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Stanley Masterson: My rep has informed me anyone who buys a "Group 5" program beginning today will receive DOUBLE pay and the booklet program free. Thats a tremendous offer. If you can take advantage you really should. Remember that the "Group 5" is what I recommend anyway

Stanley Masterson: For those who asked, the TV news story regarding a lawsuit is NOT about the company reviewed here. Another company in NJ stole Preston's name, copied their program & got sued by the state. The jerks in the news mistakenly showed Preston's sales letter when they should've showed the copy. The TV station should be sued. Preston Lord of Basking Ridge, NJ has NEVER been sued & has an A+ business record, which Ive confirmed

Stanley Masterson: Please avoid asking questions Ive already answered. You owe it to yourself as a consumer to read EVERYTHING here. Remember, Im just a customer of Preston & a long time consumer advocate. Im not here to sell it. I dont work for them. I made this video to offer the only honest review of the program out there right now

Stanley Masterson: Remember never to trust reviews from those who havent USED the program. Just receiving the letter gives no right to post opinions & reviews. You want actual user reviews ONLY as found here. There's no other YouTube video right now with real user reviews. I confirm real users with my rep for your safety as a consumer. If you see a review ask, "Have you actually bought & used this?" then demand proof they used it correctly

Stanley Masterson: I'm often asked "WHICH GROUP SIZE SHOULD I GET?". The group size you choose is VERY important to your paycheck size. Purchase the largest group possible right from the start. My rep informed me the largest group now includes the booklet program free. If the largest group size is possible for you, definitely get it. If not, simply go for the largest group you can, even if that's a Group 1. Hope this helps

Stanley Masterson: Folks, I spoke to my customer rep yesterday to clarify some of the false info found online. I still see confusion on this, Preston Lord has NO relation to the company called Capital Enterprises who was sued recently. Capital Enterprises copied Preston's program & used their name. Thats the only reason you might see them mentioned together. Preston Lord has NO legal issues of any kind, a perfect business record & also has a brand new owner just last month as I discuss below. Hope this helps

Stanley Masterson: MAJOR NEWS: Ive been informed by my customer rep that Preston Lord has a brand new owner as of December 10, 2013. Name & address are still the same. The new parent company has 24 years experience in the home mailing business, a perfect business record, no lawsuits, no consumer complaints, full bureau accreditation and an 'A' rating by them. They will be expanding your income opportunities far beyond what previously existed. Under the new ownership, paychecks from the mailing & booklet program will undoubtedly be much higher right from the start. A great program has just gotten better. This is very good news! Next, to give you folks an idea of how many paychecks Preston writes, notice my check number is 1675. My rep at PL told me when I received that check, that was a brand new, 1 week old paycheck bank account that started with check number 1000. That means in just 1 week, PL wrote at least 675 paychecks. That is absolutely phenomenal. For those who do not know how to read a check, the first group of numbers at the bottom is the check number, "001675". The second group of numbers is the 9 digit routing number 031201360. The account number to the right is blocked. NEVER show a picture of your check online with all numbers exposed. Those numbers can allow thieves to tamper with your account! Finally, I've learned both the mailing & booklet programs are on sale. The booklet program is as profitable as the mailing program so I suggest using both. My rep at PL informed me that if you buy a Group 5 & write "discount" on the application, you'll receive the booklet program free, a $99 value. If you order the booklet program & write "discount plus grp 3" on the form, you will receive the booklet program and a group 3 package for $198 total, a $100 discount. Both good deals

