Skyrim Mod: Civil War Overhaul

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Virgo Bro: Nice ending. Fight for freedom

richbogli: The Stormcloaks doesn't accept sellswords

SerinoFBGM Ballin: does it work on xbox one?

john cole: Here is the link to the mods:

Bora Özerdem: removed :(

Kyros Droztamyr: I can imagine sellswords and tamed wolves for Stormcloaks, but goddamn giants? The crap? I can imagine a few thalmor spies for the Legion, and maybe.... maybe a few dwemer machines as mercs, but that's it.

Firestarter: Please take down this video, that douche of a mod author doesn't deserve any more attention...

Pelinal Whitestrake: TFW you are so salty about the US elcetions , that you delete your mod that hundreds of people have praised

Vincent Stover: Brodual can you make a video on the open civil war mod?

RampantSarcasm: So this freaking idiot just had to get politics involved with his mod? When most of us couldn't care less?


Daffy Duke of León: 2nd or 3rd playthrough? Haha ok

Brian The Bonelord: freak YOU FLIPAGRAM

Shady Vladimir: Fast forward to late 2017. The mod always remained buggy. Some major bugs were fixed, however the author blamed users for most of the bugs, and was a pickle about it when experienced people told him/her that the mod contains bugs.

The author got offended by users and the election, decided to be a pickle about it and removed his/her mods.
About a month ago was the last time we heard of him/her.
It's clear that this author has some serious problems. Hiis/Her mods have also been posted countless times to multiple sources (, r/modpiracy, many mega links also exist).

Sam Scholdner: so let me get this straight This mod author is going to punish the skyrim modding community because of the results of an election? what a beta male cuckold bitchboy. cant video games remain unpolitical ?

some fancy guy: "Another town needs our help, il mark it on your map."

lord felniir: Can someone please port this to xbox please

Matt Allen: 2 bad it no longer exists as the author got butthurt that thankfully Hitlery Cunton lost the election

VORTEX-spin -ROLE-: Is this on xbox????

ThatCrazyDrunk: Is it possible to remove the tamed giants and wolfs and the mages and all of that bullcrap ?

Ekacahya Garfiantama: Such a shame the dev took down this and many other good mods like Immersive Information overhaul (which tints red, drains colors, and blurs image depends on how low your health, magicka, and stamina)

good thing someone mirrored it but i forget the link.

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Skyrim Mod: Civil War Overhaul 5 out of 5

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