NetTalk DUO VOIP Setup, Tips, Saves $$$$$$

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Brian Seaman: What do you do if the main green light is flashing? I get a dial tone but I can't phone out and incoming calls go straight to message service

xadam2dudex: Nettalk Duo II is out now

mo alaoui: hi can i keep my home phone NUMBER WITH NETTALK,? THANKS

netman88: New nettalk contact info for support...210-606-9700 (U.S.) or 647-493-4529 (CA)

Jane Masimba: How do I hide/block my number when making outgoing calls from my netDuo please?

Dong Wan Seon: I have DUO II, but "breaking up (very poor quality), solid red light on 7 of 10, i have to reset it, customer service is almost impossible". I DO NOT RECOMMEND!!!

elephantrange: DUO has been working well for me for 3 months, one day of not being able to call a particular area code aside,  On that occasion, I sent in a ticket, and the issue was fixed next morning.  Once in a while there is an echoey call.  Nothing that hanging up and calling back hasn't fixed, though.  . 

netman88: Hi Roy.. I interconnect them using the jack extension (as per video) to connect to fax machine. 

ADDICTED TO GEAR: what kind of range do you get with this device?
Can you use it in a home with 3 floors?

roy norman: Great video,  can you show how you set up your net talk duo to a fax machine?

Evgeniy Deynega: Never, never get close to the NetTalk, no support and no service.
They only know how to charge your credit card.


AVOXI: People would be interested in keeping their old phone number, but this video description speaks to this issue as well.

mrdrumsauce:  Everyone beware, the NetTalk Duo is the biggest POS ever, I can't even begin to communicate how frustrating this service is, it goes down constantly, up time is 2 days absolute maximum, call quality is terrible, when it goes down you have to also reboot your router to regain service. I called my net duo line the other day and was connected to someone in India. I've used the same service in 2 different locations, using 2 different maxed out cable ISPs. DO NOT BUY this junk, it sucks!

Craig Carrillo: I purchased my Duo over a 1 1/2 years ago. It is plug and play, just follow the instructions and plugged it into my router and then activated it. I let it run for a few months before I even thought about porting (transferring) my home number. So many reviews I read the user never did have a good internet connection to begin with, they are asking for problems trying a VOIP phone until they get the connection fixed.  I was paying AT&T $45 per month for a home phone, way too much. The first time I tried porting my home number when I had AT&T DSL it killed my home phone and my DSL. I found out from AT&T that your DSL and phone number are tied together. I restored service but this time opted for U-Verse with the AT&T VOIP phone. My VOIP phone number was the same one I had for a lot of years and did not want to lose.I ported my phone number from AT&T and it went smooth. My charges for NetTalk are $29 per year for unlimited calling in the U.S. and Canada.

Nicolas Yens: you need a good internet connection, I do have nettalk, this is one of the best phone service I have ever have, no just for the price, good sound, I send faxes plus really good costumer support, calling costumer support you must call the number in Miami go to the different extension and pick one

Tim tom: Good product when it works, when it goes south look out i sent a repair ticket 3 days ago, they sent me 1 email fix i didnt work i sent a reply saying so with no response. I tried there online chat they never responded prolly because they will only answer from 10:00 am thru 4:00 pm eastern. I have now been without a phone for 3 days

netman88: Sounds like the bandwidth on the ISP isn't enough.

William Mason: I've had nothing but problems with mine as well. Often, when a person calls me, I have to call them caller back to in order to get a better connection, or their voice is to choppy to understand them. It is very frustrating to maintain reliable communications. If someone call you from a cell phone, you almost always have to call them back, or it will start breaking down almost right away. The DUO device doesn't not like cell phone incoming calls. I'm stuck with several when they first came out !

netman88: Not sure about your experience. For the price it's good for me. I have Comcast Cable internet with Zoom cable modem, now Linksys e1200 router. Not always perfect but works well and can fax.

Hair Do: Thanks for the tip. I do know it's hard to earn money. But it is much better than working minimum wage at mcdonolds. Being an hair stylist does get tips and I end up making decent money. Plus it allows me to be creative sometimes and make customer's dream come to reality.
NetTalk DUO VOIP setup, tips, saves $$$$$$ 5 out of 5

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NetTalk DUO VOIP setup. tips. saves $$$$$$
NetTalk DUO VOIP setup. tips. saves $$$$$$
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