How To Tell The Difference Between 100% Kanekalon And 100% Synthetic Braid Fibers

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Rachele Priest: wld u make a set for me im in Arkansas USA. thin, semi long, i have pics. i really love how urs look. I'm srill researching hwhich install method i will use cuz my natural hair color is copper from well water and got dark brown/grey roots LOL

Lara Schilling: @yikesAnTuAn Yes. Try an Afro/Carribean braiding shop in your area.

AaronVernonFOP: I just put a kanekalon dread in yesterday. I've only showered with it once and it's sturdy and looks very nice but for some reason it smells like mildew for some reason.... have you had/know about kanekalon dreads smelling bad? Please get back to me. thanks

Lara Schilling: @howlingserenity They sell both. You are talking about Cypherlox, correct? On her site, there's a section for dreads (where you can order them) and an online shop where you can buy hair materials (LOXshop). If you're after hair, you choose which colour you want and press "add to cart". Adjust how many bags you want of that colour in the cart.

Elilith666: Hi! Please, can you tell me...Where is the diference between 100% kanekalon called only "braid" and the synthetic kanekalon you have used, the jumbo braid? The seller told me, that kanekalon braid is better than synthetic kanekalon, because it didn't "shine" so much and looks more like real hair. But, when I looked on the internet, everybody from outland recommends synthetic jumbo braid. And, on the other hand, I can't find on the internet that kanekalon braid, which is available in my country..

felizcrazyy: you are so pretty and i love your voice :D

gothiquebelle: so if i want really soft braids i should order the afrelle rastafri 100% kanekalon one from cypherlox? or should i just get the 100% kanekalon jumbo braid? i want natural looking braids not really fake ones :/

bringingzexyback: Oh wow thank you so much! So helpful ^ ^ So here's a question. Toyokalen is better for synthetic wigs if you want it to be able to seal, right? This isn't for a dreds, this is for a free fall wig. And then Kanekalon is just a bit lower than yes? But if you don't need it to seal or need to be able to back track on it the synthetic fiber shouldn't be awful, right? I mean it has that sheen but if it's less expensive it shouldn't be awful right?

Lara Schilling: @LuwBren Haha thank you :)

freak7koRn: 3 people are pee pee

Lara Schilling: @PHSMustangSAXPlayer I don't hate real dreads, I love them! I just don't have the hair type that will lock up easily. It's too fine and soft. Synth dreads are very different to real ones, but they are still partially made with the same process of natural dreads.

bang3rachi: Haha, I thought so! I still have it hanging up behind my door somewhere, it was the best. Thanks for the video, I'm using it as a reference constantly!

Kimi Howard: i use afrelle RastAfri for my box braids feels so good as soft white person hair seals like a dream braids dont come out.. and i get it for $3.69 AUD .i bought some off Aussie on Ebay said they were kanekalon but had to have been PP it was terrible. good video.. im looking at dreads next so im guessing you have dready vids ill go check out..

Lara Schilling: It's not braided, jumbo braid doesn't come braided, it's loose hair used for braids. Yes it is frizzy, because it's supposed to match the texture of African hair :) If you feel that it's harder to work with, you might want to consider other options. I have a few store links in the description. Use the USA based ones (like I do) for the cheapest rates. I had been making dreads for a while, and I have made a few thousand in my time. Doesn't happen overnight, keep practising!

Andrea Phipps: Thank you so much!

Lara Schilling: @SheIsNirvana You can, but some Toyokalon doesn't react to heat as well as others.

LuwBren: I love your accent :)

Lara Schilling: No worries :)

Lara Schilling: @Shiyiou They make an awesome sound :P

Lara Schilling: @bang3rachi Haha, awesome. I wanted the pink one but mum picked the green. It grew on me. I still have it. It's in immaculate condition and I wear it all the time in winter. Thanks for watching!

PHSMustangSAXPlayer: @DagGirl i understand that but EVERYBODY'S hair kan lock up... if yuo stop combing and brushing and washing yuor hair for a year itll lock up lol... then yuo just gotta maintain it after that... but i was sayin ive seen other videos with ppl with real dreads talkkin junk about the synthetic ones

quitejaded: I clicked your video as a black girl about to do senegalese twists trying to learn more about the extensions the braider will use. You know so much more about braids than your black youtuber counterparts lol

Lara Schilling: @millicent1990 Online. There are shop links in the description of my backcombing video.

