Cloning A New And Old Type BFT Mitto 2 Transmitter

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Mladen Briški: Thanks, it works!

jajing58: This video is confusing in that the gentleman keeps moving back and forth between remotes with a hidden button and one without. I am not switching between remotes like he has because mine do not have hidden button. So it make more sense to me to show both ways. Cloning remotes without a hidden button and then again moving from a remote with hidden button to one without. Does the gate have to be turned to manual when doing this? I tried replicating his steps, but the gate opener engaged when I tried following these steps. There are too many details left out.

chemist653: Many thanks for this. I live in rural Portugal, far from technical help. Using your video and the comment about having the remotes seeing the receiver, I was able to sort out my failed remote. Thank you!

Fort Knox Security: If this is regarding BFT equipment then yes it may well be full, or its a faulty transmitter.. you can install a "Clonix" receiver, which will wire into the control board and program direct to BFT Mittos... However if it is a different manufacturer it will need further investigation...

Varley Thornburgh: yes the transmitters need to be able to see the response from the gate/ door in lorder to code properly

Fort Knox Security: No problems guys, Sound is good this end, not sure why its low elsewhere ...Stay tuned for lots of updates regarding security and automatic gate systems! We're based in Tunbridge wells, Always happy to help, Follow us on Facebook to get the latest from Fort Knox Security.

Peter Webb: Hi, I have tried everything that you hve said in the video but still not working, is there something else that i eed to do? Thanks

Fort Knox Security: Glad we could help.

fincaman2: I used to be able to clone remote controls but now can't it doesn't work even if I do the same thing. I have even tried the engineers method with the two buttons inside the main unit

Fort Knox Security: Hi, yes that's correct, you need to be at most a few meters from the gates as you will still be using the gates receiver to introduce a new transmitter..

Arnaldo Paixão: Thank you very much! It works! The sound is bit on the low side so, here it is: 1 - Take the working remote and press the hidden button through the little hole on the back of the remote (ie with a clip) --> on newer remotes press both buttons <--. 2 - Press the button you want to program. 3 - Go to the non working remote and press the hidden button. 4 - Press the button you want to program. Wait a few seconds and you'r done! Again thank you to FortKnoxSecurity.

Tombeestunes: Hi, do I need to be at the gate/motor to do this as it won't work just doing it fob to fob? Do I need to be at the main thing I want to zap so it sends back a signal or something? Thanks.

broadale slate tiles: Thank you! Worked perfectly :)

dkinez: Thanks a lot for this, took some headache out of having to call a guy out and him charging a stupid amount of money

thebungalow100: Thank you ,thank you, I was just about to order 2 new Mitto remotes cost 30 pounds each plus 12 pounds shipping, as 2 of 3 of my remotes stopped working. Thought it was the batteries but only have them a year and my son said they should last a lot longer, so I copied your procedure, only took me 10 voula! saved me 72 pounds..brilliant!

Cloning a new and old type BFT Mitto 2 Transmitter 4.3 out of 5

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Cloning a new and old type BFT Mitto 2 Transmitter
Cloning a new and old type BFT Mitto 2 Transmitter

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