Ruger 22/45 Bolt Release Spring Mod

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Zeta Male: I did this Mod and used the spring I removed from the bolt release detent .... works awesome !!!! no need to hunt a different spring ... its already in the gun.

Christian E: Tandemkross makes a part that is called the Kanewolf Slingshot Mod that does all this without all the hassle. Check it out!

womackke: that slab barrel is sweet

mrAksel98: okay then : D

GoGreenMan: First off, I meant "great" job. 2nd got me one of these today and I did this mod to it. It looks and works great, thanks. I haven't even fired it yet. I was able to use the spring from the detent like someone else had said, I just had to widen the end of it just a hair and make the post pretty small! Again THANK YOU I really didn't like the way it was designed.

sthier24: Great Job........will be doing this

mmatt: @mrAksel98 Not upside down, but sometimes on my side when I'm laying down. :-)

JamesRPatrick: I like your video, it's very clear and concise. I noticed that you are pulling the magazine out. I grew up with a 22/45 MKII and the magazines pop out when the release is activated. Is this a unique characteristic of the MKIII? I've read that there have been some changes to comply with California regulations.

mmatt: My mags fall out no problem now. It just needed to be worked in I guess. Disconnecting the mag-disconnect really helped free them up.

joe Preciado: Not me that's for sure....

JPBill2: You've found a cure for a problem that doesn't exist. Why would you want to chamber a round with the gun held upside down?

mmatt: Who isn't?!? ;-)

mrAksel98: do you use to shoot upside down? ^^ im not a hater

redzintimidator1: Just did this yesterday, works like a charm. The regular mod did not work because there was too much friction on the lever, so a spring was REQUIRED for it to work at all. I used the little spring that i took out of the knob.

Civiliansoldier762: Great video. What a simple yet ingenious solution.

microbuff: I did the following to my ruger 1.) Disabled mag disconnect Mags all Freefail NOW 2.) Adjusted barrel and bolt pin so take down it easy 3.) Did the mod in this video for the Bolt release springs works 100% 4.) Added a Compensator to my barrel with fiber-optics

Creeper1313: In Australia on the other hand...

mmatt: I know very little about the steel framed MkIIIs - sorry.

sinblend: brilliant!

bmxTexas: and it wont work with a mag in the gun because the mag spring is stronger than the little spring that you put in so the mag release will stay up with a mag in

Christian E: It isn't just an upside down thing....most people when they chamber a new round don't it perfectly 90 degrees perpendicular to the ground. I've recently got the KaneWolf slingshot spring assist and its been even more reliable than my homemade spring mod.

mmatt: @1masonking The mod that removes the mag disconnect feature often allows the mags to drop free. Two of my three mags drop free with no trouble and the third one often does if it's empty with the bolt locked back.

microbuff: I would simply sand a little metal off the front of the mag. It will not hurt it

Jared Walters: Does this interfere with last-shot hold open?

mmatt: @InsurgentNarwhal Not at all.

mason king: for home defense the bigest problem is you have to pull the mags out instead of them droping you have a solution for this..that would be better than the upside down thing..i also have this gun this is one of the things i dont like about it.its a great gun though

Sean Patterson: I want to try this but I think I might be lacking that bit of nerve you mentioned. I don't plan on ever using mine for any tactical situation so I am thinking I will pass on the spring mod for plinking.

GoGreenMan: Get job! Will be doing this

ballermann907: Very cool! Must find Dremel... ! Thanks for the vid!

mmatt: @Sammyjeans1 LOL! I thought about it. :-)

mmatt: So far so good. I have thousands of rounds through the gun since I've modded it with no mod related malfunctions at all. (duds are the only stoppage the pistol has experienced in as long as I can remember)

Scott Young: I did the exact same first cut when i did my mod. When I saw your I knew exactly what you did. Too funny. I also notched the receiver to ensure the spring wouldn't move. I used a cut down click pen spring for mine. Cool vid.

jlunit416: Matt, do you happen know if the bolt release characteristics of the 22/45 are present in the steel framed Mark III's?

SooperHBOMB: Check out my Ruger Mark ii 22/45 shooting video i made!

Light Fast: Thanks, will do it. Seems like you should sell the spring and modified latch as I am sure at least a few hundred have already done this themselves. Perhaps, there are some who would rather not cut the metal themselves? I would have paid 25-30 bucks for it.

microbuff: Its very, very, very simple

mmatt: Maybe I live in Australia....? ;-)

Waboom1: I am actually going to do this modification to my 22/45 tomorrow. Great vid

joe Preciado: Who is gonna be shooting this gun upside down?

Sammyjeans1: I thought you were gonna say "Most of the time in Canada these guns are used right side up"

mmatt: You know what... that's not a bad idea. I had fully intended on making a range video with this gun after the mod but got into IPSC and haven't really looked back. I've got to teach an IPSC course this weekend but hopefully sometime next week I'll get a video up of me running this gun. Thanks! :-)

bjggjb: I have a Mark 2 Ruger .22/45, and I advise any new buyers to find a good Mark 2 rather than the Mark 3 (the "improvements" of which were intended to stave off lawsuits and nothing else.)

PBScenarioScene: The Mark III changed from the Mark II. There is a safety on the Mark III that keeps you from firing if the magazine isn't in. I guess this is to keep people from accidentally discharging the Mark III because they false assume that IF the magazine is out of the pistol that is MUST be unloaded (WHICH IS FALSE AND A DEADLY ASSUMPTION!!). Anywho... :P

pyrolowryder: MKIII magazines pop-out a little bit and you have to get it out of the grip by hand.

bmxTexas: how do u do the slingshot mod

Light Fast: I like the mod but I would like to see how it takes with a few hundred rounds through it/ stovepipes. I could be wrong but it looks like a recoiled bolt slam will knock out the spring unless you were to cut into the metal above too.

Nick Henton: get you a hammer bushing from Tandemkross on ebay-lose that mag detach crap

Ed Holcombe: Very easy mod and it works perfect. A ballpoint pen spring trimmed down works like a charm. Thanks for sharing this modification. I'd already installed the magazine release bushing. I'm leaving the round in chamber indicator as is because I think it's a great safety feature by eliminating drawing the bolt back to see it a round is chambered. 

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Ruger 22/45 Bolt Release Spring mod 4.8 out of 5

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