Lg Phone Hack

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Demitry Denetchee: Bruh nothing habened

ASMR Queen: Your recording off of a potato

Andrew Wolf: King

SwagBoi Chanti: I'm swag boy chanti

Bubba J Krunkk: dnt work freak african american

Alifonso Trejo: it doesn't work on LG phone

Jesus Amaya: no me se el codigo de de servicio como ago no es 000000

TOO RECKLESS: I saw your feet

Rodolfo Pastrami: Grong code for ms770

Ma Naem Doggo: It dosent work on LG L70

julius chambers: BAD

barry mangelo: Idiot that doesn't work it's a scam

WAANO2017 ADVICE: this is wrong cod

jackie badi: it's not working f**k you

XxchanellxX Chanell: Wth

chris kinneman: wow what a ninnger

Yo Dude: Verizon number

DirtyDICK Wangstone: I HAVE A: I (ar) G (e) ----TOUCH HACK IN MY PANTS;AND IT ALWAYS WORKS;UN LIKE THIS GENIUS WHO FOUND  ....NOTHING USEFUL!!!                                 sorry folks; i guess ANDY WARHOL WAS WRONG ABOUT EVERYONE^S 15 MIN.OF FAME....THIS VIDEO PROVES THAT SOME retards get their 15 mins of public retardedness instead;;BUT...I GUESS A FAMOUS RETARD IS A HAPPY RETARD.....I HOPE I OFFENDED THE freak OUT OF YOU POLITICLY CORRECT (OR POSSIBLE RETARDS YOURSELF);AND HEY IF YOU DONT LIhttp://www.lg.com/us/products/documents/LGUSBModemDriver_Eng_WHQL_Ver_4.9.4_All.exeKE IT, YOU CAN ALWAYS OPEN THE" SUCK MY MOTHERFUICKING rooster " APP IN MY TROUSER BROWSER.  THE UP LOADS& DOWN LOADS ARE INCREDIBLY HUGE AND ALWAYS WORTH IT IT!!!   D.D.W.-----------------------------------------------------

gobert wilfred: tu es nul a chier

john brown: not working

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Lg phone hack 5 out of 5

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How to Hack LG Phones
How to Hack LG Phones
Lg phone hack
Lg phone hack
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Protect Your Android Against Hacking Attempts
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LG phone hack
LG phone hack

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