest of the drive holders. and of the roughly 20 swings that flip-rolled..... all of them were either weak grips or a combination of weak one hand and the other neutral. so im surprised to hear someone say that a strong grip causes flips. guys like ricky fowler, brian gay, daniel chopra, dj trahan, louis oosthuizen all had weaker grips.

Houls61: I struggle with a low hook with my driver. I'm going to work on this grip and it seems to me with my right hand on top like that I can really rip through the release and not worry about the snap hook. Thanks.

donny kurniawan: This helps me alot with the right hand not being so dominant, weak right grip. it Prevents me from rolling over the top swing. thanks!

protokletos: Thank you very much Herman. I just got back from the range and was having problems with control and I felt very wristy. I already was gripping my right hand like your video shows, however I was not keeping my right palm locked onto my left thumb--just as you mention quickly in your video. I think that solved it for me!

Jonathan Morgan: Hello Herman- if the right palm is facing away from the golfer at the top of the swing, won't that put the club in a severe across-the-line position? I ask because I'm struggling with being across-the-line and having to re-route the club on the way down to get the club on plane. Thanks.

Daniel Calise: Hi Herman this is a great video on what the right hand does, but can that flexion cause you to get flat on your take away if you do it to soon? What is the spelling for flexion , dorside?

Herman Williams Golf: @lovebirdie214 thanks ... vacation is going great - 5th day of golf in a row today!!!

Herman Williams Golf: James, you could certainly do that, but it likely would impede some of the flowing speed you get as the club transitions and the wrists set or hinge a little extra starting down. The other warning is a big forward press often leads to a takeaway path that is too far inside causing swing plane issues throughout the rest of swing. avoid thse pitfalls and it may work fine for you. thanks for commenting

Herman Williams Golf: @breaktrainers Thanks for watching and commenting. The short irons are naturally easier to release and unfortunately easy to come over the top due to their shorter length shafts. The result will be pulls. I would first focus on driving the butt of the club targetward to see if that will keep your path online while also delaying your release. Simply imagine jamming the handle to the target prior to impact to delay that release & keep the shaft straight over your toeline. - Herman

Herman Williams Golf: @Tuck1030 thanks

haricsl: Great set of vids, very concise and articulate. I agree with pretty much everything you say. However, I too disagree with the right arm push through swing shot. I agree you can teach a golf swing like that but in my opinion the feeling should relate more to the left arm swinging as a result of body pivot, rather than the right arm hitting..imo Thanks

Tony Coppola: Herman, does the right wrist action through the ball feel like any other common practice? Is it like hammering a nail with a hammer? Thanks, Tony

Herman Williams Golf: A sidearm hammer blow would be similar. Skipping a rock is similar but you need to let the right hand turnover like a topspin forehand with a tennis racket or ping pong paddle.

alpione: Thanks for the video! How long should we keep the right wrist bent? It needs to be so through impact at least to help maintain a flat left wrist, but when should it be straightened (if at all?)

bizallin: 4:30-5:10 is sheer brilliance.

James Bob: Herman I commented on one of your other videos about the right hand but I think this answers some of my question. I think a fundamental problem was in my grip I would re grip and all the rest and right hand would slip off . Would I be right in saying one purpose of having the right hand like this is so that it releases in a rotational manner and not scooping? Can I therefore focus in using the right hand to to trigger the release from the hand and not think about the left hand ?if grip is right

andeochful: "both palms" , sorry

secretogolf: Herman shouldn't the top of the right wrist postion be at about 45 degrees.In Nicklaus' Golf My Way he has this position as being the best-45 degrees-,sighting that in the tray position there is a better chance of casting the club.

Herman Williams Golf: @secretogolf Thanks "secret" ... good commentary.

Herman Williams Golf: Simple answer is ... YES. Thanks for watching and commenting. - Herman

hudlumfarter: best video on youtube by miles and miles.

TheMeanmachine87: Great vid! I cast the club late in the downswing. How can hold the lag longer?

senorchipotle: I agree with you up until about 4:15. It's impossible to square up the clubface in an efficient and repeatable manner using the hands. Isn't it the body's job to square the clubface by keeping the upper body turning through the shot and allowing momentum to bring the club through?

Herman Williams Golf: 200 -225 may be ok for what you have to work with. Stronger grip may help since wrist is immobile. Defintely keep snacking, drinking while playing. 4 hours is a long time to go with nothing, especially with all the walking and swinging. It's more athletic than people give it credit for.

Herman Williams Golf: Great question ... yes it can. You can actually hinge the wrists either too far inside, diagonally on-plane or vertically too steep. Certain players will need one of these extremes of hinge position to fit best with other elements of their swing plane, posture, shoulder plane, etc. If you think you tend to get too flat or laid off, you might want more of a vertical wrist hinge than what's in this video to balance things out at the top. (dorsiflexion is the spelling) Good luck. - Herman

Herman Williams Golf: Generally when you keep the trailing hand "palm down" as this video describes, the face stays closed and outside. So it's very unusual to be under the plane if you execute this correctly. Keep your hands "in" and the clubhead "out" is my best advice without seeing you swing.

