Rock Island Armory Armscor 1911 45 Acp Compact Cs W Kydex Holster

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HeavyHitter5150: Mine is different than yours. I cannot take the guide rod and spring off by hand, I have to use a paper clip. The spring cup on yours has a shoulder on it that mine does not have. Mine goes completely inside of the channel where yours indexes on the shoulder. I don't know if mine is older or newer than yours as mine is a used gun. Still love it though. It's my EDC.

June Lewis: I just bought this pistol. Armscor/Rock Island knows how to build a solid 1911 45 acp. I own Colts and Kimbers, but for me, it doesn't make sense to spend thousands on a Colt or Kimber, when I can purchase an Armscor. Again, this is just for me, at the end of the day, my pistols are for self defense purposes, not target shooting. I started out with the Colt 1911 A1, as a young United States Marine, fifty years ago. I saw the 1911 in combat in Vietnam, so I know what a 45 slug will do to flesh. I have an Armscor 1911 45 acp, rail gun; that has nightsights. I have ran hundreds of rounds through it, without a single hiccup. It is my bedside gun, along with my Mossberg 12 gauge. My wife has a 9mm on her side of the bed. You presented a very good review of this pistol, and I thank you!

Dawson Sexton: Where did you find this gun website or dealer plz help

Nathaniel Joves: Nice gun for ccw!

Chris Jamison: Thank god I just watched this video, I have had mine for about 4 weeks and the paper clip thing was annoying as crap. Also, looks liked you polished those grips up a little bit, looks good!! Bought Hogue grips for mine and makes a world off difference. Happy shooting

javelin005: @Vtfilamguy - no B.S. this is a great gun. just put another 200 rds through it without a hitch. this gun shoots excellent and is a great value. I also own a MAPP1 RIA. good guns for the money.

ooWaffles: Quick question,do standard gi mags run in it or do I have to get mags from RIA?

javelin005: I'd love one in 9mm... too bad for me it's probably not on california's approved list..

javelin005: @voz39zam -Don't hesitate. Good quality, I'm sure you'll be happy.

prozcrito: Do you have a model number? I want to order one as well. I own one made by itac and it is very simlar but the retention button does not snap shut when my RIA compact is holstered. A normal 5" ria will snap right in but mine won't. I'm wondering if the one on CDNN is different. thanks in advance!

javelin005: any compact mag will work. I have four standard mags i use in it as well. they all work , they just stick out about 1/4 -3/8 inch past the bottom.

angel blade: what model is it?

javelin005: @FastRedPonyCar -Yes, its reliable and accurate as far as I can tell. We all know you can get a lemon even if you buy a high grade gun, but as far as I've heard reported and my personal experience this gun and company are winners. I would buy from them again.

trippyhipster08: That they did, my dad has a small collection also.

ArmscorPrecision: @javelin005 Thank you for the excellent video! Just remember, if you have any questions or problems don't hesitate to contact us. We want that gun to be flawless.

DanielWillis1982: How heavy does it feel while carrying it

javelin005: @AlienZygote010 -it's nice that there are options.

elreservista: Nice work for this gun, no more dissasembly for the cannon, its like others gun,

javelin005: Yup, I'm into super stock cars of the 60's , they had some pretty sweet looking cars in some of thier older series.

Ron Ron: thanks for sharing! thinking of getting me one soon :) manila made

mikemendoza1969: Beautiful! :)

Thomas Edson: nice vid I am interested in a ria 45 myself not only because it's a 1911 but because it is made in the Phillipines aswell

pedro penduko: Nice review

javelin005: it's the CSP model .

ericjwilliams28: Just got one the other day. I love it! I have an ria commander in 9mm as well, and its also a great gun.

FastRedPonyCar: Are you still liking this? I've got their tactical version showing up at my FFL either today or tomorrow as well as a hogue grip and a couple of the kimber tacmag's.

javelin005: You ,should send them an email. I can't find it either. It seems they have pulled it off the website. I don't get it. that was a great product.

javelin005: Thanks, It's a stock gun pretty much. Just the factory spring.

TheHullraiser: Nice simply explained vid. I had the full size & just got the compact w/ hogue grip Is little different takedown than full( easier) but I like it. I use the Blackhawk retention on both and like them a lot. Pistols not going anywhere till release pushed, which is all one motion when drawing. I carry sig 238 in summer & Taurus pt745 and now RIA1911A1CS too in winter.

Justin Isbell: @javelin005 Hey man I'm about to get me a Rock Island 1911 full frame and was wondering if that holster you got is made for a 1911. Looked on the website you mentioned and can't find one for a 1911.

Tango Six: Nice vid sir. Would like to ask if you are using an 18 or 20 pound recoil spring. Thanks.

trippyhipster08: Johnny lightning!

AMDpro311: I have tried to take the spring assembly out the way you and so many others do. But that this will just NOT budge. So I have to rely on the paper clip method, to compress the spring enough to let the assembly slide out, until it (hopefully) loosens up enough to let me do it without the paper clip.

DSaenz2006: those kydex holseter are nice and smooth, just be careful with them.. over time mine put some nice little wear scratches on the sides of my slide near the front of the pistol..

AMDpro311: Hopefully it will work for me one day. I would rather not have to carry around the clip all the time. Thanks for the reply =)

javelin005: @paikmendez - just buy the tactical compact model . its only a few bucks more and has the dove tail front sight. the sights on mine are tiny but this think shoots dead on! i did order some big dot replacement sights from an ebay vendor but the front sight does require staking so im not sure if i will install them.

javelin005: @DanielWillis1982 -like its not even there. I carry it when I go shooting out on the BLM properties.the holster is rigid and secure. the gun is heavy cause it is all steel but with this holster I hardly notice.

CPM: can u swap the sights? the thing is, i really want one but i'd like to mod or swap the sights. even if u can't i'm still getting one.

javelin005: No, I just checked their most recent catalog . you can view it on their webpage. the catalog page 133 shows they carry it but gives no number . you should call them to verify. it really is a great holster.

Wallpaper?: Hey Javelin005 my man! Thanks for sharing that tip on field stripping that baby 45. I did not know that it can be done that way without the tools. I will definitely try it. More power! Shoot safely!

Al T: Great video. This is going to be my first carry. NY is so slowwwwww lol.

javelin005: Yeah, they do where the finish off of guns, that is a down side, the retention is so solid it's just something I will have to put up with. My parkerized finish has worn down but honestly I just cant see myself using any other type of holster. Simply the most rigid and accessible holster type I have ever used.

javelin005: @AMDpro311 -i know it can be tricky. maybe it just the wierd way i hold the darn thing. it just feels natural to me. if you need the paper clip method than so be it. there is no wrong way, as long as it comes apart and goes back together the same.

javelin005: @sonofevil77 - I think you'll love it, Its heavy but compact and reliable. it's always on my hip when I'm out shooting at the Federal BLM's.

javelin005: Cool, I hope it works for you.... thanks for watching.

rock island armory armscor 1911 45 acp compact cs w kydex holster 4.8 out of 5

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rock island armory armscor 1911 45 acp compact cs w kydex holster
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