HammerHead 250ss Review

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Eldin: lol sounds like trailer park boys

clapped mowers and quads: That's Chinese

darrin goodbrand: Hit it with a hammer

1armedguy: It could be a decent machine if it was a 4x4 and would start ! Ha Ha !

Mechanic-Mike: WOW!, don't brag how nice it is when it doesn't even run. I'm going to run my SSR now. My SSR is made in China, but at least it starts every time! lol

Dodge Hemi: starter fluid

Patrick Britt: Thanks for the tour gents!! I have 5 boys and I'm gonna buy one, may have to get two.

Ryan Heath: what store did you buy it at at and i was wondering what is the make of the motor.

Wildcanucks33: Where did you get it

Noon plays: my was made in Japan and lasted 7 years

Wildcanucks33: Where did you get this plz reply I'm gonna buy one

Tedron 1245: Is it road legal

Terrible k Krave: The Only chinese buggys you dont get are the custom made go carts

DUDE HERE: Awesome toy man. Quick question, I am 6'4. Would I have trouble riding in one of these with a passenger?

Daniel Ghirasim: Dude this is a chinese buggy rebranded , many parts from it are exactly the same as on a chinese buggy , damn the front brakes at 4:40 are 100% the same as on my chinatown 200cc quad but still awesome doe

he`s a beast: Its the battery

city_builder: dump a thing of gas down the carb works every time

Kieran McGeehan: try pushing it and then start

_Rubeh Gaming_: how many times does he say pretty sweet no offense

_Rubeh Gaming_: spark plug or empty tank or the engine was cold

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HammerHead 250ss Review 5 out of 5

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HammerHead 250ss Review
HammerHead 250ss Review
HammerHead 250ss Review (UPDATE FIX)
HammerHead 250ss Review (UPDATE FIX)
Speed test Twister Hammerhead 250cc dune buggy review
Speed test Twister Hammerhead 250cc dune buggy review
Hammerhead 250 ss
Hammerhead 250 ss
Hammerhead Supersport 250
Hammerhead Supersport 250

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