ANDROID ARCADE - MAME, Capcom & Neo-Geo Emulator For Android On G1

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Hiung Winartan: Thank you Android Arcade, Hello MAME4droid!

KlovdRider: @lilfrog5 i downloaded it, but no games in it ;[

eric teal: android arcade isnt on the market no more....ijust looked

HobosGoneWild1: To get roms i go to

HedgehogNL: @9letmeseeit On the HTC Desire you can use the optical trackball for movement. ABC buttons can be placed on screen. Besides that, while others talk about lag, the HTC Desire seems to play the games at very high speed. Touch screen does not respond well in this app either. My conclusion: this app is not suitable for the HTC Desire. But for $1,99 it's still not a waste of money ;)

yankernator: Get MAME4DROID it's much better then this

qwepan: does it work in the computer?

Tightlild: say mann you need to put all tha games that will work for this app thank 5 star plus

TheNosferatu94: better than crap lumia series

luiscedillo80: hey man the link of neo geo bios rom dont work please check it.

alanplata16: hey

MrYuan Min Ho: why is this app always force closing with my galaxy y ?? any help ??

dillon montana: does dis work on moto cliq blur android...if soo hw to install plz tell me :(

Seth McMullan: torrents, try pirate bay. if you don't know how to get the roms onto your sd card then an emulator may be a little over your head.

9letmeseeit: How would the controls be like on an Android without a keyboard, eg Nexus One or HTC Desire?

Paul van Dyk: lol "super smooth"... lmao smooth my ass :/

ShadowOfTurtles: so how do u make games

matjus29: i found all games to play on mame emu android ..but i want this games rastan and black tiger there is someone that have this on android phone. i put all bios files on my phone but this games doesnt support why :( ?

CoxSelf79: if u guys want android on tmobile hd2, it's out now, look /watch?v=SfSSkeBbN10

Juanes93: can anyone make a list of the roms that actually work???

Alejandro B Viurquez: is better if you download it for your laptop or desktop

bumtaksi: @shinobiwan23 all works perfect on my galaxy note...thank you so much :)

N4november: @shinobiwan23. Hey dude, let me just start by saying... AWESOME!! Only thing however, I can't seem to get this thing running on my Galaxy Note. I get a message saying "SORRY, YOU ARE TRYING TO RUN A UNSUPPORTED ROM"... Please help me, I am spazzin out right now.

Eko Prasetyo: can this work on archos 70? it doesn't have physical keyboard......

akathaze: get ready to have youre minds be blown away , by my soundless choppy non saveing non loading bootlegs haha

Alex Deal: @pointblizzy or the droid :P(which is what im getting x.x)

indieKook: fukin kool man!!

boombox602: howd u get all the icons to look like that?

funassbitch1122: I cant download the apk. i followed the link on the side but it there is no link on the page that lets me download it

Dilleon Cornelius: i cant download the NEo geo bios help brother helpppppp

pokerockmario123: Oh srr... didn't watch your whole vid.

senorratman: cant wait to play marvel vs capcom

Plasma08: i am thinking of switching to andriod 2.2 from iphone, what other apps that are good. Games, softwares...

sodazman: Can't get it to detect the roms.

shinobi-wan: google 'ahome'

Wuteverx1972: Look up snesoid, nesoid, and gensoid they're all 5* emulators and play almost perfectly.

Jay Loopo: where can i get the Street Fighter Theme u have on your g1..that theme is hot..i need that..thanks

mamasmilk: the metal gear games had slowdown in the freaking arcade...even on a good computer those bitches are ridiculous

KlovdRider: @lilfrog5 uhm i cannot download the games on ur links can u make a video with more details for the iphone? pretty pleaseeee ;]

lol: can i play the star wars trilogy arcade on it?????

Plastic Life: @Turtlezr00l cool.

Mo Ka: @truesgama2 It does, but it's too fast with no framelimit options. I use Tiger Arcade instead. That is perfect, but it doesn't have savestates.

joaquin lopez: could u help me? i have a note too! but i'm having issues, it's confusing. lol

ashleyewanroach: where and how did i get roms on to the emulator

Kevinator Ivanovsky: @Akuma1976 I think they took out all emulators from the market

TheKINGFEDOR: On Mame on PC no continues either ? Why the **** is that ? isnt the arcade able to continue ? Like Operation Wolf for example ? I need HELP

shinobi-wan: @shaviman i don't think this app is available anymore, search for tiger arcade or jrioni arcade in the android market. Pretty sure both of those support Neo-geo roms.

Byron Fernando: @shaviman me too... i like the kof 2000...! did you install KOF?¿?¡ IM TRYING IT BUT.. ITS IMPOSIBLE ..

Hermann Cavalcante: damn stop talking and play!

MarcoZ: Has it got NeoGeo?

Hair Do: Thanks for the tip. I do know it's hard to earn money. But it is much better than working minimum wage at mcdonolds. Being an hair stylist does get tips and I end up making decent money. Plus it allows me to be creative sometimes and make customer's dream come to reality.
ANDROID ARCADE - MAME, Capcom & Neo-Geo Emulator for Android on G1 4.5 out of 5

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