Stanley Masterson: YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE: After getting several messages about this from people who have been very successful with Preston Lord, I want to address some of the totally false comments found in BH's ridiculous video. This video from Brad has made Preston users very angry for reasons youre about to learn. It never fails that such "reviews" (can we even call them that?) come from people, like Brad, who have never used this product, never saw the product, and yet make comments that are completely opposite of the facts. Im going to now answer every ridiculous point made to show you the truth about Preston Lord. First, in his comments below the video, BH's mentions legal actions/lawsuits. This information is incorrect. Preston Lord has only had two owners. The first was Preston Lord himself. The company mentioned in BH's post was incorrectly linked to Preston Lord by the irresponsible folks of the media. There is no relationship between PL and the company in the lawsuit. The company in the lawsuit copied Preston Lords program, causing the two names to get linked. It is a typical news story with errors. Also, as of December 10, 2013 PL has a brand new owner. 1. BH first questions how Preston benefits from having people do mailings at home. The answer is simply volume. The economics of having mail processed by in-office hourly workers is totally counter productive. The home worker arrangement allows PL to cut way down on overhead, allowing them to offer a far more sizable check to serious mailers, and certainly far exceeding what an in-office hourly worker would make. Also, by utilizing home workers, PL can hire endlessly due to having no physical space limitations. If 10,000 people work from home, how in heck would Preston ever fit those 10,000 people into its offices? Its nothing but simple math in every way... SORRY BH, YOURE WRONG HERE AS I'VE JUST SHOWN 2. BH says it makes no sense that there is, in his words, "no customer support unless youre a paid customer". Am I crazy or did this guy Brad actually say that? How in heck can you offer 'customer support' to a person who is NOT a customer? Very dumb comment by Brad. There is absolutely no way calls from thousands of people who arent customers could be addressed. Ask yourself this... if youre a paid customer, would you want to be kept on hold for an eternity due to folks calling the office and just "shooting the breeze" with your personal rep? You would much rather your rep be available for you Im sure. AGAIN, YOURE WRONG HERE BRAD. Preston is putting true customers FIRST, like every company should. 3. BH claims Im the voice heard on the company's phone message. The answer is simply no, I am not. I am located in Michigan. Preston is from the east coast. I agree theres a little similarity in our voices but thats not uncommon between people. No offense to the gentleman who does Prestons phone recordings, theyre very professional, but don't you think he sounds like a game show host? lol. As Ive stated a number of times in response to questions, I am not employed by Preston Lord. Im a genuine customer/user of the program, here to give an honest review and create a forum for other honest reviews. ONCE AGAIN, BH IS FLAT WRONG. 4. BH claims Prestons address is a mall. What this uninformed man doesnt realize is Preston Lord has THREE office locations. The 5 Lyons Mall address is where incoming mail arrives and there indeed is an office there within the complex. ONCE AGAIN, BRAD HAS NO VALID POINT. 5. BH claims you need to spend postage on 290 letters 9 times to reach 9 paychecks. BH is completely misguided with this totally false statement. That is NOT the way the program works. The number of paychecks you receive has NOTHING to do with the number of individual mailings you do. Typical worthless comment from a man who has never actually used or seen the product itself. ONCE AGAIN, BRAD MAKES A FOOL OF HIMSELF HERE. You can actually get 9 checks from just ONE mailing 6. BH questions the check I show in my video. That check is as real as they come. An incredibly stupid comment with absolutely nothing in my video substantiating it. Id like anyone to show me ANY check, and show exactly what is different about mine. Just a dumb analysis by a man with too much time on his hands. I bought a lovely Cadillac CTS with those checks. Does that sound fake to anyone? ONCE AGAIN, BH IS DEAD WRONG HERE 7. BH again mentions customer support... Uh hello, BH? Preston DOES HAVE CUSTOMER SUPPORT! The word "customer" seems not to exist in this mans dictionary. ONCE AGAIN, BH MAKES A FOOL OF HIMSELF HERE 8. BH compares buying a laptop at Best Buy to buying this program to suggest that any and all questions you have can be answered with any other product purchase. If BH had chosen to pay attention, he'd know you CAN get all of your questions answered by mail. Telephone support is strictly reserved for Prestons customers, which I fully AGREE with. Also, and this is important, Preston Lord always issues refunds to folks who request them without argument. ONCE AGAIN, BH REALLY HAS MADE A FOOL OF HIMSELF HERE I hope this clears up some of the concerns you folks may have. As a proud and decorated veteran of the Vietnam war, I protected the American people back then, and now as a consumer advocate, I enjoy protecting you all again, just in a different way :) Wow, that was really long! BH should buy me a drink after that :) To close this post, just want to mention my check this week had an extra $200 on it. I was confused until I read the note with it. It said (and Im summarizing), "To thank you for being a consistent and serious mailer with us, we've enclosed a holiday bonus for you and your family. Warm regards, Preston Lord Inc." Does that sound like a bad company to you folks? What a nice thing for Preston Lord to do. I was extremely surprised. Every mailer they have received a bonus

Magi Cunningham: Hi Stanley, I received Booklet letter yesterday. I noticed the video review listed so I watched before trashing the letter. I was impressed with the authenticity of your review. However it was the Combination of your review Plus the Many comments of others who are also doing the program that caused me to "Pull the trigger" & order the plus package & priority shipping. I'm anxious to get started & be able to add my favorable review to yours & all the other reviews... Thank you 

Anthony Wright: Does Preston Lord provide the addresses to be mailed to on their address labels? 

Alton Henry Sr.: Hello, Stanly: I thank you for sharing your time and experience with this company. I am planning to sign up and follow through with this program. You sold the program (me listening to you) and I feel very strongly it will work and suite my needs....Thanks again and continue the great work..... Willie.....

Kamecha Syas: I just got my Letter today. I'm gonna go with the Group 1 deal. Btvi can't actually start till the 4th of April. Cant wait tho. Thanks for this video

Richard Crutchfield: From one Vietnam vet to another thank you for your honest review. I will be joining up as soon as i can. Gets real cold here in Spokane and would love to travel to other parts of the country.

