Cummins 4bt Jeep Cherokee(xj)

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Eloi Brouillard: How hard is the swap I want to do the 4bt myself 

Abe Foxman: are those 33x11.5 ? Would 33x12.5 fit on stock steel 15x7 XJ rim with 4.5" Lift ?

cotequadsport: @yerwrng i think youre gay

jonathan6272: How much does a average 4bt cost?

They Call Me Jared: @xj97xj haven't you figured it out yet??? DONT POST A VIDEO ON YOUTUBE FROM YOUR CELLPHONE! people will automatically think it's a P.O.S video and dislike it... BTW your jeep is gay as freak

texasrebel98: @JU5TBL4ZE nope!! that jeep is badass!

yerwrng: I think an LS 6.0 with a 4l80e with a basic ECM tune kicks this 4bts ass .

Amras0407: I'm just curious: why didn't you go with a manual transmission?

Dan Cole: Just wondering how the motor has held up since it was installed. I'm trying to lay out my plans so that when my motor finally does let go, I can throw a diesel in there!

yerwrng: @cotequadsport Well that explains why you keep dropping things infront of me with a smile on your face , And all this time I thought you were just clumsy...

They Call Me Jared: @texasrebel98 nope the jeep is ass bad buddy... notice the majority (7 thumbs down to 6 thumbs up.) The tribe has spoken.

iankokomo: What transmission did you use I'm putting one in my 97 xj

They Call Me Jared: @texasrebel98 i have more taste than the guy that owns that jeep... that's for sure

cotequadsport: @JU5TBL4ZE the more i read what you say, the more more black i think you are.

texasrebel98: @JU5TBL4ZE u have no taste at all... COOL JEEP MAN!

Seattlecarnut: Sweet video! I have just one question. How the hell were you able to get a 3.9 litre engine into an engine bay of a Jeep Cherokee? I mean, the original engine was 4.0 litres in size, 3.9 still seems like quite a squeeze.

spleno1: You guys keep making terrible videos... Why bother unless your laying rubber or having quality shots for us to check everything out. Yes the jeep is bad ass but rookie camera crew.

lukeriderpolaris: what did you all have to do to your jeep when you did the engine swap to the 4bt?, i'm thinkin about doing the same to my 99' cherokee

Pat Franko: the vid was a waste of time

DirtyRam50: Personally, I wouldn't use an automatic transmission in a swap. The good old NV4500 or 5600 is what I'm going to use in my 4bt swap.

281X330X8004: What tranny do you have and how hard was the diesel conversion?? Also is it 4x4? If so what Transfer case do you have?

xj97xj: @spleno1 well dumbass, this was the first run that we did without all the transmission lines hooked up so it wasnt shifting right for one thing, and another thing i didnt have time to grab my camera so i used my cellphone, and we didnt have it tuned at the time either, this was just a test run to make sure we didnt have any clearance issues so dont diss on the video. thanks and never post on anything i post again.

Trent Parrott: Is it worth the swap in

filmjunkie998: no reason to call him a dumbass for not understanding your reasons, I don't blame him for not liking the video quality; If you're going to give a good reason as to the quality, do it in the description and not in peoples faces.......

yerwrng: @cotequadsport I don't know what you and your do on Sundays ,but we were installing a heater in the garage for the up comming

floridagremlin42069: about how much did it cost you to do the swap...just curious...and what year vehicle did u get the motor and trans out thinkin bout swappin out my 4.0 for the same motor

IRONSEAN7: @spleno1 jeez,, youre a freakin clown,, this guy just did a conversion ,, and you want a HI DEF movie??? cmon, you tool,,, give the guy a break,

They Call Me Jared: @cotequadsport haha no i am not black and i don't know how you came up with that weak ass crap...

foster123456: How hard is the swap to the 4bt I've been wanting to do this I love your Cherokee mine is a 96 with 6.5 inch lift Dana 44s and 35s

MK4vDubbin: @IRONSEAN7 lol good for him...because we all want to watch a crapty video to admire his effort. Post a decent video dude, its not a ridiculous request. People don't want to watch crapty videos on youtube end of story.

wifebeater756: i really need to get a diesel in mine thats nice

xj97xj: it was a really involved process, we are still working out the bugs to this day, were having issues with the transmission reading the rpms of the motor so it is building too much pressure and shifting into higher gears after about 3 feet, but it is running way better now we had a good friend of ours tune the injector pump and we put a bigger turbo on it, as soon as we get the transmission lined out it will be ready to go

KeaponLaffin20: Another post from someone that must not have to pay for his own tires.

cotequadsport: @yerwrng lol. did your dad teach you that yesterday during your rectal exam?

paintball4life3214: Havnt you figured it out yet??? Your a douche that jeep is badass

APOOLE86: bad ass

cotequadsport: @JU5TBL4ZE i bet your a african american. go watch DONK videos or somethin ya freakin dark skinned coon

cummins 4bt jeep cherokee(xj) 3.7 out of 5

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