Net10 Sim Program Using A Used At&t Smart Phone.

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Terry Douglas: goatmansmoke  -I have an att samsung s3 already, i wanna move to net 10.  Do i have to unlock the samsung s3 to use on the byop net 10 program or is it ready to go?

Wyatt Sexton: I purchased Air Time $14.99 and $50 Unlimited 30 Day service online at the  NET10 webpage. Can I activate a used AT$T smartphone without having an actual Net10 SIM CARD?  Or do I need to purchase a Sim Card? What is the Air Time $14.99? No sure how this all works. Thank you.

Frank Gomez: I am having some issues with my G2X apn settings. This is not working. Help!

victor: Is real I got the new HTC one from at&t running this net 10 run nice I got 4g whit 7.80 down and 4.39 upload and I can do all like art is one of the best prepaid companies

Frank Hernandez: I got the Net10 but when I try to send pics it won't send please help

goatmansmoke: goto net10sim dot com for details.

Gerald Kirkman: If i buy the net10 sim card do i have to use the monthly services? Or could i just buy a service card with limited minutes and use that?

goatmansmoke: its tmo. they are still upgrading the towers to be able to have 4g to att phones. tmo has 1700-2100 and att uses 1900-2100 so tmo is installing the 1900 towers for the att phones.

zac chambers: im using an unlocked samsung infuse 4g with the tmobile sim. i have data but 90% of the time its on edge and slow as hell. when i used the att sim i always had 4g and it was faster .... is my apn not 100% correct or is it just that slow

goatmansmoke: check out my other video bro on that. hope that helps you out. look at my channel for that video.

Donnie Vandervort: I have a HTC one x+ phone and trying to set up the apn settings and it will not work on this phone. Please if anyone has some input it would really help me out. I need the internet when I am away from home. When home it works great on my network but as soon as I get out of my driveway no internet. Please help

goatmansmoke: yes but u dont have to turn off the mobile data. when wifi is on and connected it will use that.

goatmansmoke: yes but check tmo for 1900 mhz hspa towers in your area as tmo is still upgrading the network to support att phones.

goatmansmoke: i had a slow data and called in and it was fixed right away no questions asked. i told them my data was slow and they fixed it. no calls. nothing. ive had the service since nov and this is the first anything with them. they were very helpfull. i hear alot about ST and that is y i chose net 10.

goatmansmoke: best buy carries the sims. amazon. iphones are really hard to get mms and data working because yo have to jail break them.

Steven Pena: were did you get that simcard i am trying to hspa+ on my iphone

goatmansmoke: a att compatible sim will not work in a net10 branded phone and vice versas.

goatmansmoke: you have to get the right sim card. u have to have the sim that is made for att phones. u must buy a net10simdotcom sim card. only there will u fond correct sim card. u cannot use a sim card out of any net 10 phone as they are not made for this type of program. and u must buy the att compatible sim card for ur phone. it is important u get the correct sim card. go buy sim card fromnet10simdotcom make sure its att compatible sim card.

goatmansmoke: be sure to clean off the sim card before inserting it. be sure not to touch the side with the terminal

goatmansmoke: make sure ur placing the sim in the phone off. are you getting any messages like sim not provisioned? what do u mean nothing. be specific

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net10 sim program using a used at&t smart phone. 5 out of 5

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net10 sim program using a used at&t smart phone.
net10 sim program using a used at&t smart phone.
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