Shadow Of The Colossus Agro Tricks

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vdochev: @thomasf I think that in the manual they show you how to stand on him, but not the other moves. Also if you don't have a weapon selected go to him and press circle, you can caress him. You can also do it while you're on his back, but he's got to be standing still.

scottishduck19: the side saddle thing would get wander killed if colossus 16 could attack it

Sam Haugen: What? Never got around to it? You need to! Ocarina of Time is the best game ever made !

TurboSnail6: thankyou, glad you enjoyed them ill try to make more soon. i have some new games that i could make videos for but im not sure which ones, i have assassins creed, gears of war crysis, ico, oblivion. what do you guys think i should make a video for?

TurboSnail6: yeah same i have been playing hard bit by bit though i cant play for too long without getting bored:(

kaMiKazeT12: i was mad once and just started to press random buttons and i did the side saddle thing by accident nvr knew how to do it till now

another505: whats the use of sidestaddle its useless while fighting againist the colossus

MiharuxChan: Haha it's okay I finally pulled it off yesterday xD You're right, I had to pull the analog stick and press X really fast. Sometimes it didn't work, but most of the time it did :P

TurboSnail6: Ah yes, the quick start, its actually quite hard to pull off but u have to press them at the same time quickly, if I remember correctly. If that doesn't work tell me and I will go check and get back to you

eaglerouge: @crowbar98 Please dont compare this to mw2 or refer to shadow of the colossus as a "game" mw2 is a game this here is art ma friend

TurboSnail6: Cool:) Definitely the hardest trick to pull off, though.

teg pogi: if you want to get a ride in a hawk all you have to do is agro must run faster the stand in agro back then timing for the hawk and jump yeah its true

John Smith: team ico's next game )

shadowolf432: this is an awesome vid and, i dunno how... but there's a way 2 make Agro do a u-turn.

claudia7864: After I saw the sidesaddling I raced downstairs and cracked out the ol' SOTC ;)

HyperSonicXtreme: @fishwithoutwings Well actually I switched button configurations to X and jumping works, they're still correct.

TurboSnail6: yeah i believe. I've found out quite a few since i made the video. Maybe i should make a part 2?

Nikoolaid: forgot jumping off agro and grabbing onto an eagle... you can also grab onto fish. :)

TurboSnail6: yes ive found that out, but thanks anyway:)

Alejandro de la Vega: @Zirrruu Repeat de quick stop buttons when you do a quick stop D:!

supermousesuper: Awsome xD My Big brother Bought The Game & he Wouldn't Let me Have A go Because He Said It Was Too Complex For me (As I'm 11) But i'd been Going on Games For A long Time So, When He was Out i had A go. I Kept On Doing So Until I'd Completed It xD I've Gotta Do The Time one Now, & hard Mode Dx!

decipher8121: @Tricky0032 How many tricks are there? I did all these and no trophy :( .. You know which ones are missing?

TurboSnail6: Lol yup especially the sidesaddle

Omnisoldier: i was just doing those tricks like 5min ago, and i decided to come take a look in YT to see if anyone had made a vid about them! ur health bar is huge, mine isnt that big, i only raised it and the stamina enough to climb to secret garden, only to get there and find a big amount of nothing! i was expecting to find the so called 17th Colossi, but it was all crap. still an amazing game though.

Cashdar: Most of these i knew, but the quick start and quick stop is very useful in this game that i didn't know. This video really helped through out my adventure of Shadow of the Colossus. Even though, i beat Shadow of the Colossus over 100 of times XD.

Leon Magalhães: o vídeo travoo!!!!!

Elijah Talamante: Ur missing some

Alucard: her*

lostserenity0: (I don't know the number or the name, sorry) But during the fight with that flying snakey thing in the desert? Y'know, the one where you have to shoot the gas filled things on its belly and jump on it's wing using Agro? Yeah that one. Anywho, I was thrilled to learn you could fire arrows while standing on Agro. That's some pretty damn good balance, Wander.

TheToast7: Don't forget: Press circle while on agro when not moving and with nothing equipped Makes Wander pet Agro.

helpsy09: u $4got the 180 degree turn press down + x den down + x really fast

TurboSnail6: oh yeah i did forget lol :)

TurboSnail6: yeah i know about that, but that glitch was fixed in the pal version

jocomat9: @decipher8121 I just got it doing this video alone and 4 others not mentioned, have your hands equip (no weapons) hit circle on aggro sitting still, while on and off him (thats 2), then the fast U turn, at full speed hold down and your hit your speed button 2x fast, and then the quick sattle jumping and pressing R1 to belly flop onto aggro 8).

lessurrheak: I've heard about it and seen a vid of it... it wasn't exactly what i was was glitchy...

abedulahei: Nice video :)

yasseeninator: I knew how to stand on agro but thats all

Haar291: Agro is a girl btw

AgeOfMyths: Hey, I know how to stand on him!! Thanks for the other tricks, too!! (And what is the Secret Garden!? Reply, please?!)

mastercolossi: @ScreamoHead101 its left anolage stick down and X twice ive been doing all these tricks so i can get the trophy and i still havent aquired it

lostserenity0: Oh oh! I found new Agro thingies! If you don't have the sword or the bow out, when you're on Agro or standing close, if you press [circle] then you will pat your enormous hoofed companion. And the fast stop move? Y'know, [x] and [down] while Agro's goin fast? Well, if you have enough space in front of you, and you're walking or standing still, if you do the fast stop, he'll rear up and shoot off. Nice for getting out from under colossi feet in a hurry. Happy Colossi hunting! :3

satelite23: some tricks to make you look badass!

TermMenafor: wooo i beaten the game...and i never knew about sidesaddle...nice vids man really nice indeed

Babb26: Surprisingly in twilight princess, you can't do most of those moves!!!

TurboSnail6: @fishwithoutwings No worries.

ittooryu: that sidestaddle thing was awesome

rafa2d: thanks.!!! ^^

theMaagen: @TheToast7 Yeah you can also do it while standing on the ground near Agro's face :D

ScreamoHead101: There's actually another one where you do a quick turn, can't remember how you do it though, I think maybe while moving (running) you press X and go back (on the joystick) He does a quick turn on the opposite direction you are moving

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Shadow of the Colossus Agro tricks 4.7 out of 5

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Shadow of the Colossus Agro tricks
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