Candy Crush Saga Level 135

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duda cordeiro: It is impossible! The hardest level I played

elizabeth guillen: como se forman los envoltorios de caramelos

Sandara Park is my Queen: I'm friggin stuck on this level!!!!!

Isabel Helden: I also think its impossible to do, I spent hours trying... but nothing

creeperman308: Is the chocolate okay

musicianjoelin: After the Android update to 395, the mobile version has also changed into making 6 Wrapped candies instead of combining 2 together twice. This original, which is this one, became history. When I was doing this level, I think of Wrapped candies as "Stripe + 1", that is, a stripe formation while adding an extra candy in an appropriate spot. Aside from that, thinking ahead is very important when it comes to level like this. Think before taking a step. Difficulty: 9/10. It is 7~9 skill, & 6~8 luck.

seekeroftruth111: just beat this one with 5 moves remaining :)

skillgaming: Check our ccs-playlist or follow the link in the video's annotation.

Cora Leibowitz: Is there a new link to the new board?

Havana Kitten: you have problems. i saw some gameplay and i dont see how people find it fun or addicting! and suicide over THAT? i cant take that seriously.

Maroua GANNA: I made 7 wrapped candies, but crap I couldnt explode the last two, so I didn't pass the level and now i wanna suicide

Keila: Si te enfocas mas en hacer las bolitas de chocolate para juntarlas con los otros dulces ganas mas rapido. Si llegas a juntar 2 de chocolate la explosion es mucho mejor.

granfandemicky1: Qqqqqq?????cómo es posible q tan rápido consiga las envolturas???llevo como 5 días y no logro hacer ni 1 envoltura....alguien qm ayudeeeee!!!!!

Seuchi Art: It's hard enough to make the wrapped candy but you also have to put them near each other for it to work. My candy always explodes before I get it near the other one -_-

andre olm: the new version is WAY easier than this one

patricia howard: Nancy Jones comment is historical. ..lml

gabriela Valverde: Quién me ayuda a pasarla

musicianjoelin: 0:37 Chocolate: Tough luck, bro. 0:46 Me: What?! You made two wrappers in one move?! Making one wrapper is hard enough for me, but 2 IN ONE MOVE?!! I've only done that once back in Level 65 or something; color bombs are easier.

William Horn: I've been stuck for over 2 weeks on this level ;(

Marie Cook: I can not beat this level been stuck for over a month and I'm getting annoyed. How do u beat this level? Need help please

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Candy Crush Saga Level 135 5 out of 5

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Candycrush Level 135 - 3stars by
135 Level Guide Candy Crush Saga Candy Crush Level
135 Level Guide Candy Crush Saga Candy Crush Level
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