Connor Hidden Blade Prop Kit

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NULL: I see you have a quasar watch

Dicky S: I bet you will get a lot of buyers

Luke Trevino: love your work bro keep on

C.gamer: nice.

Mex1can Mickey: I watched this 3 times wishing I can afford this

annie kilborn: I can't find the magnets help please

Maciek Gembiak: I have that one :D. still Best hidden blade out there

Gary Kester: Hi +ammnra I made a leather armband to match your blade. Love your work dude

murat aşık: Is it easy to build?

Lai: I really want this kit. Can this be shipped to the Philippines? I'm Pinoy.

Starkman87: Hello, I was thinking about picking this up but I have two concerns
1) How easy are the holes to see (are they visible at all?)
2) I was also wondering how easy is it to puncture the holes without a dremmel?
-Thank you for your time and this wonderful prop.

Ajix Fearless StandingAlone: moshi moshi :D hahaha

king io: im pretty sure thats the aluminati

Michael Russell: Please, PLEASE tell me where you got that Wheatley ring...

HatulMadan: Nice)))

Alec McGrath: LOL! The end! Nice! XD

tihomirtm: no metal , no danger

Aarya Mathreja: its cool thz

WALTER HARTWEL WHITE: when you go in public with that you should were a shirt that say "chill Y'all it's plastics (don't shoot cops)

dennis keyner: his shirt is bosss

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Connor Hidden Blade Prop Kit 5 out of 5

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