Pakistan Vs India 1994 Pepsi Austral-Asia Cup Sharjah Match Highlights

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Abdullah Khan: @6:05 4rd over LOL´╗┐

ednan9: man-what the hell was that by mongia. lol. Bowlers like saleem malik and chuahan were just crap, how can you not hit these guys.

Muhammad Rizwan: when ever india lost the match in sharjah people says match was fixed.....but when india won the match in sharjah at that time people says they played well......bloody indians always deny his lost....

sikanderp98: This match is f... X....match...onc bedade cam in r city hi told story..whil bedade batting masseg frm..d room ...doosra match khelna ho to abhi out hoja

nealrutgerskid: india lost because of azar... match fixed !!!!!!

z24ampahar: hey idiot,i am an indian.............and i hate the t20's,the meaningless version of cricket that is killing cricket all over the world....and the ipl is the biggest atrocity that has happened to the game of cricket...... india will no longer have players like dravid,sachin,laxman,thanks to IPL........and they will continue to get kicked when they go to places like england and australia...... sharjah matches of 1990's = heaven!!! and india lost,becoz pakistan was a much better team in 90's...

Imran Khan: This is The Final of Austral-Asia Cup 1994

cmjoker12: How do u know they were full of Pakistani y lady just because u lost

ch012: yes..thats the reason no one wanted to play in Sharjah and sharjah stadium was closed...bloddyy..idiots of sharjah they were nothing but pakis...

14masterjimmy: Wow man that made alot of sense your English is very good, why don't you go back to school you pathetic piece of crap freaking keyboard warrior

Moaz Akhtar: Gaand mardi India ki bhenchood

vishal sharma: India didnt have a good opening pair before Ganguly came ... similarly Pakistan dint have a good opening pair after Sohail, until Nasir Jamshed came

Shivam Saxena: awesome, thanks!

johnstonl01: i thought ODis where played in colours back then?

Ajaz Hussain: nice

sam sam: you dhaal eating ugly back skinny laudebaaz ka baccha.... have a look at who has won more games between the two sides in ODI's.... if you chat like a bitch im gonna have to slapped like a bitch.... oh yeah and tell your mum to lubricate herself well..... shes getting paid extra for a big gang bang!!!!!!!!!! now run along and get me a big mac.... haraam ki kus..... freakin crap yourselves at a fight and act tough on this.... come to london you lady and ill have you.....

Farrukh Jilani: awesome!!! Thanks bro. Do you have 1986 AustralAsia cup final in Good Quality?

sihua liu: i like india

Anil C: This was a great match...

vickykulkarni80: this is the 1st time I thought matches r fixed, thanks to the way jadeja & azhar threw their wickets! wonder y kambli kept quiet 4 so long! he, bedade & the others still got india pretty close! i was a big azhar fan before he was involved in fixing! It's sad that his greed for money cost him everything, even his son.

Allseethru: Pakis are out of cricket forever as their religion and corruption have killed them !!!!!! Pakis are on the verge of their country Brian split in pieces because the bastards are killing each other while the corrupts are killing the whole craphole !!!!!.

John Jones: Garbage vs crap

GeorgetheArchitect: Azhar drops a sitter, Jadega, Azhar and Mongia get out to the strangest shots.. Wonder why?

mrfahad79: i still remember that match. april 1994 friday.

whizbang1111: .... Jadeja was really an asshole in the same sense...he was a good cricketer n really ruined his career himself.....he came from a really well off family too....what a shame seriously

TheRomario7777: @pritampaulsingh i remember that match, the very fact that he decided to field was surprise for me, and than in later years it became clear as why he made this and many other surprise decision, i think he did same thing in supersix match against australia in 1999 world cup he won the toss and a '' surprise'' decision to field.

Akhtar Rasul: India put all the fielding on boundary from 20th over

Akhtar Rasul: Amir and saeed were best


Trevor Byers: @farrukhj Thanks mate. Don't have that 1986 game! Trev

BoomBoomBalochistan: @kidbyers man upload some matches of ind-pak from sharjah from 1998-2000 if u have

Sameer Kale: Yes. because back in those days, we had shameless bastards like azhar, jadeja, mogia who were sold off to underworld to fix matches.

oj43085: Oh how Pakistan has changed..."Saeed Anwar and Amir Sohail, one of the best opening pair batsmen in the World today" wow..those were the good days, when our openers did well consistenetly.

Mihir Modi: Guys its just a game...and about azhar he truly is a bastard...

johnstonl01: @pafmic beats me

Akhtar Rasul: Its was pak mixed group team..lahore and karach group were meangle


whizbang1111: your right..Jadeja Mongia Azhar were such letdowns ..I mean cricketers in the 90s made enough money as well maybe not as much as these days but def. more than enough...... especially Mongia was so freakin annoying....he was absolutely no good at all..never freakin scored runs.. didnt deserve to be in the team in the 1st place n then on the top of that freakin sold the country's pride for money..

rooneypak: Omg nusrat Saab in the stands

Sameer Kale: Not only that. Azhar puts Pak to bat after winning toss - in a final game. that too, back in 94 teams were not big fans of chasing scores on flat wickets. strange too...

GeorgetheArchitect: This is definitely a rigged game..

imthemess: @kidbyers trev u rock mate if possible upload anwars inning from that series . was such a treat to watch..Shay

sihua liu: not

Sushant Mohan: yep man. shame on these celebrities. fans got shocked when kareena kapoor smashed on the news reader in public. she must be mad. if you wanna see just watch it now here :

z24ampahar: Badly missing the sharjah matches of previous millenium..........Today's IPL sucksssssssssssssssssssssssss...........

Kolaveri Di: shut up bloody we freak you every day

Kolaveri Di: pakis can no longer cheat, cannot get away with drugs and that's why you hate the games of to-day. Go drown yourself porki

Pakistan vs India 1994 Pepsi Austral-Asia Cup Sharjah Match Highlights 4.2 out of 5

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Pakistan vs India 1994 Pepsi Austral-Asia Cup Sharjah Match Highlights
Pakistan vs India 1994 Pepsi Austral-Asia Cup Sharjah Match Highlights
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