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Carlos Camarillo: make more niches youll get more ..if you make a few a month by the end of the year youll start making thounds

M meza: Okay i have a problem i have google adsense account connect to my youtube channel and im partners with youtube i havent earned any money at all i have been getting views and likes and i still dont earn money please help!?

Mason Forbes: Do they still send checks

LyndenB: Hey sir, I had a few questions regarding google Adsense. Maybe someone can answer it. I just created my account today but its now saying it will take a few days to review is that normal?

JuelJona: cool bro

Captain Pancakez: Do you have to be 18? And do you have to have a bank account?,

Nicholas S: Did you ever have to fill out the W-9 tax form on google adsense?

Roe Parker: Can you help me ??? My email is

NancyToday: Google's been funding my life for the past few years. Well, till January when the income halved.

JackInAction: I make about 45cents haha. Do they still send out checks? Because I gave them my address.

Critic101: Make sure you pay attention to any notices from Google adsense. Because they are really trying to get away from sending checks. All of my friend who makes money from adsense have gotten notices from google to switch to direct deposit.

Geo's Vlogs: I just got a check today, they still do mail checks.

John Michael Jayme: Isn't that you should be 18 first?

GodmanGen: No,they send checks! Just be sure to enter your real payment information! If you are under 18 you have to enter your parent's information,when you get the check then your parent have to go to the bank and take the cash! :-)

Pablo Reyes: I make about $300 from adsense

DJ Xantana: i made about 168 dollars last month and i didnt put my bank account on there before the 15 th so it says they mailed a check how long does it usually take to come?

Critic101: If Im not mistaken, google no longer sends checks, they do direct deposit now only. So make sure that you update your adsense account with your bank information.

GamesForYou: ive got a google adsense account im 14 and have earnt about 100 pounds this month. The money isnt coming through the post by check, well its not coming through at all please help

Chris: "i does work" LMFAO YOU MADE MY DAYafrican american

lola dola: so you make a blog on bloger and they put their ads,and for that you got paid,please more info i m new in this and i have to much free time and i don't wanna hang on social networks all day

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