Homemade Pressure Sandblaster

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Ronald Aban: Where can I buy abrasive sand here in Mindanao

Mario 8A: u talking like a stoned person

Ruslan Gashimov: Здраствуйте,у меня такой вопрос,если у меня новый балон и я не разу не заправлял газ,если я буду резать балон,я не взлечу,и отправьте инструкцию как сделать пескаструй и какие запчасти для этого нужно,зарание благодарен

Mesut Anilgan: thank you very much.

Joyce SIMMONS: Mr. Eric what size hose do you use to make your sandblaster?

luciano marques: sou do Brasil não entendo a sua linguagem poderia traduzir você teria mais acesso.

R.L. HEARN: Thank you for making this so simple for me to understand. Awesome I'm very grateful.


Shiraz Anwar: what pressure in psi does the air compressor need to be at in order to sand blast? is 50 psi enough?
i wanna try this....
i dont wanna go too much and end up damaging my fenders :p

grey punk: seems like you're in PAIN dude lols

Jebus: lol ... the power point presentation via youtube. Stay classy!

german diaz: buenisimo gracias

yatebulo: can be done with water instead of sand also ....

Roberto Berti: This is one of the few videos about Homemade sandblasters, but can we watch how it works? I would like to see it. Thanks.

thinkpad411: It won't fall into the hose because of physics, there would be source pressure pushing back into the pressure pot, keeping the sand from "falling" into the hose, and there is no venturi effect in the mixing chamber that is the tee. The pressure is to inject sand into the outgoing air stream with force. You can however make a hybrid siphon feed system, then you would have vacuum at the gun mixing port, and a light pressure of 10-30PSI would be enough to keep the sand flowing, not better, safer.

rudy sanchez: thank you for thevideo, I want to know how many PSI need this project to do a work, beacuse I got a 100 psi compressor, so I want to know if I need to do somting else

Jenny julioan: i work for a firm that does this and have been doing it for 7 months now. i am learning a lot from this video

heiken01: here are some plans for free: vintageprojects . com/metal-welding/SandBlaster-plans.pdf :P

6evorev6: @Dln4936 True but the safety release valve should kick in before that.

CroGuy75: @shortyjk95 lol...

jitskid831: Cool thanks for the info.

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