How To Grow Out A Fade

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Coily Mane: I want style MORE than length too!! Im noticing that since my hair is growing fuller on top im loving it...but I still want my sides lowered..hence a styled look...Boy this video really helped ME for when I go for my shape up!!!! Thank you!!!

Atwella Williams: I have been without relaxers for four years. I only grown about 6 to 7 inches of hair. I am thinner at the top, but the grade is better. I just tapered my hair three weeks ago. Love it, and it suits me better in my opinion. 

Michael Lee: What is this cutt called 

Lawanda T.: Thank you! Ive been searching for a video that explained the grow back...been short short 9 years..loved it worked for my life & kids..2 boys...allways on go & play...just had a girl..and dont want her to be alone in her girly-ness...i dont want her to ask why am i different than raising her natural...different than how i was raised...i had to do big chop to gain back my idenity..but she will always know who she is no matter how her hair is...cont...

Thankfull13: What I did as I grew my fade was to get my hair tapered on the sides and the back, so as my hair grew, it grew in a style. It wasn't just a rounded twa, but it grew back with funk.

TVeeW86: Omg beautiful style!!

ErisPrice: You look great

BlaqIsBrite25: This video was spot on, I actually did a big chop (this is my 4th within a 3 year time span) a month ago. I''m also letting my hair grow out along with being accustomed to wearing my natural hair in a taper fade style. At this point I still have all of my month worth of grow on the top but my sides are tapered and the back is faded. Like you said, this make me feel as if I'm still making sure that my hair has a defined style and still growing my hair. Thanks a bunch and God bless.

Ingrid Williams: You've given very good advice for which I thank you. However, I cut off 18" dreadlocs in Feb as I have 2 thin patches at the top front of my hair, both sides. It's difficult trying to know what to do as they're taking forever to grow out:-( I've been using Jamaican Black Castor Oil and Emu oil, but it's so frustrating that I've stopped going to the barber & am just letting it grow out. What's your advice as I don't see how I'd taper it with the thin patches located where they are.

ViralVideosVEVO: u have NICE hair texture wat r u mixed with ?

Bodacious KinkyKurly: I have been growing my fade out for five months now. I've been getting the sides and back tapered along the way but leaving the top alone. My question to you is, how would I know when to stop getting my sides tapered and to let them grow out?

Summerbeeuty: Thanks for this vid. I just did another big chop and got a fade last week and I still debating if i want to grow my hair again, loving it right now.

ErisPrice: I'm not gonna give up on my cut either

Rae Rose: I kept my hair cut even all over, and im now growing my twa even all around as well... i literally have a mini afro and i am totally comfortable with it. You're right. Thanks for this video.

Turi Carter: I am in love with this hair cut ! I really want to get this, do you have a place where you have pictures ?

lauren pratt: You're beautiful

E Fabulous: How do u protect your hair at night?

Lawrence Darell: thank you so much for posting this video i am a guy and this was motivating =] i like your hair by the way...this how i am going to shape my hair with reddish blonde highlights =]

Myjaedah Ballard: Beautiful natural haircut, you look fabulous!

Sunshine Abuwi: I tie it down with either a scarf or a doo rag. But there are times when I just sleep without it and I have a polyester pillow case. I need to upgrade to Satin soon :-)

Sunshine Abuwi: Thanks friends for watching and commenting on this video! I really appreciate the support and all the co-signs on my tips!

Tiffane White: I appreciate the video, especially since I have a Mohawk right now. However, it could have been half or 3/4th as long and just as effective.

Lawrence Darell: white backdrop next time =]

MiMi Fleming: Very nice!

Tigress06: and have just been letting it grow. now i have almost 2there inches in the back and its starting to bug me :/

AnomalyBelleza: Excellent Video and Explanation

lindadcool: How often do u get ur sides & back faded

ErisPrice: Lmaoooo

123plaid: LOVE love this video!

99KuTpie: Your haircut is super cute!

chrissy spencer: Luv ur hair cut, I got a similar cut back in may, decided to grow it back out. 7 wks in growin the style out just dnt knw what to do with it. Currently doin the CG method for the summer and only gettn it lined up but no more shaped cuts. So u inspired me to take a leap to fade my fro. Luv ur vids.

vitafeb2184: Thanks for the vid. I'm growing out my tapered cut and I was going to stop going to the barber because I felt like I would eventually big chop again. So I will continue to get shape-ups instead of starting all over.

pier j: can u post a picture officially of this so i can get this cut at my shop

Karin D Roots: by all means.

Tigress06: hi Sunshine do you or any viewers have advice for growing out an undercut? i had my back shaved this summer

ShanaJaye: Btw ur hair is fly!

Pebbles Betts: This is video is so real. Thanks!

Felicia Dixon: From someone who has grown out from a fade MANY TIMES, that was great advice! I totally agree!

ImGoonAffiliated: I've tried to like this video multiple times

Monice Sharde: Your cut is fly!!!

leolion704: This is my 3rd time growing my hair out from a boycut. I usually just let my hair grow. As long as you can still see my neck I kept an edge up so I didn't have a random hairy neck lol and same with the sides an edge up. Not real defined though so I'd call it a soft edge up. That way my twa still had some neatness to it. For myself it would seem harder to keep a styled cut. When it reached that awkward length I did braids. Beginning with yarn braids since they don't slip nearly as much as syn

Lawanda T.: Im still nervous...but your video helped alot...wish me luck on the grow back...and thank you for being open and unafrid to take the next big step in the natural hair journey

spratt151: I personally love the tapered look. I big chopped a month ago and my hair is growing REALLY fast. I am going to taper the sides and back. You gave great advice and brought up a good point about keeping your hair shaped and eventually it will grow into a nice shaped fro :) Thanks!

Compaqgirl30: I like this hair cut. What's the name of this cut? I know its a fade, but what type of fade?

feebaysocute: i bc'ed with a faded box cut, as it grows out im gonna have my barber get rid of the box...

Marcus Robinson: Hey Miss Fine

leolion704: ...Synthetic or human hair...if at all. This last time I grew from a boycut I just twisted my hair so I had short twists all over. Which I was uncomfortable with the first two boycuts but this third time I think my confidence was on another level. All I cared about is if it was neat. And I probably received more compliments than ever :-)

Sunshine Abuwi: Wow! Thanks!

sweet B: pls how do u make ur hair curly

manzimkenya: I grew my hair for two yrs to my shoulder, messed with some drugstore colors n the middle started to fall off leaving me with a bald spot on my top...i jus had my fade yesterday super short:( This has bn the best advice i've gotten so far:) Thanks:D

How To Grow Out a Fade 5 out of 5

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How To Grow Out a Fade
How To Grow Out a Fade
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