Marcianne Dorsey: Great video received my kit a week ago did my first mailings of 100 waiting for results so excited will more today.

nicole bracewell: Hello, Stanley Just recieved my letter today and listened to everything you said and now going to round up the 299.00 to get started very excited and so needed praise GOD and bless you as well Thank you so much for the info.

voss297: I had received the PLE letter in the mail and I'm gonna try this home based business to make some money. This is absolutely awesome! I am DYING to get in this business! Thank you SOOOOO much for all the information that has provided for me!

Marcus Roehr: Im reading so many comments regarding the validity of this program. Let me help clear the air. Ive used both the mailing and the booklet programs from Preston for almost 3 years. Both have worked exactly as described. I get great support from my rep, a paycheck every week (unless I take time off) and run the business completely on my own. I havent sent one dollar to Preston Lord in over 2 years, but they send me money weekly. These programs are the real deal. As for that derogatory video from "Brad" you all are talking about, youd have to be a fool to listen to that guy. He only shows the sales letter? What does that prove? Why doesnt he show the product in his video? Why doesnt he detail how he used it? I will tell you why. Its because he never used it as you can clearly see! I would never take advice on a product from someone who never used it. Thats just absolutely stupid. I think Debra was saying below that nobody who uses this program has a bad word to say. That includes me. Preston Lord is really a standup, honest, good company. My recommendation is that yall buy both the mailing and the booklet programs. They both work extremely well

Stanley Masterson: A BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Mrs E.M. Michaels of the great state of GA for paying off the mortgage on her home just by using the Preston Lord programs. That is simply wonderful, and a tremendous tribute to how effective Prestons programs are. Thank you so much Mrs. Michaels for messaging me the terrific news!

Tina Rosenburg: I watched your video and am considering your suggestions on mail at home opportunity. Thanks for the time put in on this matter and your honest opinion along with the video.

Noelle Pachao: I've never seen so much craziness over something so easy. What is wrong with these people. If you've gotten scammed chances are it was an imposter. 

Ernest Cooper: Stanley, I appreciate the review. I am considering doing this but just to let you know, the letter I got says "$399.00 for stapling together books" does not say anything about sending out letters. I won't have a problem with this if I had a little more time, you see I am going to school and need just about every minute to do my school work. I think I will wait until a couple of weeks before school is out before sending this in. This way I'll have all summer to concentrate on it and get used to doing what I need to do so when school starts up in the Fall I'll be set to go. What do you think? I really want to send this in now, the sooner I get started the sooner the bigger pay checks I will get- Sincerely Ernest L. Cooper

loveisallaround: Stanley, If this Home Workers Wanted advertisement is true and you really make money using it, why do we have to pay for the program up front. Why can't the agency take the $99.00 deposit out of the first check?

Naiyana Cotton: I got this in the mail today, I watched this video and as I watched, the form was filled out and in an envelope. I really hope this works.

Tanisha Weeks: Well I Am New At This And I Am Going To Take A Chance On Your Program So Wish Me The Best :)

Noelle Pachao: can someone please send me the order form so I can fill it out? Thanks

NinjaNeek17: Are we allowed to purchase more than one group? 

Carleen O'Boyle: I need a direct answer please. Can I start at the Level 1 and change to Level 5 later?

Deborah Dickerson: Stan I want to thank for taking out the time to share this company reputation, professionalism and integrity. Thank you again for your time and labor put in this ved.

Joanne Ballast: Hi Stanley, Do they also supply the labels? The letter does not say. Thanks!

Linda Ramey: Hi Stanley, I have enjoyed all these wonderful posts. I just got my letter from PL and showed it to my husband. We listened to your video too. I am so thankful that you did this review for all of us, because it really made things clear about the program. We have received so many different kinds of mailings and phone calls from people trying to get us to join what every they are doing. Have tried many but none worked. So I just started hanging up without listening and throwing away letters. However, this one had that little insert in it that said an actual user/customer had a video that we could view. Absolutely Fabulous!!! Honestly, because of you, I really paid attention and read over the letter again. I am going to go for the group #5 and do as you suggested and write "discount" on the application so I can get the booklet program for free too. Thanks so very much. We really needed this and I take it as a God Sent. Bless you Stanley for your help and for having a place to read all these great reviews from many of the other customers. Oh one more thing. I know others that are looking for something that really works. How can I have a letter sent out to them from the company or can I just send them a copy of what I received?

Joshua Eaton: Thanks! This is awesome!

Darlene Corbett: Thank you so much and Happy New Year to you also

Donald Harris: Hi Stanley! Received my letter the other day. I will give this program a try. Ty so much for the info. 

