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MartyMartin87: Donyboy, I got a used Tecumseh BH 35 that won't start. If the problem would be the carb idle, how much do you screw the needle in? The carb is almost flooded with gas and it drops out if I would touch the little screw beside, is that normal??

John Dickert: Thanks to you I was able to get my Snow King going smoothly to clear the 13 inches of snow we had on Wednesday. Your explanation was perfect and easy to follow....THANK YOU!!

Jon Young: Just rebuilt my carburetor on my 8 hp Snowking engine made in 1979. I was able to “dial in” the carb using this vid. Thanks Dony

Ron Griff: Wow!!! You make it look so easy.Thanks, this video really helped me out a lot.

Josh Alexander: 10hp Tecumseh on my snowblower. New carb and it still won't start. Has spark.

UnionJacked: Thank you

Paul M: Just wanted to let you know that you have earned a subscriber today, from Southwest Minnesota. Your videos are amazing. We just got about 8 inches of snow slushy crap here, we were essentially snowed in, and my snowblower decided she'd had enough. Your videos helped me tear apart, clean and reassemble my carb on the fly, so that I could clear our driveway and my wife could get out to see the doctor. You got me out of a big bind. Thanks!

Gutter Drunk: Where do I connect the vacuum line?

Gail Aivazoff: how do i adjust the the snowblower? i've removed it to clean it all...and i'd like it as close to factory set as possible?? before i reinstall it....AGAIN. have taken it off twice....snowblower won't start :(

Fearless: Over a long period of time, if your Tecumseh engine does not run perfect even after a carb rebuild or replace it means the engine has been worn. Next step after that is an exhaust valve grind at its end so it closes all the way and a decarbinization. That should bring it back to life fully and if that doesn't do it you replace the engine. Tecumseh winter engines are still the best winter engines out their. My Snapper had 12 years of commercial use and that engine has up over 1000 hours of service easily and it had pumped a lot of snow really well a very long time. Even now it still runs pretty descently after a real headache rebuilding the carb. No engine lasts forever, but these engines last a good long time, are very reliable and work hard. Mine is an 02, 8 hp HMSK80 with an adjustable carb on a Snapper 8246. Best snowblower I ever used to this day and I have tried many.

Fearless: This is always a great video to refer back to when adjusting a Tecumseh carb after a rebuild, if you forgot what the pre-sets were. This time I wrote them in my Tecumseh engine service manual, which was to old to cover the hmsk line.

Greg Bowlin: I have gas dripping from my carburetor when i choke my MTD Snow King snowblower. I replaced the carb with a new carb and love the perfromance, but i still have gas dripping out of the carb when i choke the engine. Whet the heck is going on????

keylargo2001: Thank you very much for posting this video. I have a 1995 Troy Bilt with a Tecumseh engine. Which I haven't done much to it except change the oil the belts once and the spark plug and cutting edge once. Every spring I run it until it runs out before storage.The first time today of all times it would not fire up. I pulled the plug and it was fouled with fuel. So I figured the float was stuck and needed a little tickle. I did as you posted in the video. I turned the float adjustment in all the way out 1 1/2 turns out. Gave it a yank and she fired off on the first pull. I did a final adjustment and she is running like a champ. Of course the weathermen were wrong again. Suppose to picked up 2-4 inches and presently we have a foot and it's still snowing.

try duck: Nice thanks for the Info , Nice to see your not pushing the whole subscribe to me or hit the like button or even the go buy my products BS.Seems most cant get through a video they made without saying it 10 times.I find myself turning wrenches on everything human made and it is nice to be able to come here to find proper procedures from fellow Technicians instead of having to dish out for manuals I may only use for one persons equipment / vehicle repairs. While I dont often work on small engines , I do from time to time and just nice to be able to come here and soak up some shared knowledge of the trade instead of having to dish out 100's for trade patented secret repair manuals ...Anything human made can and will break down so its nice to have a place to come and pick up some info freely shared. Hope ya keep it going and dont change a thing...

tek jansen: my snowblower seems to run good but the spark plug turns black in about 10 minutes and the engine won't run anymore. if I clean the plug it runs for another 10 minutes. any suggestions?

Roger Gietzen: Thanks! My first attempt at small engine repair and this, plus another video of yours was all needed to solve the problem. Appreciate the work that went into this teaching aid.

Frank From Upstate NY: Likie the idea of "making those holes for changing idle mixture,".

T crow: Great video thanks

Yves Sabourin: Hello, I gave an Ariens snow blower with a Tecumseh 10 hp, but my problem this winter, when I am at full speed the motor goes up and down all the time until I go in snow, at this moment it still up full speed, but at the moment I backup from snow it begin all over up and down, what should I do?

Yamaha MT-01: Hi dony. I have a ariens 1027le. Carb was leaking gas, float or needle seat was gone. Got a new carb ($25) cause I didn't want to take old one apart and just as cheap as kit. Did all the adjustments to new carb as in the video. RPM 3500, sounds great! Get it into any amount of snow and it bogs down. Didn't do this with old carb. Any help be great. Thanks Bobby

Hair Do: Thanks for the tip. I do know it's hard to earn money. But it is much better than working minimum wage at mcdonolds. Being an hair stylist does get tips and I end up making decent money. Plus it allows me to be creative sometimes and make customer's dream come to reality.

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