Rock Island .38 Super 1911 Review

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BIG FRANK: What beavertail is that?

Javier Licourt: Excellent video and information.

Roosevelt Moreno: great review.. is it good to have heavy guns?

June Lewis: I bought the Armscor .38 Super! The wife and I went out to the farm today, and shot alot. I put close to a hundred rounds through my .38 Super, and not one hiccup. This is my second Armscor 1911; and I plan on buying at least two more. The .38 Super is a very accurate pistol. I could trick this baby out, but I like it the way that it is. Now, to buy some RCBS reloading components, and start reloading this round. By the way, beautiful .38 Super in your video. Thanks for sharing!

greyraptor: armscor bought the colt factory in the philippines a long time ago and they continued building 1911's. they also manufacture slide and frame and assemble 1911 for STI.

greyraptor: armscor bought the colt factory in the philippines when colt decided to move out of the country.tool design,etc. went to armscor but can't call thier product colt, they also produce parts , slide and frame for STI and assemble this 1911 with STI parts and STI sells these 1911 as STI's.

TheYellowDart2: Did you do the park finish yourself or did you pay $40 to have it done? I've got the same (also converted to 9mm... way cheaper than 38 super) and know that I'll need to handle the nickel frame sooner or later.

mattdraffen87: where did you get your information about there machines being from colt? just curious

Juan Rivera: Hey man, great review and gun. It looks just as good in reverse of what I have. For the money, you're not going to find a better deal than the RIA. And the .38 Super is just sweet to shoot at the lower of the 357 loads. Great job!

Brian Connolly: nice gun, nice reveiw, but KEEP YO FINGER OFF THE TRIGGER UNTIL YOU ARE READY TO SHOOT!!!!!!lol

JaliscoMexico90: nice RIA you should check out mines.. btw are you serious about Rock Island Armory 1911 were made by colt machines, cuz if its true im very happy with my RIA 1911.

kTCxDEICIDEx: The upgrades look good! How's the nickel finish on the slide holding up?

KrypToniQz: Hey, You made a comment on a video about Dale when he crashed and died. You said he should be called Fail Earnhardt. Well, You should make a video review of how effective this PIECE OF crap (kitty) gun is at killing people. Just make sure you're aiming it at your own head though so it saves the world a TON of BULLcrap. Stupid freaking ASSHOLE that needs to learn to have respect. GO DIE and burn in HELL for ETERNITY MOTHER freakER

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Rock Island .38 super 1911 review 5 out of 5

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Colt   .38 Super  1911
Colt .38 Super 1911
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