96 Honda Accord Sedan CD5 JDM Slammed

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ricercivic 6969: what rim size 17?

James William: I love honda accord

Mogen Lagman: nice1

aletius: Front and rear lip?

Milwaukee's truth: That car aint worth more than $500 and probably loud with gauges and slow ass crap just a bunch of noise

Milwaukee's truth: Dnt go to the gas station u mite lose your bumper

danny13947: whats the name of the song?

Gabriel Paulo Ignacio: That's one handsome Accord man, beast.

YoJoeEX96: You still got this Accord?

Liz F: Can I please know what kind of rims you have? They are perfect!

Garfieldboyz12: Droped on wht

Freddie Gunter: To much camber

Larry Gonzalez: Good job on the levelness of it put the grill back in ruins the good look u got going on i.have the same car same color where did u get ur rear disk kit

Chee Vue: Dam why people tripping so much, if he says its slammed then its slammed, clean ass car though

Cool Guy: Ugh cant wait to fix my 94 accord up

Fernando Villa: Beautiful car and nice video, I have a 1996, they are great cars, Greetings! by the way could you give me the name of the song? thanks!

Corrupt Curt: It's actually a European car. Only thing JDM is it says honda. I'm not hating I have a 97 accord vtec.

JMP: sweet man! how low is your car, how many inches?

chris hrabe: how much did you lower it and whats the tire size you used?

chris hrabe: yes Id recommend skunk 2 control arms it allows you to adjust camber 3 degrees and has way better ball joints

96 Honda Accord Sedan CD5 JDM Slammed 5 out of 5

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