AshiBelle: @DagGirl Oh so its not ?

Lara Schilling: @Elilith666 If anyone tells you to use synthetic jumbo braid, don't listen to them.

christa kissee: r the dreads u have in this vid kanekalon or that wool type stuff.... i like them alot

lpbuttcheeks: i rly like the color combination you have on your hair. what colors did you use?

gothiquebelle: Hey I have a question. What fibre or type of hair do u think I should get to do box braids? I have euro hair and everything I google is applying to African American hair and I want to know how to take care of the braids and which type of fibre to order. It's my first time braiding all my hair with fake hair added in. Please reply! Thank u

Akaysha1440: Looove your dreads :D

Lara Schilling: @Elilith666 Kanekalon jumbo braid is a kinky textured bulk synthetic hair for braided extensions, cornrows and synthetic dreadlocks. Kanekalon being the fibre, also 100% synthetic (PP/polypropylene) being a fibre, but as this video states, it is the difference between these fibres as they BOTH come in "jumbo" texture. Braid just means it is bulk hair for braids, not wefted. What country are you in?

Lara Schilling: @musicforthelost Are you looking for a supplier for hair or someone to make you dreads?

Hayyyy Gurrllll: hey girl!!!! thanks to you may be i can recognize the kanekalon, but ther is a little problem.... i´ve go 23 beauty stores here in mexico and the term "kanekalon" is not known for anybody... please please can you tell me if you know some website from mexico that supplies that kanekalon hair???? i´ll thank you forever if you can help me !!!!!!!!!!

Hayyyy Gurrllll: @DagGirl a supplier for hair (ofcourse)......

MidnightShadowed: Nice links.

Lara Schilling: @OneEqualsFifteen Toyo can be used for dreads, but it's really hit and miss!

Lara Schilling: You're welcome! :)

gothiquebelle: :D ok. Thank u so much!

Lara Schilling: Bwahaha, thanks, but I find myself to be rather annoying xD

Lara Schilling: @ninjalette6969 Wool roving :) They are sooo comfy!

Lara Schilling: @SharpestNails Oh lol. 100% Synthetic is nylon 100% Kanekalon is acrylic Two different plastics :P

Lara Schilling: Yes :) I ended up buying my wefts directly from a manufacturer in China. I needed to purchase 10 packs of one colour (100g per bag). Not sure how much weave length there is as I haven't opened one to check. Try Aliexpress (Alibaba's sister site to buy smaller quantities). I'm making a lace front, so I have to fill the back with weave and add loose hair to the front (on the lace). There are plenty of tutorials on wigmaking here on YouTube!

Akaysha1440: @DagGirl You're welcome. I always did love Jungle's stuff :)

Hotsuki: I like the sound of these packets ~u~

Kaelyn Collins: I really want to make me some dread falls (and this will be my first time making them). Can i go to a beauty supply store and just make sure it says Kanekalon on it or is it best to just order them offline?

Snowh1t31: Just a question I want to make my own wig can I use 100% Kanekalon synthetic fiber, if so do you know where a reliable place is to buy the wefts or loose fiber to make my own, also have you done this or can you show us how to do this thank you!

Lara Schilling: @6FaceDrak It's the only stuff that should be used. It's great that all the other colours previously only available in silky are available in jumbo :)

Lara Schilling: You can use 100% Synthetic, but for sake of not wanting your hands to be ripped up, 100% Kanekalon would be your best bet. Synth fibres will probably slip out of your hair quicker than they would in Afro hair, because Euro hair is so soft in comparison, but maintenance wouldn't be much more than a wash every week to keep the scalp clean. Maybe sleeping with a silk scarf to protect the braids.

Lara Schilling: @AshiBelle It's either PP, a mix of KK and PP or a really bad quality of KK.

TimmyDoomSqueaks: Delightfully informative! I make custom cyberlox, but I'm looking to get into dreadfalls. Thank you!

33355311: ships to the usa?

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