Mbox 2 And Pro Tools FIX!

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Sky zoophone channel: hi my friend, I've just watch your vid cause tomorow I've planed to buy a 2nd hand mbox2 and all the infos i found are telling me that this audio interface works well with mc machine and that there are many many problems on pc running on windows7 64 bits, which is my case. The guy tells me that I dont need a driver for the mbox cause it is already on windows7 and he sells me also reason7 as program. this will cost me 180 euros, 245 us dollars. Plus I'm not verry aware about computers and stuffs, do you think I should purchase this mbox2? thanks

Ray Turner: I downloaded mbox.and protool 7 won't load up when I push icon ..I'm running pc on Windows xp...but when I use mbox for gl it works

Doug Hewitt: This video saved me an incredible amount of time. Thank you.

Chun Pun: hey friends i want to use cubase and nuendo with this m box mini can support or not?

JIGSAW J: M box mini runs on Windows you just need updates on Windows I run mbox on Toshiba laptop Windows 7 x64 bit with x32 home premium and le 8 with fl studio just make sure you have no problem with mscvr 90 it important. Hopefully that can help a bit

auto4union: Wow ! Reading the comments below shows me I`m not alone ! Shame on you M-Audio and Avid !

D Dragon: is pro tools le 8.0 compatible with mbox 2 mini?

auto4union: I got one of the first gen` M-Boxes` with the Focusrite converters of Ebay a couple of years ago and have never been able to install it on windows XP or any other windows! I just get a error code ! Would probably install on a Mac....? Having to use a Fastrack with Protools 8 ! Any ideas anybody ? Peace Ye¬All !

solja wil: you guy might want to try out Magix Samplitude is a great recording software with unlimited tracks to record on you want have any problem with you interface like the mbox with samplitude you can use any m audio interface

Rhalik Tafari: i have a question i cant get signal in my protool from the mic i can hear the sound in the monitors but cant get it in the software how can i fix that? 

getskitzotv: I DESPERATLY NEED YOUR HELP!!! I have the exact same problem as you did! Only Im running windows xp. So far Ive tried to run the disc on 3 different computers 2 of them windows xp and one windows vista. and nothing. I even tried to run it on an external disc drive, Do you think Its just the pro tools disc or the compatibility of my computer? I down loaded the drivers for the m box and got it to work on my computer but have no pro tools. Also the Mbox wont work with adobe audition it has problems with the sound card. Can you please help me ASAP!

The General Expert: I doubt it. ProTools 8 is old at this point. Unless Avid releases a firmware update which most likely won't happen, I don't see you being able to use it with Windows 8 without significant hacking skills. I just checked their site and they're saying it's compatible with just Windows 7.

The General Expert: @Claidheambmor Wow, that sux. I'm thinking of going to "Presonus Studio One 2"... Been hearing great things about it. They have great support on their site too.

Dean Krommydas: Hey general - do you know if this process would work with the original MBOX 1 and Windows Vista 64-bit?

adam79adam79: You're using the 9.0 driver for the MBox 2? What version of firmware? I'm having connectivity trouble w/ MBox 2 and PT 8.0.5 LE on Mac OS X 10.6.8 - Snow Leopard. If anyone has had success w/ this setup, please help me out!

Victor Gastelu: Not many people knows but, Protools 8.0 and its updates are not compatible with windows 7 home premium, i had compatibility issues untill i spoke to an expert. He told me if i had windows 7 proffesional or ultimate it will fix the problem, i installed ultimate and now protools runs so smooth.. windows recognized the mbox right away.

The General Expert: Haha, I was in your shoes! That's why I made this vid. Glad it helped you!

thefragu1: Excellent bro, But Still have a problem. I already download the upgrade but i cant install it.. Idk why tells me theirs a error.. Help Mee

simpleerob: ok, so how do i order the disc from Avid? where do i go on the website to order replacement disc? I'm hoping the disc is the problem bc as u said the disc that came with it is not compatible with windows 7

Whoc ares: Hmm might have to. Reinstalled it all and same deal. Going to try it on one of my laptops and see if that makes a difference.

Pico Ferret: @GeneralExpert Thanks for the support. Indeed, my installation disc doesn't get beyond one of two points every time. I've hard reset my machine so many times today I've had two BSoDs and it's a clean install of Windows 7. Not good for the hard drive.

simpleerob: i know, but how did u order from their website. where on the website do i go to order the disc, cuz i have a feeling its the disc...hopefully thanks

The General Expert: @Claidheambmor Dude, I've been in your shoes. You just need to download the updates. If your installation disk just doesn't get passed a certain point you'll most likely need new discs which can be had directly from AVID for about $15. Apparently the installation discs going bad is a 'normal' thing... Why they don't just give a new one or just a download for free is beyond me. Hope you get it going...

The General Expert: Hey, sorry to hear that. Have you confirmed your headphones are working correctly? I do not own my Mbox anymore so I don't really know what your problem could be. But, I think the best solution for you would be to sell that thing on Craigslist and go for the Presonus AudioBox 22VSL. That's what I did and it's seriously amazing...

Que Bezzy: I have the mbox mini and my pro tools express is not reading the hardware...i also have Windows 7...can anyone help?

The General Expert: @tcbetka Great points. Thanks for posting.

