How To Boot Into Recovery Acer A500

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Bindya Shanto: Wht should I do if my iPad show launcher setting n everything stopped working

jccamilo oso: amigo como le instala el recobery twrp ???

Twml: all I get is a Android on his back with ! mark it will not load the recovery options

Bishop Wendell Davis: Can someone tell me how to fix the Android on his back with red exclamation mark. is their a website you can go to for acer 500 tablet?

Un tal Ryuu: i get green android with red exclamation mark.

TubeMeister: i get green android with yellow exclamation mark.

Monsieur Tranquille: when i boot with the volume button, all i get to is a droid working and then he flips with a red exclamation mark, i tried everything including the think, nothing works

bensoflyyy: hey i have an acer iconia a510, running official 4.1.2 jellybean, i wonder how i can go to recovery mode cause i don't know how. i wanna install cwm then flash a custom rom in it but i dont know how to get to its stock recovery. thanks

sskhaliq: hi Dave. Can i still do this if my device is not rooted? I've forgotten the password and the tablet is totally stuck. Any guide how to get around this would be highly appreciated. Stuck for the last 3 weeks!

Randy Kennedy: Just picked up my a500 from 3 years ago. Don't know the password on it, trying to boot recovery gives the green android guy with a yellow triangle and an exclamation mark. Any tips or tricks? Just want to re install the OS

iOSTerminal: mines just dies when i try

james willson: spent hours looking for how to do this, noone else mentioned holding the extra side-button with the power button when booting!

Vicki Brown: The problem with this video is that it assumes that rooting the device is equivalent to installing CW Recovery. They are NOT identical.

Cheaper by the thousand: where did you get clockwork recovery for the a500, it doesnt exist

Y.A.P Official: Hai , william brown i think your iconia have problem with hardware M/B not software , you must to fixed your hardware first , or you can buy new hardware to replace your M/B , after that you can installed new firmware ICS for your iconia ,
If the led power on but cant display i think part bios component is broken / dead , you can replace that component first , then check the vibrator component , if didnt work cek component part one by one , surely will take a long time or you can fix in PLACE to repair M/B

volcom101122: I did the first part of this where you hold power and volume down, the words came out then it went to a little android character with something moving around in a circle at his stomach, and then it went to an android who is laying down with like a flap on his stomach open and some areas inside him that looked like square buttons and ontop of that image was a red triangle with a " ! " in you know what this means?

Dave Here: I've been working so many hours I haven't find the time to make a video of the newest root method. I have looked into it and it seems very difficult. I will try to work on it when I have a half a day to do so. Thanks

vmd: Just checked Dave, is forum period tegraownerS period c o m Thanks for keeping the post up Best wishes always (still haven't got it but trying!

justin roberts: Yea its shows a dead driud

Joey22688: People getting the android with explanation sign, you have to install a custom recovery first, most popular are CWM touch and TWRP, but there are also others. Also you must install the v8 unlocked bootloader by skilax_cz. You can use a very easy to use application called "Afterota" which will pretty much do everything for you with a click of a button (unlocked bootloader + different recovery choices).

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How to boot into recovery Acer A500
How to boot into recovery Acer A500
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