ACADEMY / REVELL 1/72 P51 B Mustang - A Twin Building Review

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Tuberglue: Yes, and one day we WILL come up with a solution.. :)

Rob BasicModelling: @MilitaryAircraft101 Yes, they do differ a bit.. none of them are perfect, but both build a good Mustang, in my opinion.. :)

Rob BasicModelling: It also cost a small fortune, no doubt.. :) I prefer Academy.. cheap and cheerful! I'm not bothered if it isn't 100% correct, it still looks like a Mustang to me.. ..and Academy decals go on a treat with Johnsons Klear floor polish.. :) I still have 2 more Academy 'B' kits to build, and 2 'D's.. :)

BaronKrolok: strongly reminds me of a vid I have seen lately on a totally different channel ^^ .. recyling?

PappyStu: Great Piece Compadre

Rob BasicModelling: The model competition will now be hosted on THIS channel, by te way! Not sure who knows about this channel, but could you spread the word to any modellers you know, and I'd be most grateful! :)

granskare: lol :) I like carrying out these serious conversations with you about solving world problems :)

Rob BasicModelling: I will make a D version soonish.. well, at some point anyway! It will be a Swedish S26, or Photo Recon version.. need to scrathbuild a camera case to sit just aft of the belly.. I already have a Swedish J26 'D', but made it before I was posting videos on YouTube.. :)

clubbythe: These look cool!I have an Airfix P51 Mustang.

terminator363: For a second I thought the title said "Twin Boom" that would be great! But you could always buy two p-51s and cut the wings the glue them together! :P Oh, by the way good detail on the little mustang!

Rob BasicModelling: Thank you.. I just posted another video!! The Revell Thunderbolt (both the D and the M kit) is one of my absolute favourite builds, together with the Revell Hurricanes, Mk.IIb & IIc.. :)

granskare: looks familar but the other guy, the baron?, did it better LOL :) mvh!

Rob BasicModelling: @lkj802 Well, for starters I AM Swedish, and I have been in the Swedish Air Force, so planes that flew in Swedish colours are very interesting builds.. to me!! :) :) I have a couple of videos left to post this year, a Hawker Hurricane IId and a Hawker Typhoon Ib.. both 1/72, nothing spectacular! :) :)

PappyStu: Maybe I can talk you into sending footage for the Lexington vid and I'd produce it with my sea stories an commentary and upload on my channel and one of yours if you like.....

Rob BasicModelling: @2002And Just be careful, or you'll end up like me... :) And you don't want that... :) :)

Rob BasicModelling: Ha!

rodrigo32125: why are there 2 planes?

richard willett: The Revell kit may be in fact an EX-Monogram mold from the late 60's. Mongram came out with a B/C Mustang in 1/48&172 at the same time! Monogram also offered a stand that had a joy stick that you could climb-dive & bank your model. I had one of these as a kid with the 1/48th P-51B kit!

2002And: @BasicModelling Ha, ha, ha :) I certainly what to achieve the brilliant modelling skills that you have though!... :)

Rob BasicModelling: It gives you a chance to compare... :)

MilitaryAircraft101: nice garden! :) I personally built the revell P-51D kit, it seems different to this kit!

Rob BasicModelling: And I wish the Swedes had chosen the P-47 Thunderbolt!! They very nearly did, the ground crews even got trained up on them.. but in the end they settled for the Mustang! :P

Rob BasicModelling: Yes, I need to get that model done!! I'm sorry.. I tried to cut off the keel to make it lower in the water, and botched it totally, so now I have a major repair job ahead of me, plus it will sit too low in the diorama.. but it will get done! In this case patinece is of uttermost need.. :)

Rob BasicModelling: Klear makes the surface shiny or at least semigloss, so the decals stick better, without silvering.. It's near impossible to get a good result on a matt surface. Then I do a thin coat after as well, to seal and protect.. :)

Rob BasicModelling: I like the Airfix Mustang.. but sadly you can't get the kit with the Swedish decals any more.. :(

