Rock Island Armory Armscor 1911 45 Acp Compact Cs W Kydex Holster

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funa mota: Is it a 80 series

funa mota: Does it have a Clark rampt barrel

Raven__310: Dose the holster scratch the gun ?

Isaiah Harvin: love your video but i love your gun I'm getting one soon

Joe Pesci: Which holster model did you order from CDNN Sports please. I am looking to pick one up and want to make sure I get one that fits since the models do not say they are for a 1911 on their site. Thanks.

Dawson Sexton: Where did you find this gun website or dealer plz help

June Lewis: I just bought this pistol. Armscor/Rock Island knows how to build a solid 1911 45 acp.  I own Colts and Kimbers, but for me, it doesn't make sense to spend thousands on a Colt or Kimber, when I can purchase an Armscor. Again, this is just for me, at the end of the day, my pistols are for self defense purposes, not target shooting.  I started out with the Colt 1911 A1, as a young United States Marine, fifty years ago. I saw the 1911 in combat in Vietnam, so I know what a 45 slug will do to flesh. I have an Armscor 1911 45 acp, rail gun; that has nightsights. I have ran hundreds of rounds through it, without a single hiccup. It is my bedside gun, along with my Mossberg 12 gauge. My wife has a 9mm on her side of the bed. You presented a very good review of this pistol, and I thank you!

Run Platypus: Nice gun for ccw!

Nothin But Crap: Thank god I just watched this video, I have had mine for about 4 weeks and the paper clip thing was annoying as crap. Also, looks liked you polished those grips up a little bit, looks good!! Bought Hogue grips for mine and makes a world off difference. Happy shooting

javelin005: it's the CSP model .

angel blade: what model is it?

pedro penduko: Nice review

javelin005: I'd love one in 9mm... too bad for me it's probably not on california's approved list..

javelin005: Thanks, It's a stock gun pretty much. Just the factory spring.

Tango Six: Nice vid sir. Would like to ask if you are using an 18 or 20 pound recoil spring. Thanks.

TheHullraiser: Nice simply explained vid. I had the full size & just got the compact w/ hogue grip Is little different takedown than full( easier) but I like it. I use the Blackhawk retention on both and like them a lot. Pistols not going anywhere till release pushed, which is all one motion when drawing. I carry sig 238 in summer & Taurus pt745 and now RIA1911A1CS too in winter.

javelin005: Cool, I hope it works for you.... thanks for watching.

Wallpaper?: Hey Javelin005 my man! Thanks for sharing that tip on field stripping that baby 45. I did not know that it can be done that way without the tools. I will definitely try it. More power! Shoot safely!

javelin005: Yup, I'm into super stock cars of the 60's , they had some pretty sweet looking cars in some of thier older series.

javelin005: Yeah, they do where the finish off of guns, that is a down side, the retention is so solid it's just something I will have to put up with. My parkerized finish has worn down but honestly I just cant see myself using any other type of holster. Simply the most rigid and accessible holster type I have ever used.

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rock island armory armscor 1911 45 acp compact cs w kydex holster 5 out of 5

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