ACADEMY / REVELL 1/72 P51 B Mustang - A Twin Building Review

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J Lalor: That looked like a Plastikote can

richard willett: The Revell kit may be in fact an EX-Monogram mold from the late 60's. Mongram came out with a B/C Mustang in 1/48&172 at the same time! Monogram also offered a stand that had a joy stick that you could climb-dive & bank your model. I had one of these as a kid with the 1/48th P-51B kit!

Rob BasicModelling: Nice!! In which scale? :)

Rob BasicModelling: Thanks... :)

Rob BasicModelling: Well, I'm happy with both, the way the turned out.. :) As for accuracy, the new Airfix P-51D in 1/72 is supposedly even better than Tamiya.. according to those who claim to know such things! At least as the US version (Tuskegee). The same kit is also used for an RAF version, which makes it less accurate, as the propeller is wrong and also the exhausts. But the propeller can be rectified by using the one supplied with the OLD Airfix Mustang.. :) Not that I'm bothered, I'll build both OOB.. :)

Ostry1123: I have to disagree. I have a Revell 1/72 P-51B Mustang (I'm still building it), it's very accurate and has a great quality/price ratio, whereas Revell's P-51D is critized by many modellers for having nothing but the correct P-51D shape, details. Apparently, Tamiya P-51D kit is the best D version in both 1/72 and 1/48 scale. At least that's what they (more experienced modellers) say :)

Rob BasicModelling: Thank you.. :)

Rob BasicModelling: It gives you a chance to compare... :)

SetoFreakingKaiba: I like these videos building 2 same planes from different companies

JackFlemingFan: Great job building your Mustang kits!!

Rob BasicModelling: @MilitaryAircraft101 Yes, they do differ a bit.. none of them are perfect, but both build a good Mustang, in my opinion.. :)

Rob BasicModelling: @2002And Thank you.. I am pretty basic.. compared to some! But I'm having fun, and will continue to model for as long as I'm still enjoying the hobby.. :)

2002And: @BasicModelling Ha, ha, ha :) I certainly what to achieve the brilliant modelling skills that you have though!... :)

Rob BasicModelling: @2002And Just be careful, or you'll end up like me... :) And you don't want that... :) :)

2002And: Two great end result models :) I have built the Revell kit and I would really like to build the Academy kit :) I'll keep an eye out next time I'm in the model shop! I must have quite a few eyes as I want a lot of kits, even though I have 6 or 7 more to build!

lkj802: @BasicModelling next year i know its not basic modeling but would you be able to do a build review of the lancaster bomber mainly because i only see that you build fighters and loight bombers not heavys like the b17 or the lancaster or halifax but i love these videos so inspirational to what i want my aircraft too look like. happy christmas. :D

Rob BasicModelling: @lkj802 Well, for starters I AM Swedish, and I have been in the Swedish Air Force, so planes that flew in Swedish colours are very interesting builds.. to me!! :) :) I have a couple of videos left to post this year, a Hawker Hurricane IId and a Hawker Typhoon Ib.. both 1/72, nothing spectacular! :) :)

lkj802: brilliant build except for the swedish emblems i personally think that mustangs look better in usaaf patern. BUT i like how you went out and did something out of the ordinary i bet most of the people watching this video including myself never knew sweden flew mustangs brilliant build supprise me with your next build please. :)

Rob BasicModelling: @rodrigo32125 Thank you.. and no, it wasn't a stupid question at all! If you don't ask, you won't find out.. :) I quite often build two kits in the same video, but different versions.. or different makes.. :)

Rob BasicModelling: @rodrigo32125 Beacause I built two different kits, and compared them with each other.. sadly only one of them got completed properly.. :)

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ACADEMY / REVELL 1/72 P51 B Mustang - A Twin Building Review 5 out of 5

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ACADEMY / REVELL 1/72 P51 B Mustang - A Twin Building Review
ACADEMY / REVELL 1/72 P51 B Mustang - A Twin Building Review
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