Custom .308 Saiga Rifle Accuracy

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Larry Chapman: Why the riser? Most AK mounts are tall enough.

Antraeon Rintokken: "Just a small scope"

shivraj randhawa: siga company make a new siga 308 full auto+30 rounds detachable magazine +50,75,100 round drum magazine very good muzzle brake control recoil....

Louie Froehling: addressing the mount --on my sks which every one claims is almost imposable to mount a secure scope a good gun smith can easley do ..remember the mount has to mount directly to the receiver ... mounting ahead of the bolt to the barrel is ahassel & looks kinda goofy with all that eye relief , sorry i dont know how to post the picture,as i is tecnically chalenged & cant spell a lic...tucsonlouie

Louie Froehling: the trick is not to blink be for you pull the triger ..tucsonlouie.

Toolness1: WHY didn't I buy a 308 SAIGA when they were $299? Oh, yeah. Because I was married to a gold digger at the time and could only afford the x39 version and now they cost 3 times as much. Thanks, Obama

Jefferson Steelflex: Who is the kid

mcdangdang: anyone notice the second guy blinks with each shot?? never thought of it but am going to be watching if i do

Chashawna Andrade: berry was right ! chad is the best shot of the whole crew...

ryanuga47: I had a friend put a Texas weapons system rail on mine. Love it.

Elizabeth Chavez: What scope/optic side mount are you using? Were you able to keep zero on all your shots without any modification to the side mount. I have read that many people cannot keep zero on their side mount. That is currently my problem. I am tired of zeroing in my rifle. Thanks. BTW, great video.

Captain HighHorse: I have been wanting a 308 VEPR for awhile now. Hopefully some are still around when I have the money for one.

longbowmanjimmy: Phew. Just bought a savage 99 308 sporterized down to 16", glad I watched this haha

supernovalogic: I usually prefer wood furniture untouched AKs but that looks awesome, not going to lie.

Tactical Bunny: Have one just like it, and I love it

Sgttdc: Which Saiga version is more accurate the 16 inch or 21 inch barrel?
Have you ever did a FCG conversion on one also?
I own a 21 inch one that has the stock FCG on it with 8x42B scope on it and I'm wanting to make it more accurate. 

TriggerJunkie: Please do another review of your Saiga .308!!!

pricelesspits: Nice rifle Eric, nice shooting as always chad.

James Jones: what folding receiver mechanism is that?

LucidDream: Love the sound of that one.

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Custom .308 Saiga Rifle Accuracy 5 out of 5

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