Candy Crush Saga Level 135

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duda cordeiro: It is impossible! The hardest level I played

Cora Leibowitz: Is there a new link to the new board?

Hatschipuh1981: ich bekomme level 135 leider nicht hin .... :-(

Stalker280180: Impossible level...looks easy but damn !!!

Andrés Olmedo Salcedo: the new version is WAY easier than this one

Peter Chan: This level is PURE luck. I solved it in no fewer than FOUR DAYS, something like 100 times . . . ugh! Levels 39, 65, and 79 were already very hard, but they took me at most three days. Perseverance is the key.

azw19921: I am on this level right now

MrMezmog12: woah it looks like your pc is even struggling to handle this :S

Daniel Lin: ya could have made a color bomb at the begininng.

Kim Ripley: can't make those damn wrapped candies! When they do happen I think of them as an accident. I guess I don't know how to make them on purpose. :(

blue17scarlet: I watched your video and the next life in candy crush I passed :D I kinda feel like saying thanks a lot!!

Havana Kitten: you have problems. i saw some gameplay and i dont see how people find it fun or addicting! and suicide over THAT? i cant take that seriously.

musicianjoelin: 0:37 Chocolate: Tough luck, bro. 0:46 Me: What?! You made two wrappers in one move?! Making one wrapper is hard enough for me, but 2 IN ONE MOVE?!! I've only done that once back in Level 65 or something; color bombs are easier.

Margarita Garcia: I've been on. This level for like 8 days and I can't pass it any hints or tips

Eileen Lim: its all about luck it seem! been stuck for ages..i am so so so sad.. and friends are all way above me.. :(

kakaboo: this lvl is like a in your face to those ppl who kept complaining this game is all about luck in the earlier levels lol... almost no luck involved in this (maybe just 5%-10% as compared to previos levels like 65 or 125)

CheukKwan NG: 玩左成日都過唔到!!T_T

Yun Lung: so difficult :(

carmenc628: I agree, this level is unnecessarily frustrating and not fun. :(

Gaby sakin: no puedo pasaaaar!!!!!!

blktenor: That seems to always happen to me too! I don't want to jinx myself though lol.

debbie taylor: been stuck on this leval for weeks :(

666VickyPollard: Wieviele Versuche hast Du gebraucht um das zu schaffen? Ich kämpfe erst seit gestern mit diesem Level, habe aber das Gefühl, dass ich ihn niemals schaffen werde. Deine Videos sind super, haben mich schon durch manchen Level gebracht. Vielen lieben Dank! :)

MrEdmundoWong: I'd give you the 2nd combination. But the first combination where the greens fall from the top in place with the blue wrapped candy is 100% LUCK.

Betul Hashemi: this level is impossible! i am on that like 3 weeks and it's just not possible

Beth McQuaide: I stopped playing this game for 3 days and when I went back in this level changed. All I had to get was 6 wrapped candies and have them explode. I have no idea if they changed this level for everyone or not.

fppgames: This level is strictly designed to force to use PAYED bonuses.

Maroua GANNA: I made 7 wrapped candies, but crap I couldnt explode the last two, so I didn't pass the level and now i wanna suicide

Tay Nunes: I can always form the sweet, it explodes. and when I form two are always away from each other. this level is very difficult. think I'll ever spend!

granfandemicky1: Qqqqqq?????cómo es posible q tan rápido consiga las envolturas???llevo como 5 días y no logro hacer ni 1 envoltura....alguien qm ayudeeeee!!!!!

JACOBO Kusher: Esta muy dificil este level ya me enfade llevo un mes y nada 👎😴

LuxuriiouZz: Ich glaub ich bin zu doof weil dein video kann doch nich helfen is doch immer glückssache wie die dinger fallen...ich bin verzweifelt -.-

sitsoncouch3: This would be a lot more helpful if there was talking to explain why the person is making the moves they are making, because just watching moves being made with no explanation as to why they are making them, doesn't help at all.

skillgaming: Yo, the first 350 levels. 351-365 will be released this week!

skillgaming: changed the level goal. I'll upload a new video within the next hours.

gwayav9: "When you're on the level for way too long time, enjoyable experience turns to a desperate stressful process. And it's very hard to deal with that. Despite that, you have to keep the faith and motivation to keep trying it all over again until the day when all these factors just come together. And one day... it happens !"

crystal grace sison: all u need in this level is more lives....and a LUCK. and i got it!haha yahoo!! survive !!

musicianjoelin: After the Android update to 395, the mobile version has also changed into making 6 Wrapped candies instead of combining 2 together twice. This original, which is this one, became history. When I was doing this level, I think of Wrapped candies as "Stripe + 1", that is, a stripe formation while adding an extra candy in an appropriate spot. Aside from that, thinking ahead is very important when it comes to level like this. Think before taking a step. Difficulty: 9/10. It is 7~9 skill, & 6~8 luck.

Sylvia Makus: I have never been stuck as long as I have on this level ugh....

Marie Cook: I can not beat this level been stuck for over a month and I'm getting annoyed. How do u beat this level? Need help please

NatasicaD: this is the level where im saying enough with candy crush saga! i love the game, but this is impossible. i can make one time wrapper candies, but 2. no way! good luck all.

kagnomi: In the middle of watching this video, I realized that I was addicted to candy crush.

Joyce Lafferty: finding this level impossible to do

Kelly Williams: i still can't figure out how to make the wrapped candies...anyone?

allie gibbens: Stupid

nonocrazygurl: this level freaked me up

skillgaming: Man kann aber mit dem arbeiten was man schon sieht! Vor jedem Spielzug lange nachdenken und schauen wo sich ein Tütchen-Candy ergeben könnte.

lbendik6301: i can only get one out of 2 needed to beat level

ANGELinFortWorth: I know how to get chocolate balls on call, but this is just hard. :/ I hate you, candy crush.

黃 貴妃: yayayayayayaya after watching this video I passed it ^0^

Candy Crush Saga Level 135 3.8 out of 5

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Candy Crush Saga Level 135
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