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Lana Qulaghassi: If I were you I'd Buy MLB 2K13 and I start a career right away because It's fun, Entertaining, and Interesting.

theresa mcbreairty: I noticed that to awhite286

Lámb and Wølf: i'm buying the game today

MassacreKING 216: both suck now how bout 2k13 put both in graves you EA maggot.

Mitchell Kreiser: No

jerrod caldwell: Ps the only thing good about this game is the songs thief catchy!

jerrod caldwell: Man 2k idk what y'all did but I can't tell if you did anything to this game the show blew y'all out the water man idkchow you could release damn near the same game as last year no improvments and taking off online franchise ughh if I had the money I would go to ps3 JUST to play the show cs y'all sucked ! And I hope y'all ready step y'all game up!!!

awhite286: I still play 2k11.....looks the exact same...

JD Miller: Its been the same game for 3 years. I hate 2k sports. With a passion.

Allen Pinckney: 3rd dislike because mlb 2k is absoulte crap!

ThEZac: 1. your dumb cuz how can i kill myself then og cut off my tounge 2. thats freaked you telling some one to kill them self 3. if i were 12 what would it matter 4. im not a girl and if i were one i would say why are being so mean to a girl. i hate you cuz u are most likely a wife beater telling a girl to go killer her self an telling her she dumb do u have no mom to teach u to be nice. im being mean cuz your trying to make a law suit you would lose so it being nice if u think about it

Fsu2586: lol that makes sense ur 12 yr old lil girl im sorry every year since what2k2 they have had online leagues the whole reason i bought this game an they took them away i would not be bitching if it had online leagues cuz u can get around there glitched up game.yay lets go play oneline with some tool that bunts then gets in pickles till the comp makes my guy over throw a ball an they can advanc.there is stupid ,u should kill urself an u shoulld cut out ur tounge cuz ur dumber then a box of rocks

ThEZac: theres dumb, stupid, retarded, a fly on the wall, peace of crap and then theres you, its your CHOICE to buy the game. just like call of duty it repeats it self

Fsu2586: Anyone else realiz they sold us $65 patch? that they literally did nothing but update the rosters, music, & take away League Play? They have no numbers listed to call & complain only email, There will be a class action lawsuit, their reasonings are FUNNY! Blow them up lets get a class action lawsuit going and get our $65 back for a crapTTTY GAME! 2K Sports Tech Support #1-866-219-9839 (EVERYONE THUMBS UP THIS IF YOU AGREE SO THIS WILL STAY AT THE TOP & OTHERS CAN SEE IT)

Benbrabu: But this horse is dead.

Benbrabu: No offense, but we all know that they dropped the game and brought it back at the last minute. What do you expect? Of course there was no real new development. I don't have a PS3 so if I want to play baseball this is it, unless I stay with an old game. It is just getting old hearing all the baseball commentators dog 2k out after they played it for years. I just rather you all go play the show, then to watch vids of yall dogging it out the whole 10 minutes. I appreciate all you guys do.

nick rios: they didn't know they had to even make the game until the last minute so they just put stuff in so they could get it out. with nba they knew they where the only nba game on the xbox so they had the time to make the graphics better

MichaelJonahTV: I feel bad for all Xbox 360 baseball fans who can't play The Show. A moment of silence...

Tyler Harbaugh: the show should be on xbox!

Brendan Wilson: cant believe im stuck with this on xbox ea should make a game

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MLB 2K13 - My Player 5 out of 5

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