Net10 Sim Program Using A Used At&t Smart Phone.

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netradioheyu: goatmansmoke -I have an att samsung s3 already, i wanna move to net 10. Do i have to unlock the samsung s3 to use on the byop net 10 program or is it ready to go?

Ronnie Tom: I purchased Air Time $14.99 and $50 Unlimited 30 Day service online at the NET10 webpage. Can I activate a used AT$T smartphone without having an actual Net10 SIM CARD? Or do I need to purchase a Sim Card? What is the Air Time $14.99? No sure how this all works. Thank you.

Steven Pena: sean bro what simcard do you use light blue one or dark blue

Foghorn Leghorn: Hey GoatManSmoke, I think I have clear understanding on your explanation of using the T-Mobile Compatible Sim with my At&T Fusion 2 phone. I just need you to clerify it for me. When I buy the T-Mobile Sim and $50 unlimited plan with Net10, I will be able to have unlimited data all month long?

goatmansmoke: i had a slow data and called in and it was fixed right away no questions asked. i told them my data was slow and they fixed it. no calls. nothing. ive had the service since nov and this is the first anything with them. they were very helpfull. i hear alot about ST and that is y i chose net 10.

goatmansmoke: its tmo. they are still upgrading the towers to be able to have 4g to att phones. tmo has 1700-2100 and att uses 1900-2100 so tmo is installing the 1900 towers for the att phones.

Jamar Fairweather: I am using the updated one but nvm I just Check the site and got it too work I found it

goatmansmoke: YES

goatmansmoke: Kidjames. whaT mms settings are u using?

goatmansmoke: best buy carries the sims. amazon. iphones are really hard to get mms and data working because yo have to jail break them.

hayden allen: im thinking about the LG P999 OPTIMUS G2X 4G for net 10 and im concerned about buying it and not being able to use it. will all i have to do is put the sim card it comes with into it and follow the instructions. then just buy the net 10 card every month and use my phone

goatmansmoke: down speeds 34- meg with peak 8meg, up speeds avg 1.20 meg and have peaked 1.78meg up

Dominique Henderson: Does your 4g still work nd picture message

ughound87: i have an AT&T Inspire and the AT&T sim says sim not provisioned #mm when i put it in my phone........any info

Jamar Fairweather: I have an International S3 I can get the Data to work but no MMs why is that ? Are there setting that I could put in that could fix it

Steven Pena: were did you get that simcard i am trying to hspa+ on my iphone

Frank Hernandez: I got the Net10 but when I try to send pics it won't send please help

groundwire123: thank you my friend :)

goatmansmoke: be sure to clean off the sim card before inserting it. be sure not to touch the side with the terminal

goatmansmoke: goto net10sim dot com for details.

Frank Gomez: I am having some issues with my G2X apn settings. This is not working. Help!

lfinest65: How do you get the internet to work

goatmansmoke: yes she uses it everyday its not sim unlocked either. i can post a video about that one too. she had it for 2 month before i did.

groundwire123: @sean smith Awesome vid man this is just what I needed. You said this would work with any gsm smart phone and you do not have to unlock them? I hope so. I have a Samsung Galaxy s2 and hope to get it working on it. You think it will work? Thanks again!

goatmansmoke: yes i have the s2 now on it and no problems at all. my buddy got the one x

ddlclarke: Is net 10 running off att network?.. can you download apps ok, or do you have to download a special way? I have walmart family mobile- if you have tmobile phone it works great b/c they run off the tmobile network...i have tried 2 phones, one from tmobile and another from att...the tmobile phone i downloaded apps smoothly,however, the att phone had to be unlocked to use mms and download apps, which was not fun...(had to take extra steps using apemonkey or something to download the apps).

Steve Mrozek: Hey im trying to set up my net10 mms service for my Lg c900 but cant seem to find anywhere to change the mms number. Any thoughts?

goatmansmoke: check out my other video bro on that. hope that helps you out. look at my channel for that video.

Dominique Henderson: And do u have to buy the sim card every month and I have the same phone as u so does 4g still work

systememp: I got rid of ATT and went to Net10 but when i place the Net10 SIM in the ATT phone I get nothing. I have the HTC Inspire. any suggestions?

goatmansmoke: hey guys i have the skyrocket now and will put up a video about that one on net 10.

goatmansmoke: yes but u dont have to turn off the mobile data. when wifi is on and connected it will use that.

goatmansmoke: @Kidjames22 what mms settings are u using

goatmansmoke: follow the writen instructions

goatmansmoke: yea everyday. even while on a call i can still use it on data. i avg 3-4 meg peak 7-8meg

goatmansmoke: nice!

goatmansmoke: what mms settings are you using and i will be able to tell then

goatmansmoke: u use the one for the company it is compatible with. if you have an att phone get the att compatible one and if t mobile get the one that is t mobile phone compatible. what issue are you having i can help you

goatmansmoke: the simcard i have is white btw

goatmansmoke: yes but check tmo for 1900 mhz hspa towers in your area as tmo is still upgrading the network to support att phones.

E85LONEFOX: @sean smith I'm glad I spotted this. I've been with net10 since early 2008 and love the network coverage but their phones arent that great. I right now have their LG Optimus Net Android phone and I just got a Samsung Infuse 4g for $100 with a cracked screen which I'll fix when I find an excellent deal on a replacement but the crack isnt too bad though ,well, to the point now, seeing yours running on Net10 answered all of my questions, thanks.

Dominique Henderson: can you put a video up on how to activate the phone or sims card please for me because I don't want to mess up

goatmansmoke: make sure ur placing the sim in the phone off. are you getting any messages like sim not provisioned? what do u mean nothing. be specific

goatmansmoke: you have to get the right sim card. u have to have the sim that is made for att phones. u must buy a net10simdotcom sim card. only there will u fond correct sim card. u cannot use a sim card out of any net 10 phone as they are not made for this type of program. and u must buy the att compatible sim card for ur phone. it is important u get the correct sim card. go buy sim card fromnet10simdotcom make sure its att compatible sim card.

goatmansmoke: Yes!

goatmansmoke: i am uploading a video on how to set up the data and mms on the phone.

Donnie Vandervort: I have a HTC one x+ phone and trying to set up the apn settings and it will not work on this phone. Please if anyone has some input it would really help me out. I need the internet when I am away from home. When home it works great on my network but as soon as I get out of my driveway no internet. Please help

goatmansmoke: no just the service card each month. and yes 4 g works. all the time while in im a 4g area. read the posts. this crap works ok. no bullcrap. i use to have sprint and im glad i have this.

ballislife111ml: I have a galaxy s3 and I'm using the bring your own phone program. And they said I've went over my data limit which is 1.5 gbs. And I'm asking if I turn off my mobile data and turn on wifi would it help it lower my usage.

Albert Vela: Exactly what I was looking for

net10 sim program using a used at&t smart phone. 4.7 out of 5

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net10 sim program using a used at&t smart phone.
net10 sim program using a used at&t smart phone.
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