Play Games Without Shader Model 3.0

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Ian Randolph: Wait, I have the game on steam, and its not showing up in program files, help?

شروحات مفيده: how do you get this file bro

Craftmup: does not work with farming simulator 2013 :(

Krisztián Kovács: On ATI cards use Vista driver on Widows 7 and FS2013 will work.

xCreativeGeneration: Work :D

Ian Randolph: Oh my gosh, this is the same exact game i was trying to start XD

JFF- tech: hey why very lag??? iam playing gta 4 and thats very lag 

Ryo Akke: in Marvel Heroes lol which folder do i need to put it

BLAndTrevor: Does not work for Elder Scrolls Online :(

Addison Boley: will it work for farm simulator 2013

Ryan Mercer: What folder

Tony Serletic: it does not download an actual file onto my computer it will pop up in a window saying it will open in the web and then a window that does not help at all pops up what do I do maybe it is becuase I am using Google Chrome?

Snake_boy11: Wow it actually worked, + 1 sub.

suchandan haldar: This software is awesome . thanks bro..

Hunter Mahan: Is this illegal

Louis Alameda: I downloaded Soldier Front 2 and finished patching it . but after I press ''START'' after few seconds it says '' Video card below specifications! Device does not support pixel shaders 2.0 or greater'' what will i do ? will this video help me? 

Naruto Uzumaki: i wish it went faster :( but I play gta iv, but it still lags D:

Michael: my gta eflc doesn't open WHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?

linas bendikas: ty this vid helped for my friend :)

Spartan Gamer: what does it mean by 'Copy the dll file to game folder.'?? and does this work for skyrim??

Valy Pop: what specs you have ?

0ChaosHero0: it works but it makes the game very laggy

Danny Boy: wow thx

omri jaacov: song?


abdo AMIRI: and how to fix stuck in black screen when you start play

MaddoxX LxR: Dont Wok with CS:GO ;/

Fridis Ludins: well it didnt work for tribes ascend :(

Mixos Egypt: Mine it is laging

loiy medo: black screen and exit after 1min

Alx HeLaS: God Work 

Vertex PlayGames: Kkk

Cedrick Wieber: didn't work

gourav vishwakarma: i download nfs hot pursuit 2010.i download swift shader and install it.i start the game but it is loading very is not moving and enviorment is not loading

Victini 25: How do you have multiple hard disks? like the one you have for games.

Steven Hough: Do u know if it will work on farming sim 2013 and 2011? 

SHAQ Clanz: this makes the walking dead survival instinct run slow please help

Rocky Winter: Works with Borderlands... though it lags like hell.

K Tanay: hey it works thank you but how to remove that logo man if your game is lagging download game booster v3.5 for bossting speed of your game

Ritwik Rock: It works...Thankz dude !!

oliver dhiya: HATS OFF :D

BLAndTrevor: Has no .exe file. This light just be because it's not open right so there is still hope. Fridays update might change this!

kevin tam: i could do it but i cant open the rar file

MrKaiyo711: its works but keep on loading like forever. Why ?????? Somebody helps me

Imran Dondiwale: how to remove swift shader logo from the game screen . pas help me

TheAmazing1: It does not work on farming simulator 2013 that needs Modelshader 3.0

hlebarka2: annoyng logo stays all the time

Splaticus Blah: Get a better video card they are pretty cheap. This silly program uses the CPU to render 3D images which it is not designed to do at all. Besides that it messes with the game code and just might get you banned from the game completely. If you don't get banned the FPS will be so low that you may as well not bother playing the game anyway.

Fares Capitan: thanks

Kaylim Zimmerman: THANK YOU ! :)

Play Games Without Shader Model 3.0 4.4 out of 5

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Play Games Without Shader Model 3.0
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