PMDG 737 NGX Engine Start Up Tutorial

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Julian Williams: I highly recommend you watch FlightDeck2Sim's tutorials as he is a real world 737 pilot and pilot training officer. 60% of the things shown in this video is incorrect. Engine bleed air both need to be on to provide air to the engines. Hydraulic A pumps can be on if the bypass pin is inserted. You move the fuel cut off levers to idle detent at 25% N2, you don't wait for N2 to stop rising. Your air isolation valve should be ON. Also the ignition selector switch doesn't have to be moved. Most airlines use A for first start, B for second start and then alternate. BOTH is used in emergency situations. Each engine has 2 igniters, you say you are making wear even but all you are doing is wearing down B in the right engine and A in the left engine. You alternate between starts (A for first start, B for 2nd start so on) to reduce wear... but even that isn't always done. Some airlines just use B and use A for back up.

Also why isn't your position light on steady... that is 1 of the first things you do as soon as you start powering up. The anti collision light only goes on when you are about to push and start (which you have done) but position light must be on steady. Then Strobe and Steady when entering a runway.

Kevin Davis: +FSXpilot767 Is there a way to determine the pushback length for a specific gate at a specific airport?  I don't think they are listed on taxi charts.  Thanks for the videos.  Your tutorials on the PMDG 737NGX are very informative.  Keep up the good work!

Thegreatest Sanfier: do you know how to solve the gsx couatl.err? it's show up every minute and i can't fix it..

voltanicMercuay0: Can you please make a tutorial on how to start up the 737-800 from cold and dark thanks

GIZZIT12: When I spawn in, APU is already started but if I connect ground power and then turn APU off all the warning light go off and an alarm starts ringing and won't stop, also the first officers instruments turn black any help??

Mike Price: I have noticed in many sim programs a handle in the side windows on both sides of the roosterpit. It appears to be a grip type handle. What does this do?

Dagobert Duck: One tip, sometimes in cold and dark when you switch the camera to the outside you hear the engine working when they are supposed to be off . Simply double click Q should resolve this sound bug.

sahir m: nice video. how do you change the view that quickly in VC

Flatcap's Memehole: Hey, a load of the switches I can't actually move at all.

Pop0n01: I don't want to be a complaining bastard, but I just wanted to mention that you should actually look at n1, not n2. When n1 reaches 2.5 you should move the fuel cutout switch to idle. When the n2 stops rising at the n1 is at 3.2

AmericaWest90: Could someone help me? I have all the packs and electrical right, but I can't get the N2 to rise above 15 after I start, then it drops back down and there is a loss of flight deck power.

Michael Wagner: Describe very well - thanks for the help

Toph BeiFong: enigne not turning on

FSim Channel: Why did you say "seat belt sign" at around 40 seconds, that was only the Chime

Bjørnar Bukholm: You can have Hyd pumps A on when you start.... They do it in norwegian  ;)

AADFWspotters2: Does the ISFD come with the 737 800 or 900?

Mustafa SAZAK: How do you move the camera in that way to the overhead panel? Thanks.

wishmastertr: Thanks, that was good and helpful !  but 3 things i 've realized about the video
APU was still on
engines haven' t been set to continue position
and the fuel cross feed 

Simana Moises: I am having an issue where I am able to turn on the left engine but right engine wont start.. any ideas?

therodri2: You forgot to turn off the APU

PMDG 737 NGX Engine start up tutorial 5 out of 5

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PMDG 737 NGX Engine start up tutorial
PMDG 737 NGX Engine start up tutorial
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