Colt Defender 1911 45 ACP

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2nd amendment fanboy: i was thinking on buying a 1911 but a rather carry something reliable so i went with the smith and wesson shield 45acp and spent the rest of the money on ammo. i paid 299 with a rebate of 75 dollars and the best thing it requieres no brake in period light weight and just more modern

Barbusie: I have one of these, and I had to polish the feed ports
too.. I shoot 230 grain ball ammo and have never had
a feed problem.. Mine is accurate to about 25 yards +/- ..
Makes for a good reliable close quarters self defence

I only had to use it for that purpose a few times..
Twice on the road and once at home when an intruder
just walked into my house drunk, and wanting me to
take him to the store for more beer before they quit
serving beer for the night..

He was bigger, younger, and drunk as a monkey..
So when he wasn't paying attention, I retrieved the
"Defender" from the desk drawer and silently jacked
a round into the chamber.. After I had the Colt locked
and loaded, I told him he was going to have to leave..
He slurred. 'Ya, and who's gonna make me?

I took a step back and got into a shooting stance
and brought the Colt up to let him get a good look
at it, and replied. 'Me and my friend Colonel Colt."

His eyes got real wide, and he said. 'Yup, It is time
to leave ain't it." And made bee line for the door and
nearly took the screen door off the hinges before
he retreated across the parking lot at a trot....

I left a knife wielding wanna be robber in his
skivvies at 2:00 am on Feb 14th 1997 in a rest
area about 10 miles east of Amarillo Tx.. The little
Mexican maggot, brought a knife to a gunfight..
He tried to rob me while I was pissing in the urinal..

I asked him if I could put my pecker back in my
pants first.. His response was. 'Man I don't
give a chit.." So while I was faking zipping up,
I pulled the Colt out of my belt and swung around
and pointed that wide mouthed .45 right in his face..

For some reason this guy's eyes got real big too..
'AUGH Chit man, don't kill me." He wimpered. 'I
ain't gonna shoot you, but I just can't let you get
away with trying to rob me like this.. Drop that knife
in the trash can and take your pants off." I demanded..
Chit, you ain't one of those are you?" He asked, getting
scared now.. 'Don't flatter yourself Bitch, you ain't my
type. now get those britches off.." I demanded..

He slowly took them off and stood shivering the 20
degree night air. 'Now what.? He asked. 'I don't know
it's the first time someone has ever tried to rob me."
I replied, 'Chit, it's the first time I ever tried to rob
anybody.." He whined. 'Well, I guess this is gonna be
a learning experience for both of us." I said as I looked
around and noticed one of the crapters was clogged
up and was in real bad shape..

I said, 'Here you go, put your pants in this crapter."
Oh I'll be damned." He exclaimed. And I replied.
'Which leg are you the most fond of?" And pointed
the Colt at his knees..

Reluctantly, he put his pants into the nasty crapter and
mashed them down in there like I told him to do.. I put
the Colt back into it's holster on my belt and started
to walk out..

'Hey man, I might freeze to death out here.." He whined.
'Na, I just don't think so.. There ought to be a state patrol
coming through in about an hour or so, You can explain
it to them how you came to be running around out here
in the middle of the night, without your pants on.."

'Have a nice day.." I said with a grin. and walked out to
the truck and boogied my ass off for the Oklahoma border.....

Paul Warner: got one last week 863. tax and all.stainless wood grips.I'd prefer the rubber.

xkguy: My Defender in 45 ACP has handled 230gr FMJ, 230gr plated (I loaded with 10.5 gr AA#7) and 185 gr JHP (also hand loaded)...all with no issues. I might have gotten a good one. Only a few hundred rounds through it though. Compares well to Glock, Kimber and Springfield I have owned. I prefer 40 cal for personal defense and 9mm for plinking. 5.7x28 (Five Seven) is also nice. With 22LR ammo so high in price it is almost better just to practice with the bigger rounds. I also noted that plated ammo in 45 ACP is barely above what I can hand load it for.

Will Cap: would you like to trade?

bigbadmamiejama: Hey Jsnissan, excellent vid. Thinking about a compact 1911. Narrowed it down to 1) Colt Defender 2) Springfield RO compact/champion 3) Kimber Ultra Carry II. Do you feel like your pinky has a good purchase at the base of the grip? i have a medium size hand. Looking at the Springfield RO Champion cuz of 4" bbl and full size grip, but would prefer the Colt. Your thoughts?? Thx.

JoeBWahn: Hello, I have owned my Defender since May of this year and I absolutely love it! Just wanted you to know this video helped me decide to purchase the Colt and I am glad I did. GREAT video, only 255 rounds through it, so no HP ammo yet.

Will Cap: Do you still have it?

Will Cap: Do you still have it?

Chief60: Why does everyone start talking about something else(your stupid knife diatribe)before they talk about the reason for the video in the first place?
Lame ass way to make a video

akaitsmedre: Shot my new defender today for the first time. I shot 150 rounds FMJ with zero malfunctions of any kind. It was also fairly accurate.

rrosadomilan: Did you use a dremel to polish the feed ramp or just a product like Flitz?? Coo video!!!

moaski: With the rubber grips removed, is there any checkering on the front strap of the aluminum frame?  I'm looking to buy a used Defender, but don't care for the rubber grips as I prefer the feel of traditional wood.

1021tap78: You need to post a more detailed shooting vid

Carlos A. Flores H.: Good video pero espiquin españis

Extranegative: Ive had one for 3 years NEVER has jammed with anything! I mean ANYTHING.

Arthur Barthélémy: Magnifique franchement elle et carrément parfaite pour moi surtout que elle et plus petit que les berretta et les colt ou autre et sa sait vraiment important surtout quand on et dans une forêt ou dans le urbin âpre il doit être plus puissants et surtout en vitesse de deguenage et de prise en main en plus sait colt donc robustesse soliditait turabilitait moi je lui mais 19/20

marko kamberi: thAts bad whats the range on this 4 feet?

Russel Mack: Question,, why does the action on my new Defender lock open when cycling slide with an empty clip inserted ? .. and won't permit the slide lock release to be dropped down until the magazine is removed? Haven't experienced this condition with any of my other semi autos. Thanks for the help.

jsnissan: @barakuna not yet I'm still looking for one

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Colt Defender 1911 45 ACP 5 out of 5

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