ArcSoft ShowBiz Walkthrough

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nightrale814: This program crashes 24/7. I go to edit a machinima, and the footage reaches about 60 seconds in length, it can't handle anymore, and crashes. 

KiloTrayBallas YT: When I make my edits and go to produce then save it always comes up failed to save this file? Anyone know why

LGaming70: Thank you I finally under stand

Laurent Tse: Does anyone know how to lower the volume of the video game footage? I'd like to add commentary audio on top of the footage. The only audio option I see is to mute the footage.

TheJagsking: unfortunately my HDPVR 2 Gaming Edition broke (the button doesn't work, it use to work perfectly but...) i really need help, inbox me if you can help :3

GS Starz: can you download more transitions to your showbiz file?

brutalXmuffin: im having this same problem is there any alternatives?

faze kittens: how do you create the file and have it with 59.94 fps?

skullcruncher145: The audio happens much earlier than the animation on screen help

Sol1dSteele: Yeah hopefully it wont, especially since its taking 3 and a half hours to upload. But those sound like solid ideas, already better than what I've come up with lol. I'll sub to your channel so I can see those videos.

TheKrookodil: If i for a example want to do a montage and just want i tiny bit of the clip right in the midle, how do i fix that? Please answer so fast that is possible!

skullcruncher145: For example you hear a gun shot about 15 seconds later you see the actual gun shooting

BeefChange: How do you add text in the video? Not on a black backround, just the actual video playing?

KaPzArts: how 2 split.

Josh Zieseniss: That also comes with ez cap :)

hungunerhunter: i need to delete the gameplays sound how do you do that

iAeroxClutch: what do i do when i record the game and then i reply it and it lags during the video???

xxxborednowxxx: Yeah I know, when I captured the file with Showbiz, I just looked at the file with windows media player and uploaded it like that, but I want to edit it. So your saying when I upload the video from the timeline, (after creating file and making it into HD like you said), even though its looks really bad when it goes on youtube it will be 720p?

Sol1dSteele: Did you choose the upload directly to Youtube option?

Im Yuniqe: I need help. when i stop recording it saves to my videos on my documents Please help me

AVC2000: hey how do i record my voice and my xbl party chat voice live

MrPatricko1000: how do u make it record an mp4???

TehJQs: @stuffwelikewebcam i know how to do most things in this software do you know if you can slowmo clips down ?

TheBrad422: Change the quality to 720p

xxxborednowxxx: I uploded a test video and got 240p quality, please help :(

WhosHDXps3: Thats the thing im here too :I

MikeQuan Mouzon: i didnt get the game edition one, but i do game, do u have a link were i can go get this one or is it only for the gaming verison

TheZinfaHD: can you live commentate with this software? i cant fifure it out..

xVietnamTomx: I NEED HELP! I try adding audio from the software (through my laptop's mic) but every time I stop recording the program crashes. I tried using audio from audacity but whenever I try dragging the file into my video it says "cannot open file." If anyone knows a solution to this please help!!

Sol1dSteele: That's what I think, but I am not 100% positive about it. I'm currently in the process of uploading a video that also looked bad when editing it in the timeline, but when i opened up that video in windows media player it looked just fine. My guess is that it will look fine, but I'll find out once this video is finished uploading

TresGamez: How do you split a video clip!?

stealthmichine: ya do you know how i need to

YBRmuggsLP21: I have the Colossus unit, but I'm sure this is the same software as the HD PVR gets. My question is, do you have any idea as to why my recordings randomly get shortened? I'll record a, say, 10 minute video, and then when I view it when it's all done, it may be 10 minutes, it may be 3 mins, etc etc. Any idea?

TheCornishCODPlayer: how would I cut a bit of my commentary out? please message back! ?

dx50005899: Why wont my videos play??? Plz help

coldblood333100: find the file by clicking on the folder in the edit menu, then drag it from the file bank to the area next to the blue speaker in the timeline

xBlitzzXD: how to you get rid of the black bars?

lucidxforce: there is a volume adjuster right under the viewing area u can use

JDubz1997: i have audacity but when i add it to the timeline it only plays the video and audio not the commentary. any suggestions?

Montages ForFree: please help my source keeps saying hapaue silena video capture:( so I cnt record

xxxborednowxxx: Ok, when I put my file on the timeline will it finally be in HD?

TooNippley: Edit and bring up your file in audacity, then "file, Export, then select arcsoft showbiz" or just "Ctrl+Shift+E" Good luck and check me out if that helps.

quizno398: Off

john burkinshaw: how could i edit music onto the timeline?

Zyrexism: How do you edit 1 peice and edit the other using diffent effects? PLEASE HELP!

werMODShadows: How to you get rid of black bars

Sol1dSteele: I'm not sure, my video also sometimes has really bad quality in the timeline, not sure what causes that but whenever I produced the video its always been in HD. Also, I just looked at your test video on your channel and it says its 720p

MajorDefect Hd: Hey how do I inpuut music to my clips?,

wHoAShotzZ: every time i trim a video then save it and then play it over the screen if just black!!!! somebody help me!!

Slinkerback: I have found out how. You need to download Audacity if anyone wants to know. You will suss it out how to use both of them.

ArcSoft ShowBiz walkthrough 4.5 out of 5

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ArcSoft ShowBiz walkthrough
ArcSoft ShowBiz walkthrough
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