MCPEdit/MCEdit For Minecraft PE (NO JAILBREAK)

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Letfordlay: i did this on my kindle fire hd and worked completly fine

kevin dao: THX SUBED!!!!!!!!!! 

ConnorPlaysMc1324: Thanks SOOOOOO much!!! It worked. Although I was dumb enough to take a whole bunch of blocks away, so I kept falling out of the world XD!!!

Katherine Dillon: Is mcedit free


CoolAsFinnBro: No just tried it it is just like normal MCedit, just runs from the level.dat file

TheVortexGamer: Is there gonna be an update soon? And does this work for 0.8.0? 

diego mercado: Thanks

Frozencraft [OLD]: Awesome thx

Jordan Huntley: Thxxxx :D

AliceTheGamerGirl: I don't want to plug my ipad into the computer!!!

CoolAsFinnBro: Do filters work, or is it a generally simplified version of MCedit when you run a PE file?

diego mercado: Thanks

Nate Doherty: I click on level.dat and it pops up for a second then just goes away and doesn't open. Plz help.

iWesley: Can you make the jailbreak app iMCPEedit on your website

Ali Polo: Do it plzzzz

unliven LegiT: It don't work

GRIZZ XXXJ: What's your name on game centre

Kyle Flores: Add the app on your site or on

mjkPlaysGames: Add it to your website... I know you want to!!!

ssjGabe: Send me an invite to your server

Shahir Ali: It doesn't

SpiderEyeGaming1: That's so awesome it works! Thanks

SmashGames75: Please make emu4ios a multiple app downloaded

Tyler Beebe: I saw your temple run server on multi player for minecraft pe

Galactic Penguinz: Your noob friendly vid made my minecraft freeze,I can't click the play button. Can you tell me why that happened and how to fix it please

Amoia5: How do u get MCPE on ur pc???

AbbotGaming23: Gay

Paul Cordell: Got yourself a sub

LilCpStudios: Dang everything's with a computer

Galactic Penguinz: Can you tell me as soon as possible thanks

VentrlsZT98: Won't load my pe world

The Adventurers Will Rule Gaming: When I plug in it still tells me I have to plug it in

Jonny Glanden: That sit only Carrys iPods and iPhones now and like 3 games not mc pe

unliven LegiT: Don't work!!

Darq Feline: Plz put in emu4ios

beyblade507: Shut up Aaron it ain't a jailbreak

Ali Polo: Add MCPE edit on ur website plzzzzz

aaron m: You sound like icanflyjake

unliven LegiT: It take me to free app slots

CJ Steve: Byron this is Calum !!!

CJ Steve: Hey jack

EliteOps101 or Keralis: you are awesome!! I made a flat world of diamonds!!!

Elijah Robertson: Does this work for 0.7.0 ?

VGJ: How did you get it n the laptop

iiCumz: PYRO PLEASE PLEASE BLOCK THE IDIOTS THAT SAY DUMB STUFF LIKE GIVE US CYDIA PUT IFILE ON EMU4IOS CAN YOU PUT IMCPEDIT ON YOUR SITE they are stupid and don't need to comment if they don't know what they are talking about. PLEASE! I'm not the only one that wants this.

max1ders: This isn't a jailbreak. Who are you calling a dumbass?

Ethan Valente: just put it on your website

arlis05: no one cares

TrueAwesomeKidNumber: guys like this comment if you want imcpedit on emu4ios if you did like that whay pyrofilmfx can add the download on emu4ios

School: Thanks for teaching us how to fix it. The problem with most Medical assistant in california is usually the cost of education. Hopefully it'll pay off. Thanks again.
MCPEdit/MCEdit For Minecraft PE (NO JAILBREAK) 4.6 out of 5

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Minecraft PE MOD for IOS iMCPEdit!!!!!!!!!
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Minecraft Pocket Edition Glitch. Animals In Creative Mode (Jailbreak required for easy method)

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