The General Expert: @thefragu1 if you're talking about the ProTools 8 upgrade, you must already have a dully working version installed on your comp. Then you van apply the update. If your discs dont work on install you might have to buy new discs from avid...

Jay Nino: Did you need a installation disk for the mbox?

mobergmk: Dude... I was about to throw my comp out the window and then call Avid to ruin some Customer Rep's night... I thank you, and the Customer Service Rep thanks you.

Michel Lacroix: Thx for this, Im so frustrated, Avid wont ship a new disc to canada, my last disc is corrrupt. Any chance I could buy yours, or get a online link, I have an ftp. anyhow, im surprised on how hard this has been on Avids side...

FJSJKJ741: That download is for a PT 9 fix. I have 8. I basically have the same problem you had as far as getting your mbox fired up. Thanks for your help, though. I appreciate it.

worlverine pina: oh presonus studio one, cool!! ive seen review of this, and its a great program.... do you sell a copy of it., i have a audiobox presonus audio interfase

The General Expert: Okay, my Mbox had a ton of hiss. I think its the Mbox itself. BUT, the microphone you're using can also produce it's own hiss. If it's a dynamic mic like the Shure SM57 or SM58, you'll get a lot of hiss. I just upgraded my mic from an SM57 to a Kel HM7U Condenser Mic. Night and Day difference in sound quality. Absolutely no hiss.

The General Expert: I updated both links in the description above. You should be able to find all necessary drivers there. Hope that helps.

simpleerob: hi thanks for posting. I was wondering how did u order your replacement discs on the website? I have mbox 2 pro that uses firewire instead of usb.. i have windows 7 home prem. my disc stalls saying that need to locate some file. diginet.sys, i locate the file and it continues the download successfully. but when i connect mbox 2 pro to computer i get no sound from my monitors. it recognizes the device but there is no sound.fr my monitors. i'm guessing its the disc. i updated the driver n PT too

The General Expert: @ChrisW12208 Oh... I'm going to have to research that. Didn't know ver. 9 drivers would work. Thanks.

The General Expert: Hey man, seriously if you were looking into a new system, you'd be doing yourself a disservice by not looking into the Presonus AudioBox 22vsl and their Studio One V2 software. No I don't work for them... I'm just floored with how good it is. Only about 200 buck too!

Whoc ares: My download options for pro tools = Pro tools express. I got an Mbox mini 2 - does NOT work..... Got family drivers, got pro tools express 10, got firewire. Just says it cannot find the hardware (which would be my mbox I think)

The General Expert: Hey, sorry to say I haven't used FL Studio or Fraps so I'm not the best person to ask about that. To me it sounds like you're right about the driver issue but I'm wondering if maybe the Mbox just wont communicate properly with those programs. I would double check if you've got the latest drivers updated and go from there. Thanks for watching.

Pico Ferret: @GeneralExpert Dude, just thought I'd say thank you for the video and the encouragement, I have Pro Tools working now! That update made ALL the difference.

The General Expert: I just updated the description with a link to the replacement discs... Hope that helps.

RMTheProducer: hay man i have a problem that I've encountered on windows 7 with my mbox 2 I'm hoping you can help me with this. I use fl studio and it records fine on there the problem is that my playback only plays on my left side of my speakers or headphones, this also happens when i try to record commentaries on fraps but it actually record my voice on the left side. I've checked all plugs and everything. idk if its a driver issue because windows xp didn't have this prob. let me know if u know whats wrong.

TangoBravo: The other thing that I had problems with is that I had to *reinstall* the MBox2 drivers, after installing the 8.0.5 patch. Pro Tools worked with my MBox2 Micro unit with v8, v8.0.1 and v8.0.3. However when I updated to v8.0.5, PT no longer recognized my Micro. So I had to reinstall the drivers, but that STILL didn't get it to work. So then I finally had to go into Device Manager, right-click on each of the MBox entries, and have Windows update the driver automatically. Everything now works.

The General Expert: Hey that's a tuff one. Yes, I ordered the discs directly from Avid. If I remember correctly it costs about $16.

worlverine pina: do you have windows 7 home premium? like me?

The General Expert: Dang dude, that thing's old! Um, I'm not in the Mbox family anymore as I've jumped ship to Presonus AudioBox 22vsl... But, I really doubt Avid is keeping the drivers up to date with the OG Mbox. If your asking if these Mbox 2 drivers would work with OG Mbox, I doubt it. But it's worth a try... What's the worst that could happen?? I would go to Avid's site and check for driver updates.

Dean Krommydas: lol - yeah it's ancient. I'll keep hunting though...thanks!

Examinerthrash: Thanks alot!

greenlivewell: same here studio one is killing it right know

Nathaniel Calaway: I have a Mbox 2 and upgraded to Windows 7 intel computer. After almost 2 weeks of talking to Avid Techs: I still don't have my system running. It's been a night mare, the expense of the Support Code they charge, the cost of someone uninstalling and installing Windows 7 per Avid! , all the time troubleshooting, I've been more of a TECH than a musician.It's Time to Move on.... I hope this Helps ?

Mbox 2 and Pro Tools FIX! 4.9 out of 5

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Mbox 2 and Pro Tools FIX!
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