Herman Williams Golf: @mpb1472 Thanks mpb ... good luck on the course.

ubb4me: Ive been working on these wrist positions. Its amazing how many flaws are cured by having the correct hand positions. I am now hitting the ball instead of slapping at it. Thanks for the weaker grip suggestion. I tend to hook the ball more than what I want. I also like the fact that the weaker grip will flatten my legt wrist more at the top. Thanks for the video.

Jamie Ferguson: Could someone provide a link to the johnny miller golf channel article that was referred to in this video? I think that would be an interesting in combination with this video. Big thanks Herman from Scotland :)

D Cobb: Herman, I've felt for many years that my right hand, wrist, and arm, along with my right hand grip were wrecking my swing. Especially my right hand grip and right wrist condition throughout my swing. I see that you're in Raleigh. I'm only an hour away. Looks like I will be driving to Raleigh to see you. Thanks for the great video and make room for me on your lesson book. I'll email you soon.

FrankN Shank: SPOT ON! This is the stuff that makes the golf swing WORK!

hardcoremofo: I keep rolling my wrists and it gets stuck in the inside on the way back and gets more stuck where it changes the plane to the right. Where should I do with my wrists and when/how to hinge it?

Herman Williams Golf: @gomezzz21 Thanks. Glad you like it and appreciate the comments and views. Herman

victorhsu813: Hi there. I will definitely give this a try. Does this apply when hitting driver, fairway woods and all irons?

Curtis Walton: Herman glad to see you addressing the right hand. I have noticed that during the last season I developed on my index finger (pad closest to my hand) (of the right hand) a rather substantial calous. Is this an indication that my grip is not correct...or that it is? or that my swing is off plane?

Herman Williams Golf: Apparently we disagree, but thanks for commenting and providing your input. It will surely help some on this forum. The humans swinging the club are the difficult, unpredictable part of the process. What you describe will work for some, but in my experience most amateurs at least will struggle with that description. They turn the body thru and wipe across the ball with the face wide open. Granted if the face is closed enough at hip high coming down, then you can just turn through.

secretogolf: Great alignment tip for the rear hand,fingers and wrist.This move also creates great width and extension in the backswing making it easy to drop into the slot with lots of lag and speed coming through impact.Knowing these alignments and movements we can control as golfers is truly how to get better.

Herman Williams Golf: @birdienfool Hey Rob, I was a "birdie 'n fool" on my inward nine today. :) The belly putter is working ... drained a 35 footer on last hole for 33 on the back. We won't talk about the front side. :) Yeah unfortunately the cold front dipped down here and our last two morning rounds started in the 40's for temps and very windy, upwards of 20 mph. Still fun to be playing though. Thanks for watching and commenting on the videos. Herman

Gary Lewis: Great video. My right hand has slipped off the top of the left thumb, causing disconnection at the top, cupped left, and pretty straight right wrist. Am now working on the right hand grip back on top of left thumb and the trigger position. That means left wrist will cup more for awhile,resulting in push fades until swing improvements are made. People with limited external shoulder rotation might have to work on flexibility to be able to get the proper right elbow and wrist positions.

crisisofconsciousnes: my right wrist really prevents me keeping a straight left wrist, help!!??

birdienfool: Herman, another great Video. You're working while on vacation !!! And wearing a turtleneck in south florida - thats just not right - hope the sun comes out for you. Really miss seeing the little short training club, and cant believe you left home without it!! Will certainly give this a try on my mat tonight since everything is frozen up here in Michigan !! Thanks for the "feel like" descriptions that other instructors dont include! Enjoy your vacation!

CheckBookIRAWeb: You are an excellent teacher. I've stopped cupping my left wrist and have seen a huge difference in distance and accuracy. I'm was 5 but have been under par quite a bit lately. By not taking as big a turn and a more firm wrist by accuracy has really improved. This video on the right hand and the index finger on top is too cool. I'm headed back to the range to give it a go. I'm 60 and this has helped my distance so I can better keep up with the young bucks. Keep up the good work!

Herman Williams Golf: @MrDoobie834 You are probably fine ... I have a permanent thickening of that skin on the first joint of the trigger finger. At impact that finger is rolling into the shaft and pressing firmly; this calousing is likely for most of us.

jonny88: Hi Herman great video I come across this video after looking for some reassurance that I was on right track as I've gone from strong left /right grip too neutral left and weak right I used too have real problem with a hook off the tee but this seems to be working so thanks great video

ariezdiezh: great explanation for late wrist movement on golf swing

John Doe: Keep youre right hand completely loose. You'll find that the hingeing motion will happen automatically

mr555harv: Taly has a good video showing that one does not need to roll over the arms. The face can flatten by virtue of the hips moving around. As I see it, Harman, your shot becomes an arms shot, rather than gathering force from the body. Matt Kuchar's article in Golf Digest in the June 2011 issue seems to be promoting a shot where the power comes from the hip and body movement, not from the release of the arms and wrists. The hips come around squaring the club face. Would you agree?

James Bob: Thanks mate. Been to different teachers and no one ever explains this they just say stop scooping at release. Thank you again

Marco Kunzmann: tray on top, are you serious? omg ... this is so bad

Cert: Building stuff is always in my family gene. My dad is a new york auto technician and taught me everything I need to know about cars. Now I sell car parts online to suppliment my income. So it does help when there's good guidance.
Right Wrist Action in Golf Swing - Golf Lesson by Herman Williams Golf 4.9 out of 5

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