U.S.Cellular HTC Merge Unlocked

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Hugo Pérez: have you found a way to do it? am in the same dilemma, have tried 3 different methods.

Hugo Pérez: What's the problem with using windows 7? Do you have good links to the software needed. I have tried 3 or 4 different ways with no success. When you say that it was the modem you're talking about software modem, right?. I got HTC merge with us cellular and trying to get to work with Tmobile. Thanks

samuel rodrigues: Can you show me how to do it? Been trying to unlock my merge so that my mom don't have to pay for new phone

Rob Woods: I have just made my htc merge work for iwireless after 6 hours of reading broken non working guides that waste your time... if you still need to know how to, i will write a guide. let me know asap. email me your response dont reply on here. robwoods0506@live.com

Jose Perez: Hey, just posted on the howardforums thread trying to find the baseband you used. The two links on that page are dead. Do you have a copy of the firmware or a link to it? The links to 2fastroms com don't work. Please message me back... please. Thanks.

pullu7: I saw all you links from another site and they all broken....Can you create a video or a guide,,I have 5 HTC Merge from USCELLULAR that will like to use with TMOBILE...

Chris Malave: Same question as below. Need gsm help

smokie8604: i have it unlocked and rooted still doesnt work need the gsm radio unlocked can u help

smokie8604: need help with straight talk sim in htc merge how did u do this

MW2basterd: So how could i get this phone so i could put my sim card into it and have it work. I have iwireless which is part of t mobile and i dont have a data plan i just have a normal talk and text plan. Could i insert my SIM card into this phone and have it go on the internet by wifi? Or could i just use the phone to talk and text?

lkingventas: where did you get the unlock code?? please share

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U.S.Cellular HTC Merge Unlocked 5 out of 5

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U.S.Cellular HTC Merge Unlocked
U.S.Cellular HTC Merge Unlocked
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