Mame4droid On Android How To Roms Mame4all

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DaGunchijs: You could have mentioned the 10$ membership price on the site atleast once in the video.

RaiderX Ramos: Brother You Have no IDEA how much time and Headaches you just saved me! i couldnt figure it out why it wouldnt work and yeah i DID create my own ROM folder and went to crap! But Thanks to your video IM IN THE GAME BABY!! THANKS!!!!

jorge dallon: I have a devies calde a nook. Mame for all is for it too!

Angel Martinez: Hi, I want to the site I am unable to download anything, how do you download? I registered and everything, followed your instructions but I can't download. The zip file is shaded in.

Jav Riv: go here

TheUnbiasedGamer: Thanks! I got MK1 running one it! =D

sal sally: do i have to do this on my laptop and then attach my tablet to transfer the files or can i just go ahead and do everything on my tablet ??...Urgggg !

V11P11R11: phuk this man... t-_- !!!!! and there like also three difrent types of downloading the phuking thing and also dude, i click where it says download rom. so yeah phuk it... and lucky you.

ix1xZykox1xi: wh does it say that im missing a file? i did how you explain but i still cant play the game. why is that?

MrWishcry: you have to hit the joystick left and right quickly

voltman987: Bro can you send me a list of roms that work or another site it wont even let me create a account and I really want KOF96-98

sxgaston: I'm having the same problem with a lot of games.

Lloyd Hinds: It says I'm missing cya ing or Rom files for every game and I'm sure I got them in the right place 'cause its finding them. Help please!

theme123able: why cant i open the game zip folder? it said not available. or maybe is not for the computer is for the emulator? no wonder the emulator can detect the game rom. i think is not for the computer.

241rayman: Will this work for Sega Sonic The Hedgehog?

herbz2hot: this is some bullcrap i have done every thing you said every rom has files missing and nothing loads great waste of 3 hours of my life

scissormon: I set the rom path to where my zipped galaxian rom is located, and it says there are no avaliable roms found.

herbz2hot: if your so smart give me a list of all the roms u have working cos nothing works i have been using emulators for 15 years and this is some foolish stuff rom emulator run thats simple this is not

Sebastian Contreras: U have to be a member GAY

MilesKerbs2011: Everytime i try to make an account it says the password wont work?! Help!


ZenGoku-San: Any chance you could send me roms because each from I put in says corrupt.

ComicMan9: ...Turn the device on its side...

KHMER WARRIOR: I keep getting error message, do you know why?

Alex Kaos: im from mexico and for poor inglish id understad the intructions and runs in mi xperia play on the perfection tanks men and only lost 1 hour for the best games for all times is that for what all count

disme nis: i cant register cause it dont take any of my passwords!!!! how should i type it????????????

Ax Daliva: hi, how do you mame4droid set it to "landscape" mode? thanx for the video, helped me a lot...

astonmartin260: The file won't show up

markeseh1010: Is killer instinct on their

203dragonballz: I did what you say but it keep telling me for marvel vs capcom 1 & 2, sonic the fighters and megaman the power battle missing something the only game that work is my megaman2 the power fighters what him I doing wrong

MunkyRoCks777: You can use ES File Explorer on android to access folders without a PC. It's basically Windows Explorer for android.

kurosakiGIAN: hey dude, this app read marvel vs capcom 2?

kev mac: m8 was wondering if you will help me get pac land for my friend everytime i try it doesent work thanks

الـــو افي: هلكبل

herbz showaman: sorry just see this comment now i have a asus eepad a dell streak 5 galaxy tab 7 and a jxd android console my email is thanks

Juan ?: hola que tal no me deja rejistrarce como me rejistro saludos

fourdoormafia: No root needed

Alex Kaos: I see some troubles for the subcribtion to the website and the password have to be une letter mayus and minus and one number at once thats how it workks on mi case (;

Some Day Dreamer: I can't get this to work. Even using the site you gave it says its missing this or that. What am i doing wrong? yours just runs but i can't get a single game i want to play to work.

ST1NGA1: can you make a video using only the tablet to do all that. I have the same tablet you see and can't figure it out

Melissa Griffin: How do I play rooms like virtua fighter 1,2,3.and4 also how to play godzilla

Cary Groneveldt: "The Old Computer.Com", while an absolutely WONDERFUL romsite is N-O-T free .... You have to pay $15 for it. I paid it because 1] You get unlimited acess to all the iMAME4All/Droid/Droid ReLoaded roms & 2] The guy put so much hard work into the site, I figured he deserves it AND $15 is well more than worth it for what you get for the money -- THOUSANDS of genuine Golden Age arcade games to play forever!

JLBflix: Same here where's the download button?

carmine200: GUYS it's not free anymore. You have to pay to get the ROMS now. Current Folder is Available to : U Your Current Access Rights : G R This means you have to donate in order to get the ROMS you want. Wasted my time doing this.

SmokeySinatra: Its not finding the roms Im sure I'm putting them in the right place which is in my external sd card then on mame4droid then in the roms section and its not locating any of my roms!! Someone please help me asap:) thanks in advance

NotoriousANT24: im having a really hard time trying to get Roms to work..

captcorajus: AWESOME dude... way to go!

V11P11R11: ugh dude... ive tried the new folder thing where it says to put em but it just doesnt , but im not quiting if i have to watch your video like a thousand times... grrrrr cuz i already have all the systems exept this one!!

juan ignacio rodriguez: heeelp i cant freaking registrate. it tellsme that my pasword hasnt got the prper characters or something like that, i tried everything (numbers, letters, numbers and letters, long password, short password) its fuking impossible!!!!

Alfred101296: Can I get a link please?

mame4droid on android how to roms mame4all 4.1 out of 5

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mame4droid on android how to roms mame4all
mame4droid on android how to roms mame4all
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