Tom Hinton: Stanley, Thanks for a through presentation. As my wife and I were discussing this, one question came up. Can you tell us approximately how many envelopes YOU send out per week? This would help us to get a better idea about R.O.I. as we make a decision. Again, thanks so much. -- Tom

Nicholas Heckman: Hi stanley, got the form in the mail and read and seems good I will be sending it in tom. One question though do you make up the code number or do they give you one?

Deborah Dickerson: This question is for Stan: What are you being reimburse for? My letter says there is free postage,free circulars and free envelopes so what is it that one needs to be reimburse for since the only thing is stuff and mail out. Am I missing something if so fill in the gap. Thanks! Just asking?

Redd Peace: Hi Stanley, Thanks for doing this review on PL Enterprises. I received a letter for stuffing envelopes and next month I will be sending my money. I'm rather excited. However, I have one question that I hope you can answer. I want to be clear on what I read. Ok, there are different income groups and a certain price for each. A portion of the letter towards the end says there are some other fees for starting up payroll,etc. And it says this fee must match the group I choose. Now if I choose Income group #1- I pay the application fee for that group and then add another fee for the start up fees which match the Income group ? So this would be for example, Income group #1 say if its 99.00 and then the start up fees will be 99.00 as well. Total- 298.00 

Tony6Allen: I'm gonna try this, hope it works

debra carlucci: Im really getting angry. Steve is right. Preston Lord is FANTASTIC and Stanleys video here is also fantastic. Very well done and accurate. Why would anyone listen to, or thank a review that is NOT actually a review? WAKE UP PEOPLE. Stanleys video here is the only genuine review there is. I can tell you this man named BRAD with his worthless video found elsewhere is a con artist who stole thousands from my family. He secretly sells a totally worthless program and is simply trying to make more money by posting lies about Preston. My success with Preston Lord has been surprising. It really works. I do both the booklet program as well as the one in this video. Both make money. PRESTON LORD HAS BEEN WONDERFUL!! They get a AAA rating from me

Darlene Corbett: Stanley, Can you tell me if I send in my application fee and then stop working for awhile will I have to pay to start up again. I can only make so much money during the year I am on S.S.

quietmadness: Thank you Mr. Masterson, for your very well versed and informative video! I'm a wife & mom who has had it up to my ears with working for others. After viewing this, I'm writing to the company (again--I've read the previous comments for this info) to get started. I realize it's not going to happen overnight, but I'm willing to do a somewhat menial job of stamping & mailing to get decent $$ at some point! I don't have a lot to start with, so I'll do the $99 deal. Only wish I'd heard about this earlier so the holiday would've been better this year. Thank you again, and I'm now subscribed to your awesome vids! ~~QM

Ksea Green: My application form said that I can upgrade from group 4 to group 5 for $299 after I have received 5 checks in group 4. Do you have any knowledge of this and am I understanding it correctly?

John McCarthy: Hi Stanley. I just watched your review of the Preston Lord program, and I thought it was excellent. Well done and very informative. Could you please e-mail me? I have a question that I would like to ask you off line. Thanks.

1990MX5: I just wanted to add my 2 cents worth and to Thank you Stanley and the rest of you for all of the helpful information shared here. I received my letter on the 20th and almost tossed it, but something made me read it and to look at the video. Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you. After watching the video and reading the posts here I sent in my Group 4 application and fee on the 23rd and am anxiously waiting for my start up kit to arrive, hopefully this week but the holidays may slow that down. I too have tried multiple work at home programs and opportunities with limited success over the years. With this opportunity, I am looking forward to starting this as soon as possible and hoping that I can attain even ½ of the income mentioned in Group 4, I’ll be able to quit my dead end $11 an hour job after receipt of my 1st check. Again, Thank you Stanley and the rest of you. Please have a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

Ruth Hollingsworth: I just got my packet of materials and I just mailed 100 letters out. I am very impressed with the Preston Lord company. Everything they said in the letter I got they are following through on. I am confident I will make some extra money.

Sandra Griffin: I would like to thank you Stanley for all your hard work for so many years, thank you! I have been looking for legitimate work at home work for years, I received the letter for assembling the booklets just the other day (sept.3,2013) I will keep in touch on my progress, thanks again!

Domineek Wheeler: can u really work your way up in groups?I either wanna pay $99 or $ 299

Stanley Masterson: Thank you kindly for your inquiry. In fact, I am selling nothing. I am a customer of this program, as well as a consumer advocate, and simply wanted to share my experiences and success with those who may be curious about it. If youre interested in the program you can write to the company at the following address: Preston Lord Enterprises 5 Lyons Mall Suite 777 Basking Ridge, NJ 07920

EMT: Thanks! They sometimes skip corners and take the easy way. If they ever did that, I suggest you consult with a paralegal or lawyer. This way they won't be able to cheat you.
Preston Lord PLE - Full Review & User Comments 4.8 out of 5

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Preston Lord PLE - Full Review & User Comments
Preston Lord PLE - Full Review & User Comments
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