4.3 Vortec Engine Removal

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Cynthia Geiser-Reed: Thanks you so much for the very helpful information. My husband is removing the engine from our 1999 Chevy Blazer and he was grateful for the information. It was so kind of you to put it on the internet. Have a pleasant week. Cynthia

RkyMtnHigh: This was the most insane stupid designed vehicle to remove the bell housing bolts. What finally worked after three days of trying to get the top bolt out because the floorboard on this 97 blazer identical to this video was too close to the bolts. What worked was to lift the body up. It's really easy to do this just loosen the first 3 rubber body mounts, leave the rear one on and put a bottle jack with a piece of wood under each door and jack them up simultaneously get a friend to help and the body will raise up and pull the floorboard away from the bell housing bolts. The engineer who designed this needs to be forced to do this himself so he can see how incredibly stupid he is!!

Jordan Bronson: OMG, I would go NUTS.... Too many things to put back, LMFAO

Kyle Nelson: my 2001 s10 had a hole in the firewall by the brake pedal to get to one of the top trans bolts lmfao would of been good to know before it took me 2 hours to get that bolt off

I Have Vigors: Awesome thanks so much for making this exactly what i needed

tracy spencer: How did you get the hood off

Yuuuuup!: hey would a 99 4.3 work in a 95 blazer..do i have to just change the heads and intake right?

Chris Davison: If you have all the transmission bolts and for converter bolts out you should have to jiggle the motor and it should come free

Chris Davison: Hey more simple approach might be to take off the transfer case pull engine and trans whole, 1 that comes up and forward you will be able to get the ground harness bowl and the fuel line bolts of a lot easier but you will have to remove the distributor cap

Chris Davison: If you lift the motor up and pull it forward you can get it all the bolts in the back, I did it the same way as you would any old rear wheel drive Chevy , I didn't have to remove anything else off of the engine . After working on blazers since the very first model there has been a lot of changes they made it very difficult on these 2000 models

Dustin Weible: do the front ball joints need to be split and then the axles pushed back thru the hubs in order to get transmission separated from the motor also?

Chris Davison: I guess I should make a video all these videos everybody went way too far and did unnecessary stuff to get the motor out

Chris Davison: Just for the record for a motor bearing swap it is a lot easier to remove the front axle to get the pan off then pulling the motor I've done it both ways

Allen Morgan: Thanks for the info bud. I'm about to do the same swap in my 98 Jimmy.

greg bailey: Thanks, just the information I needed!

Michael Buteau: Thank you sir. This was helpful.

Deidre Oliver: how about showing how to separate the freaking block instead of the after work...

84fiveo: Thank you for the helpful video!

nick martin: I have a 97 blazer 4x4 4.3 will a 99 blazer 4x4 4.3 work ? I want a motor that will wire right up ! please let me know thanks

Dennis: How many ground wires connected to the heads? You didn't mention you had to remove the ground wires.

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4.3 vortec engine removal 5 out of 5

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