Ruger GP100 .357 Magnum Review

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TN6565: The 4 inch barrel in stainless is just symmetric and beautiful. I have one and now I need a S&W to keep it company in my gun safe.

Larry Cook: 3 5 7, my favorite caliber. Ruger is hard to beat too.

George Clark: now want to live the best of the 357 you need to check out two arms, smith 28, highway patrolman, a 357 built on a 44mag frame, the model 27 is great if you can afford it both same gun just finish is different and cost is a grand difference, then comes my favorite colt trooper 4 inch, not an over priced python but a reliable beautiful 357 that will deliver every shot every time within 1/4 inch of point of aim provided you know how to shoot, ruger is excellent but these heavier guns are superb just my thoughts and exp at 100 yards. and I love them all.

john mills: While watching you shoot, i could see your wrist breaking to the left as you squeezed the trigger. This will cause the left and low hits. Could be just a "flinch" in anticipation of recoil or you just need to work on your form a little.

George Clark: my 3 inch is the whiley clap only mine is blue, revolvers in my opinion should always be blue, for beauty even in bad elements one should care for his arms, everything I have is blue except for my 45 black powder it is all ss, and my wife hates it because after initial cleaning I throw it in the dish washer, thank god she loves me because she does know how to shoot, and does every weekend I do not shoot black powder, come home smelling like rotten eggs, what would ya expect after 10 hours of black powder shooting. she may have a point, for after my surgery I cannot smell, maybe a pluss or minus depending on what your view.

Carlos Aquiles: I have that GP-100 in the same 3" configuration, and it is a great revolver to have. I installed the Hogue Goncalo Alves on mine, and it looks super cool. I dont plan to carry mine, as it is really heavy but for home defense and range use, its great. Seems you have to work on the trigger, because I used to shoot a bit low left too, it was a combination of flinching and heavy trigger.

JunkfoodZombie: LOVE Ruger revolvers! You can run them ovrr with a tank and the only thing that would break would br the tank treads! XD

Zongwang Wang: I love it, i love .357 revolver, either Ruger or S&W

Francisco Gonzales: Can you do a review on the golden saber 357 mag 125 grain ammo test because I have this for a back up gun for home defense. Thanks 

Joey Bag of Donuts: Just bought this same configuration, I don't plan on carrying it, it's going to be my nightstand piece. I love wheel guns,they are simple, accurate, and most importantly, reliable. I may throw it in my back pack when hiking or camping, the black bear here in my state are one the large size. Nice vid by the way!

Bob johnson: wow I saw almost no recoil. I have a GP 100 wiley clapp 3 incher

sirmorluk: All you had to do is say so TN.. The ammo is in the mail and I would like it tested by next Monday. *Runs out of thread* :P

Doug Stephan: You will love that Ruger after some practice. My main carry gun is the Ruger SP101 loaded with Buffalo Bore 180 grain .357 mag. It took some time to get used to the recoil but now at 30 feet, I shoot 2 inch groups. A sweet little hand cannon..Great vid..Keep up the great work.

William Cooper: first video of yours i have seen, impressed with your review! I am looking at this gun for myself. again great to the point and informative review, you got a follower for sure!

Take Detour: I like your ballistic gel tests much better.

roentgen571: Good review. This your first time showing your face on camera?

TonusAMaximus: Firstly, I live in Sydney, Australia, we have very inconsistent gun laws here and some of the most strict in the world. Anything bigger than .38 calibre is prohibited unless you get an extra special license, and the normal license is hard enough to get! I haven't fired .40 S&W. It's being adopted by an increasing number of cops in the states(low recoil, good energy transfer). Personally I am not a Glock fan, I dislike the boxy site picture and the trigger pull. But many LOVE them.

elmooko69: Great review! I love my Gp100 6" though I kind of wish I had the 3" version too. I'm looking to get an Alaskan next, though I'll probably need a second job just to pay for the ammo! Thanks for all the work you put into these videos!

TIM neville: i bought a ruger gp100with a 6in barrel and it is a cream to shoot and i love it

elbacooks4u: Always a crowd pleaser. God Bless, Elba

Delticola: My pleasure, glad you understood my humor had some value. Lots of humor with some real issues to consider. If you're going to consider a carry gun my suggestion? Glock model 29, Glock 27, Glock 23. The 29 is the 10mm very very very powerful and not so uncommon these days, getting more popular. And the 27 and 23 are 40's. Any gun fight or multiple bad guys is going to take more then the 5 shots from the SP101. But I have the SP101 with crimson laser grips, love it.

