EKOL ASI UZI 9mm P.A.K. Blank Machine Gun Review

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Open borders for Israel: This can be bought for 120€ in europe

Alex Oelkers: Now what material is this made out of exactly?


صالح الشمري: How can i get one

taranjit singh: what is its firing range??

MONKEYS CAN FLY TO: can the folding stock fit on this i heard there are 2 versions of the asi

Inquisition: The Top venting version of this is inventive . The folding stock is reasonably solid. And the magazines are interchangeable with other blank guns.

Huda Mohmmed: Waw

shazlfc ronaldo: Which country is the gun from??

Umario King Rap Song: very good gun :)
where you bought it?

neker rivera: Do they sound loud?

Robert Gilliam: I looked on website but every category goes to co2 or bbs??

Robert Gilliam: So they only shoot blanks no real bullets im lost

bilal demir: turkey ?

one12363ify: Really?

Replica Airguns: The EKOL blank guns we sell are all front firing, same goes for the Zoraki blank guns. In the Canada Store the ROHM blank guns are also front firing.

Replica Airguns: Just checked - There is a link in the description to buy it in the US store and to buy blank guns in the Canada Store as this model is no longer available in Canada.

AirsoftUtah: I have some hopefully constructive criticism. On the site to buy this you have one picture with the gas port on the top of the gun and not the front barrel tip. Also you are selling 9mmPA blanks in the pull down on the same purchase page that says it shoots P.A.K blanks, I don't know the difference. Does your gun expel gas out the front tip or the top? I bought one elsewhere wher they said it was front firing and the one I received expels out the top from a weird gas port. My trust level is low

AirsoftUtah: No link in the description. Just FYI. If you are adding annotations you really need to add those url's to your descriptions for device viewers

Replica Airguns: Uses the Jackal as the base gun inside.

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EKOL ASI UZI 9mm P.A.K. Blank Machine Gun Review 5 out of 5

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