Shadow Of The Colossus Agro Tricks

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iCantPickaName: I didn't know u could ride side saddle on Argo that's tight

deathmetal1ean: all time? no.

Elijah Talamante: Ur missing some

Alucard: her*

mastercolossi: @ScreamoHead101 its left anolage stick down and X twice ive been doing all these tricks so i can get the trophy and i still havent aquired it

vdochev: @thomasf I think that in the manual they show you how to stand on him, but not the other moves. Also if you don't have a weapon selected go to him and press circle, you can caress him. You can also do it while you're on his back, but he's got to be standing still.

Jocomat9: @decipher8121 I just got it doing this video alone and 4 others not mentioned, have your hands equip (no weapons) hit circle on aggro sitting still, while on and off him (thats 2), then the fast U turn, at full speed hold down and your hit your speed button 2x fast, and then the quick sattle jumping and pressing R1 to belly flop onto aggro 8).

HyperSonicXtreme: @fishwithoutwings Well actually I switched button configurations to X and jumping works, they're still correct.

Alejandro de la Vega: @Zirrruu Repeat de quick stop buttons when you do a quick stop D:!

Zirrruu: Where's the 180 spin trick?

decipher8121: @Tricky0032 How many tricks are there? I did all these and no trophy :( .. You know which ones are missing?

Toomnyusernae: Best trick I learned was hold X while riding Agro. No more HYAH! to get him to go faster.

bigbadmeerkat: "It's not your great grandmother's sidesaddle!"

Cashdar: Most of these i knew, but the quick start and quick stop is very useful in this game that i didn't know. This video really helped through out my adventure of Shadow of the Colossus. Even though, i beat Shadow of the Colossus over 100 of times XD.

DL-Miles: @crowbar98 Please dont compare this to mw2 or refer to shadow of the colossus as a "game" mw2 is a game this here is art ma friend

Eliot Lash: Another great trick not mentioned here (it is in the manual), jump towards Agro's side and hold R1 to grab onto him and mount the saddle. I find it easier and faster than tapping triangle, even on level ground, by doing a running jump towards him. And you can even do it from a high jump off a building which is very cool looking. It also appears to mitigate fall damage. If you could do a save after having to jump off a Colossus and landing on Agro, that would be an epic video. :)

AscendedFish: Thanks for showing the side saddle riding; some stupid cheatcode website said to press X, not triangle.

theMaagen: @TheToast7 Yeah you can also do it while standing on the ground near Agro's face :D

Leon Magalhães: o vídeo travoo!!!!!

Sam Haugen: What? Never got around to it? You need to! Ocarina of Time is the best game ever made !

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Shadow of the Colossus Agro tricks 5 out of 5

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Shadow of the Colossus Agro tricks
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