What do you think about this video?

Ian Yin: Nice and clear! I watched many of yours and all are great. Thank you.

Kevin Kind of bacon: Just wanted to say thanks for great videos! Helped me rebuild my 38 year old Toro carb and got it running great just in time for snow.

Arto Anttila: Very helpful advice, thank you so much for making these videos!

shirlak: You can not believe how happy I was to find your videos. I inherited an old monster Craftsman Trac snowblower that hadn't been used in a few years and didn't even run right when it was. I spent the summer searching for information on it, starting with the manual, which is about as elusive as a unicorn. You're videos not only helped me fix some of the problems, but they taught me the actual names of the parts instead of having to refer to them as "that dewhickey thingy."

Anna Schuck: Great job - it was exactly what I needed to see to make it run like a champ!

cups3: any ideas on why my same unit will only start and run with choke left on full anything else and it dies?

Dip Ladwa: Greatly helped solve my idle problem. Keep more coming donyboy73!

William Isen: I hope you never quit making videos !!!!!!!!!

William Isen: I have a question, I'm new to the small engine repair business I've been thinking that I need to buy me some testing equipment such as spark tester, leak down tester and I feel like the most important a tachometer possibly an echo pet 1000r or 1100 r. I've had several tell me it's just a waste of money and time and I really don't necessarily need any of it. I would just like to have a professional opinion as to what would be the best for me to do. Thanks for any advice you can give me!!!!

john manning: is it possible to put a fix jet on carb that has mixing screw on bottom of bowl?

Alexis Hill: Mine starts but it doesn't stay on is that the carburetor or something else

Gerald Olmstead: You have to be the best small engine repair man on you tube.

billeybop: Thank you for the information!

Frank Hauser: That was a really terrific video! I am having a problem with a gas leak. When I shut the throttle off, within a day or so, I notice a slow gas leak where the manifold attaches to the engine. What is the solution to this problem?

Tim White: To the critical part, initial settings: 1.25 on the idle screw, 1.5 on the main screw? Chain saws, old snowmobiles, lawnmowers... always uncertain!@!#!

Scotty J.: Thanks for your help. I took my blower in & they had the carb adjusted too lean. I wasn't sure how to adjust it. You really helped me out.

anniversary4: Thanks for a great video. I watched this a couple of years ago and have worked on many Tecumseh Snow King engines since. It seems like they had the snow blower engine market cornered years ago. Hate to see them no longer in business. I have rebuilt carbs on numerous units. The most impressive is on an old Toro 5/24 that is close to 40 years old and still starts first pull every year. Newer carbs are much more finicky which leads me to ask your opinion on the new Ariens with EFI. What are your thoughts on this and any tips for maintenance?

mtntim: I had a Sears 10-32 Snow Blower given to me.. Wasn't running.. Cleaned fuel tank and carb.. Got running.. Carb. still had problems... Found one by chance on line.. Installed runs Great. Replaced pull cord... has electric start... Where can I find more parts for same Snow Blower? I got this one going for my daughter... Her house is 3 doors down from me in the mountains and it saves me from doing my snow blowing then having to run my blower to her house... She can at least get most done so she can either come or go as she pleases.... any help would be great.. Thanks.. Love your Channel learned a lot about snow blowers for you... Keep them coming.. Again .. THANKS!!

pete Stockbauer: question i adjust the mixture screw in the motor revs ot doesn't cut out it cuts out when i turn it counter clockwise it the same carb you adjust in this video

E Sears: Hello and thank you for your helpful videos. I have a Simplicity snowblower with a Tecumseh engine (model HSSK50). It starts and runs fine, but keeps dying when it's under a load. I recently replaced the carburetor and the spark plug, and I have no idea what the next step would be. Of course, to make matters worse, we're currently in the middle a blizzard here in Massachusetts...Any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated!

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