Ruger GP100 .357 Magnum Review

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Tree Climber: Speed Six on steroids! Boot grips or compact grips and that's one SWEET truck or CCW gun.

Kratos SonOfZeus: I’ve been thinking of getting this GP100 for CCW, but I’m trying to wait for a good deal or maybe a manufacturers rebate. Thanks for the great review.......awesome job shooting by the way!

Shane Brown: Good video, but may I make a suggestion? I know you're probably mainly a polygun shooter and your grip is muscle memory for that type pistol, but you Might want to keep those thumbs Away from the cylinder when firing revolvers. Have a good one, Shoot Straight...Shoot Often! Thx!

Jesse Hites: got one, love it

Passion Tir Sportif:

Joseph Puig: Dude! I just bought the 8 shot Ruger 5033. Those .357 rounds get down range in a hurry. As for home defense, overpenetration is the negative aspect. Otherwise, intruder won't know what hit him. I'm more impressed with ballistics from .357mag as compared to it's Cuz the .38cal, than the .44mag as compared to .44 special. If I had to do it over again, I would've bought either the S&W 7 shot in .357, or your GP100. The 5033 is almost 3lbs unloaded and not meant for CC. Badass wheelgun thou.

Hill Shepherd: Liked & subscribed

Dustin Bender: Could they put a bigger freaking grip on it. Great for shooting but not conceal.

ImGrampy: Just purchased a used chrome 4.2" online. Can't wait to get it and try it out. Really like your videos. They influenced my decision to buy this gun and the Glock 32 .357 sig.

adam shaw: the Remington golden saber is a piece of trash watered down load. it's down to 9mm and 38 territory.

MnS H: Recently picked up the 4" version this week. Can't wait to take it to the range.

Drew: can you replace the front sight?

Jim Marcum: what is retail price on this pistol

James Franco: I have this same gun its hideous with those ugly ass hogue grips! So disproportioned

serafin roldan: Excellent w/ Underwood 357 magnum Extreme Penetrator

Tactically Tactical Tactics: Martin Sheen? Good review though.

Danny Day: It hard to find them with a 3 inch barrel...

Danny Day: It hard to find them with a 3 inch barrel...

Daniel Bailey: I have one, great gun,

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Ruger GP100 .357 Magnum Review 5 out of 5

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