Ruger Mark III Pistol Reassembly

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olliefraga: aaaaaaaaand I got a Mk IV...

Johnnie John: There is a system to it. Ruger has a great video. Works every time for me. Learn your crap and quit watching all the YouTube wanna be's.

Brian Zaikowski: I regret buying this gun. I wish I would have done some research first.

MARVIN THE BOON: glad i got my mark 2 target with the bull barrel in 83, wont need a mark3.
so much safety, thats why ruger stamps the owners manual on the barrel.

its a tool, bullets dont magically appear everytime you tilt the freakin thing.
i didnt clean my pistol for the first time till 2010, dug out some belly button lint, and back to plinkin.
just like a nylon 66, used it till the teflon bolt was droolin.

ColdSteelDDS: Terrible video for a terrible pistol.

No Shorts: you have got to be kidding. now I know why I'm seeing these pistols for sale new for under 300 doll a

spokewhilehecould: having trouble? go to meanmiguel vid. he talks slower and includes some critical steps not mentioned in this vid. had it together in less than two minutes after struggling with this vid for about 45 minutes. no I don't get anything for this endorsement nor do I know him

M: I've followed each step (pausing) and still no full success. I have about 15 other guns (long and pistol) and can disa/reass- all,  but this (my favorite pistol) is too frustrating and I'm gonna smash it to pieces. so I'm gonna just give up! your vid is really good though

WASJLS1988: I cannot believe how difficult some people think the MKII is to re-assemble. Pretty sad.

H.E. Miller: When my MKIII is reassembled the bolt pulls back completely but doesn't close freely on it's own every time.
Have to bump it closed with my hand. Gun hasn't been fired much, maybe 200 rounds and this is first time
it's been disassembled per instructions on Utube. Drats

Bill Funderburk: How long does it take some of you people to change a light bulb. Geez, where did common sense go.

Sean Bearly: Great video for people who already are familiar with the gun (and most likely have already figured out how to do this). Gotta look elsewhere for a video by someone who can demonstrate this for someone new to the gun.

Gfdf Perte: Give me a BuckMark any day

Gfdf Perte: This guy talks way to fast and is hard to follow.

Gfdf Perte: I will buy all your used Mark III's let me know

Alex xeon: I think I'll stick to cleaning it with hot soap water and compressed air.

Mack Lack: I was going to buy one of these but I think I'll pass. Ruger needs an engineering degree...

Douglas VanTassel: I can do my M1A and  1911 with my eyes closed, benilli shotuguns while shaving, my ar 15, and M1A and grill a decent steak,  but evey time I take this little 22 apart I'm back to this viedo....

FlounderDTD: My dad got this for my 1st gun. after cleaning it he got mad because he thought I broke it. Fun to shoot but a bitch to put back together.

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Ruger Mark III Pistol Reassembly 5 out of 5

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