Graphite Or Steel Shafts In Ping G25 Irons

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Geoffrey Williams: D

Doug Doty: Thanks for this opinion, ordering new g30's next week.

Lawrence J: What is this guy saying

RD S: That's not a review....... 
Graphite are lighter (thus helping an older golfer not tire while playing).  Graphite also have more resistance to torque.  
Steel is the traditional feel and can be made in several swing weights.   
Weight is the key difference and fatigue is lessened with this. 

Mark Benson: Hi mark, could u suggest some ways of improving driver and 3 wood straightness. I often hit mine straight but in flight they go to the right? Thanks

Wes: Hi Mark, Have you tested the Ping Stee CFSl Distance shafts with cushion inserts?  How it effects the feel or performance of the clubs?

Dale Hillman: I understand why you stressed the importance of fitting but I have other questions. Are steel shafts more accurate than graphite? Does graphite cause ball to fly higher? Does graphite help your wrists/elbows from impact as you get older? These are things I wonder about.

Michael Saunders: Whoa... just went to get checked = last club fitting (ping g5's) when I was about 47, swing speed was a comfortable 85 mph. Now 55 - and I'm 72 mph!! Why check? My driver was a stiff and I got a BRZ in reg = big improvement. Now wondering if I should dump the reg steel g5's for an graphite - and that's what brought me here.....

Asone82: I'm 59 and have tried both graphite and steel in same heads. Got same distance with both, but better accuracy with my lightweight steel Nippon 8950s plus they just feel better. I put some Prosoft vibration dampening inserts into them so miscraps don't sting.

Shannock2: I'm 75 years old. I switched to graphite shafts when I was 70 - OK but not so good out of the rough and I dropped a whole club in distance. I switched back to steel - Soft Regular in i15s - and I'm playing great - trying to beat my age!

Matt Logo: I think a very good review would be Ping G25 vs. Cobra Amp Cell vs. Callaway X Hot. What do you think Mark i tried these out and couldn't choose which one i thought was the best. HELP??!! Thanks Mark

amadan34: stiff graphite are not as harsh on miss hits as steel. I use graphite stiff and love them

Seeds Gregory: I like how u kinda toss down the iPad. Lol

Pat Bowes: I just went through this late last year. The difference in distance is minimal but as Mark correctly stated the feel is different and you have to let go of ego. What I have noticed is the clubhead seems to be heavier as a result of the lighter shaft. This can cause loss of angle if you let go too soon which will affect distance and the biggest difference is accuracy.

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Graphite or Steel Shafts in Ping G25 Irons 5 out of 5

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Graphite or Steel Shafts in Ping G25 Irons
Graphite or Steel Shafts in Ping G25 Irons
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Ping G400 Iron Steel Shaft v Graphite Shaft
Ping G25 Irons
Ping G25 Irons
Steel Or Graphite Shafts In Irons? What's The Right Shaft For You?
Steel Or Graphite Shafts In Irons? What's The Right Shaft For You?

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