Rob BasicModelling: Thank you.. I enjoyed that build!! :)

Rob BasicModelling: @2002And Thank you.. I am pretty basic.. compared to some! But I'm having fun, and will continue to model for as long as I'm still enjoying the hobby.. :)

Rob BasicModelling: Congratulations!! Any chance of a video?? :)

Jeff Buck: Great video. I'm currently building an Academy P-51D Mustang and just started painting the fiddly bits, as always your vid has given me useful advice, thanks.

granskare: well, that explains why I did so badly...was that the same for other kits I mangled? mvh :)

Finlay O'Hara: Its brilliant, theres so many models i want to buy know, like the academy mustang and the revell thunderbolt in your other video! Your vids just inspired me to pick it up again!

Rob BasicModelling: Join the club.. :) Broken models are my speciality.. happens all the time.. :)

Rob BasicModelling: I will make a couple of American Mustangs in due time.. I hope to make at least one that flew from Wormingford, a US WWIIAirfield about 8 miles from where I live.. :)

Rob BasicModelling: By all means do.. :)

Finlay O'Hara: yeah that academy kit was fab! i was tempted to go and buy the tbolt today actually...

Rob BasicModelling: @Cipher100 That totally depends.. I have built some pretty rubbish Academy kits, like their Starfighter.. and some absolutely brilliant Revell kits, like their MiG-21 F 13.. The trouble with Revell is that they do some beautiful toolings of their own, but also rely heavily on the old Matchbox toolings, which personally I prefer, but may not be to everyones taste.. They also use old FROG toolings, and some Hasegawa stuff.. :)

PuppyZwolle .: Right, that would make sense. Though i hope you mean slivering. Silvering a plane would be a bit costly >:-) It would explain why decalling used to be such a nightmare.

SetoFreakingKaiba: I like these videos building 2 same planes from different companies

BaronKrolok: ;-))) guess the upcoming model contest will show it.. but admittedly my models look fine partly because these are larger scale...

granskare: if you have "difficulties" with the model contest outcome, I have connections with the traffic court here in town and if needed, the magistrate shall declare you the winner on some sort of technicality :)

Ostry1123: I have to disagree. I have a Revell 1/72 P-51B Mustang (I'm still building it), it's very accurate and has a great quality/price ratio, whereas Revell's P-51D is critized by many modellers for having nothing but the correct P-51D shape, details. Apparently, Tamiya P-51D kit is the best D version in both 1/72 and 1/48 scale. At least that's what they (more experienced modellers) say :)

lkj802: @BasicModelling next year i know its not basic modeling but would you be able to do a build review of the lancaster bomber mainly because i only see that you build fighters and loight bombers not heavys like the b17 or the lancaster or halifax but i love these videos so inspirational to what i want my aircraft too look like. happy christmas. :D

granskare: all options are on the table! :)

Finlay O'Hara: i Just finished making the revell mustang in this video! My first model in over a year!! it looks fab but i wish my local model shops had the academy one because it certainly looks better! The model is a beauty and is definetely the best model ive ever done because i spent loads of time on it! i really want to see you build a P51D, so make it soon!!

Rob BasicModelling: I'll see what I can do.. :) Good to hear from you again, by the way.. and that you haven't gone off the hobby, but came back to it again.. :)

Rob BasicModelling: I will be reuploading the modelling videos I still have available here, as most of them will be private on KurtGnu now! I will howevere make my favourite modelling videos public again, and place them in a playlist on this channel!

Rob BasicModelling: You're very welcome.. :)

granskare: you are joking, right? lol

Rob BasicModelling: Nice!! In which scale? :)

Rob BasicModelling: @rodrigo32125 Beacause I built two different kits, and compared them with each other.. sadly only one of them got completed properly.. :)

ACADEMY / REVELL 1/72 P51 B Mustang - A Twin Building Review 4.9 out of 5

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ACADEMY / REVELL 1/72 P51 B Mustang - A Twin Building Review
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