1851 Confederate Navy Black Powder Pistol

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fUBAR GAMER: what load to use as far as powder? 30grain? im have been hearing about the stretching brass is that a real factor or myth?

DemonCisco: Use the ramingrod against the cylinder instead when you remove the barrel.

smd482000: well got qustion my doesn,t fire all the time Iam useing # 10 caps is thier better caps I even use a small of tubing to make tigher fit still I take mine as a back up gun its loaded all deer season the lat dat I fire my fint lock and my cap and ball, I wear mine on a shoulder holser under my coat ! thanks

WildGaston: no more then 25. but prob more like 20

csgtfaught: @Frimsure got one a while ago but thanks, check video response for my handy work ;)

Robert Walters: @TombstoneMorgan i have two versions of this pistol. i have a .36 cal that my uncle gave me. i also have a .44 cal that i bought from a friend for $50 because the cylander would not rotate right. when i took it apart ( witch i found very easy.) i found that the cylander stop spring was broken. i ordered a new one from dixie gun works. after i put the new one in the hammer would not lock back. i took the new spring back out and trimmed it now every thing works great. what powder load do you like.

Robert Walters: @csgtfaught you can get one from dixie gun works. they have them there

csgtfaught: @TombstoneMorgan found it, little s.o.b was hiding under the padding in the box lol, just finished it up this afternoon, i'll post a vid of it today.

csgtfaught: do you know here i can get a wedge screw for the 1851 navy? im doing a restoration and my customer has no idea where his is and i don't have one in my parts drawer.

jason grier: @TombstoneMorgan ok thanks man im gonna look into it cause i would really like to have one of these also i have another questions what pistol did the calvary use for the confederacy?(my ancestor served in 53rd alabama partisan rangers calvary)

jason grier: @TombstoneMorgan are blackpowder pistols considered the same as new pistols or are they like muzzleloaders not considered a firearm?

Art Warmanen: I have the 36 cal. Leech and Rigdon model . Made by Uberti

Drumaboiiii: my revolver is frozen the cylinder does not spin. i am trying to separate the barrel from the rest of the gun but the pipe that the wedge sits in is rusted together any ideas on how to separate?

MufasaTheSailor: @Tombst i have the same gun as you and i would like to know the name of the tool or company name of it...ive looked online at sportsmans ware house...couldnt find it

Jodi Baldwin: The first time I took mine apart, I noticed that the nipple bore on only one chamber was smaller than all of the rest by maybe 50%. It still looks big enough, but is that normal? I haven't even fired it yet, but I'm wondering if it could be built up powder from the test shot.

nosferatu135: Thanks for video! It´s impossible to learn how to remove barrel&cylinder just from original instruction-to-use-booklet.

dellandjanis: Hi, Youve been a great help. I am wondering why the wedge pin sets flush on the right and sticks out so far on the left side of the pistol?

Roddo: Friend: One alternative to tapping the frame off from the barrel is to rooster the hammer enough to spin th ecylinder, then index the cylinder to the safety notch pins between nipples, and simply drop the rammer lever....it will not align into a chamber and will thus gently press off the barrel from the arbor rather than beating on the trigger housing. Try it and tell me how you like it.... Regards,

dellandjanis: Thanks, You were right,it did come out. It was just very tight I do have a few very small scratches now though on and right near the wedge. It was that tight.

dellandjanis: I am having a awful time removing the wedge. Any tips?

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1851 Confederate Navy Black Powder Pistol 5 out of 5

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