Hatsan AT44 10S & Hawke Sidewinder 4-16x50 IR SR6

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miguelor4469: Where can you show me where to obtain the sound device? This thing is really load in .177 to say the least. more so than my .22 cal rimfire.

Filip Novosel: Di si kupio optiku nemogu nigdje u hrvatskoj naci hawke optike...? Hvala

Juan Pablo Flores: Nice video, do you fill the air with the hand pump? how many pumps do you need for that? and how many shoots you get until the power decrease? is it .11 or .22? Thank you so

fabianromano: the pump is 160 shipped (Air venturi G4)

Mario Burđelez: Listen man, this rifle costs 625$ in my country, so just the rifle, and then silencer costs 60$, pump around 190$ etc...

Lost Beetle: One of the only things keeping me from getting this gun is the price of hand pumps. Depressing... I want a repeating pcp air rifle with open sights, Hatsan makes the only ones which are somewhat affordable, but pumps are 200 bucks!

seb v: it is a real gun!

Offshore Drifter: nice scope, shame about the rifle tho

Roland Colavizza: yeah thats right hatsans are called air venturi in the usa i think they are good guns but you should try the gamo dynamax its freaking awsome!!!!

Mario Burđelez: @goatsplat Actually I've got few, and more are on the way..

goatsplat: get a real gun

Cemil Cezayiroglu: slm Turkparsi, oncelikle tskr ederim ozaman birkerecikte .22 cal kulanalim denemekte fayda var ama 200bar doldurduktan sonra nekadar duzgun atis yapabiliyorsun heralde 60 tane atis yapabiliyorsun galiba yaa kusuma bakma ben holandadan yaziyorumda (simdi cok kulandigim havali tufek de weirauch HW97k .177) yani benim icin PCP ilkez slmlar Cemo

Cemil Cezayiroglu: @TurkParsi slm abi benim de bir sorum olacakti simdi bende at44 satin almak istiyorum ama karar veremiyorum neden? .22 calibre nin NamluCikisHizi 295 m\s ve .177 nin de 325 m\s simdi .177nin ses bariyere en yakin olan bir hiz ama ondan da 100 metre atis yapila bilirmi onu bilmiyorum cunku o hizlarda sacmaya hafif turbulans oluyo ne icin ben .177 yi istiyom cunku o sacmanin ucusu daha duz ondan slmlar Cemo TSKRler abi

Mario Burđelez: @him01natl Try under Hammerli or HaleStorm names.. They probably manufacture them under Hatsan licence. I think I saw Hammerli Pneuma on Pyramidair page.

Mario Burđelez: @veilsideV12 Heh, if it wasn't just behind the elementary school, it would great! This way I can shoot only weekends and holidays when there are no kids ;-)

luki01111: @gunmaster7777777 the silencer.

Mario Burđelez: @luki01111 Which part?

luki01111: @gunmaster7777777 whats is the name of this part ?

Mario Burđelez: @luki01111 Ofcourse, you can see it on the video =)

luki01111: do u have silencer on your rifle ?

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Hatsan AT44 10S & Hawke Sidewinder 4-16x50 IR SR6 5 out of 5

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