Skyrim Mod: Civil War Overhaul

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Sonicboom Production: 2 questions is this mod available for PS4 and does it work if you have already completed the civil war quest line

ExcaliberDG11: Anyone have the mod for download since the mod author took it down

Proud American: Yucca.

DLDouble G: i downloaded this and played it for awhile and eventually the bear-guy was like "okie dokie you can engage imperials freely now" and after that I just got attacked on sight by every imperial soldier/guard of a city that sides with the imperials, so when that one mission came where you have to deliver orders to a commander on the imperial side, I couldn't give him the orders because he and all his gay imperial soldiers attacked me on sight, so after trying everything I could think of, none of it working, I just decided to go into the options and enable "win the war" which would put stormcloak soldiers in every city, so atleast I could play other quests without getting freaking destroyed by every guard in a ten mile radius, well later I downloaded beyond Skyrim: Bruma and the imperials still automatically attack me on sight, and sense bruma literally only has imperials it pretty much made it unplayable, I disabled the mod and they still attacked me, I deleted the mod entirely and they still attack me, so unless theres some console command I can put in to make them not immediately wanna immediately obliterate me, this mod pretty much freaked up my game

albertice2: I know this is 2 years 2 late but.
freak the guy who made this mod.
This mod added a lot of stuff to the game that was missing and made the whole experience feel ten times better. The fact he got rid of a skyrim mod because he was salty hilary lost is so childish. I get using your platform to express opinion. But this was just spiteful. Especially when he never put the mods back up.

Cheeseman: You know, this is pretty crapty mod with tonn of bugs and don't deserve so much attention.
Install it only if you want to destroy your walktrough.

shinra soldier: can u start this mod in the console after the war ending?nothing is happening after the war and i dont want to start a new game

Masked: I found a media file for the mod link here.

Burnt Bacon: Can I get this mod if I already won the war

TheKennykelly: To bad the mod author is a snowflake and took it down like a cuck

Konner Branson: The mod on Nexus is down sadly. I would recommend open civil war that does mostly the same thing.

davidgilbertking: M A K E S K Y R I M G R E A T A G A I N

Sebastian Isaiah: Best outro ever!

Rick Harrison: Did you seriously say that there are too many “white nords”? Wtf lol

PixelKingII ._.: Stormcloak true son of the skyrim!

CringingCrit: I just want a mod that allows me to actually finish the damn civil war quest line without it being buggy every time I complete a quest for it.

Professor: Google "Civil War Overhaul piracy". There's the link to the most recent version.

leetlebob: This was content cut from the vanilla game :/

leetlebob: On Xbox?

BubbleKing May: Is this mod for Xbox1

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Skyrim Mod: Civil War Overhaul 5 out of 5

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