SuperPindos: I hope you never miss, cuz them bullets fly fair ways. Normal people use some bulllet stops, like them berms, but you're not like the most, you never miss, and them bullets never fly down that road, so that's cool.

robin6512: Congrats with the GP100. Good gun

Delticola: If you weren't conceived until 93 guess I could be a contemporary to your Daddy. I wasn't first having sex until nineteen hundred and eighty nine and it didn't get really good for a few years after that. But lets not digress...... I owned my first 3 pistols years prior to my 21st birthday but don't recommend any violations of the law to anyone.

reeseman67: Love 3" 357's! This revolver was on my wish list billboard from the age of 13 till I started choosing my new babies at 21! I had a lot of time to choose, while I still love the GP-100. Then I saw the newer L-frame for the 357, and that they fit a 7th round in a similar sized package as my 66, so the 686+P 3" 357 Magnum got snatched up, and I've never regretted it, GREAT CAR GUN! .357's aren't TOO velocity sensitive between 3"-4" for defense, LOVE theses sized revolvers! Great vid sir!

asus3571: I got shot with that gun lol

Delticola: Precisely 3.158432 joules. How do I know? I don't but I might still have an interesting answer for you. The hammer drops and hits a firing pin. Older revolver designs had the hammer taper to a point that hit the primer. But now the flat hammer hits a transfer mechanism that is part of the firing pin which hits the primer and it concentrates the force from the spring into a very small point that ignites the primer. That hammer alone would not ignite the primer without the pin point.

John Lain: Thank you very much for the information...I will keep those good points in mind. I have also been looking at the Glock .40 S&W. Have any experience with that? Thanks!

tnoutdoors9: "Youtube and gun reviews are making broke". LOL Just doing our part to help promote the industry!

tnoutdoors9: I can definitely see that. I've found myself walking across the yard with my pants around my ankles a few times recently and didn't realize it. Seriously, it can very much create a snag, and depending on your manual dexterity, take a few seconds to regroup and get with it. I'm never using this for carry, but your point regarding grip selection and practical use for carry must be a consideration.

TonusAMaximus: You can shoot .38 special in this revolver. Just bear in mind if you are switching between cartridges, the .38's will foul the end of the cylinders and may make your .357's a bit tight. Just keep this in mind and clean thoroughly after a workout at the range. .38 Special is good for getting your sights in follow through etc... However .357's generally have loads 2 or 3 times as powerful, so both the actual and perceived recoil WILL change how accurately you shoot. Keep that in mind also.

ftw7827: sir i wouldnt put my thumb where you did on the left side if i were you .

Delticola: Brings back some serious memories. I got my GP 100, Twenty two years ago. Carried it lots on the hip in the woods, with 4 speed loaders! It is a 6 inch. Then I got Glocks 18 years ago and carried the Glock 23 ever since. Now I'm a Glock 20SF man. Best of both worlds now that they made the SF. Couldn't own one before but SF made it a reality. Now I have .357 mag. power plus in a 15 plus 1 Glock. It does not get any better then this. Nice video and I've watched your power of 6 vid. 10x.

Delticola: I paid like $290 brand new for my stainless GP100 in 1990. Ok, maybe like $309 with some tax or what ever. That was in the yellow cardboard box days. 6" stainless. Carried this gun in the woods camping for months, a couple days at a time. Had a pair of speed loaders on the belt too. 18 Rounds, don't need much more then that.

2lbsTrigrPull: I like all the crap from him. ^^

Sean Yunt: While it feels nice in the show room, the hogue grip didn't work for me. I ended up spending $20 for a pair of pachmyr combat grips. Not that this is a regular carry gun, but that sticky monogrip was constantly snagging clothes from a holster. Also, I am able to get a higher grip with the smaller grips. Ideally the previous model grips (see SP101 for style) are the best of both worlds.

Rick Haley: Great video - love those .357 Mag Revolvers - might even be my favorite...

snowsniper8: built more like a tank, the 686 has less metal and is not built as tuff as the ruger.

Jeremiahfull's Shooting Sports Channel: nice revolver... we can only use 5 inch barrel revolvers and pistols...good rubber grips .thanks for sharing

dredank: Love the gp 100 i got a go 141 that for some reason now wont cycle while loaded just gets stuck with the hammer about 3/4 way roostered gets stuck. Feels like some brass or somehig is getting caught... Notsure what is could be it cycles fine unloaded....

tnoutdoors9: Not difficult at all. I'm keeping an open mind about making a change. It's early.

serwiss99: Really well made review!!! It gave me a good impression of this revolver which I consider to by...

tnoutdoors9: I have made that exact adjustment since posting the review, also changed my grip.

Loquaciousgamer: Nice revolver. I'm very comfortable shooting .357. I had a Taurus and regret selling it. I had a lot of fun with that caliber. It's stout, but managable. I'm getting another one.

Doug Stephan: Thank You my Brother. And I think you'll love the Badger grips. Give them a try..

Paintbl99: 6:44 ricochet? Be careful TNO, don't wancha gettin hit by a flier.

Silverado4x4: Nice video. I just got my Carry permit & went with 3in GP100 for carrying purposes. I also have Colt Trooper MKIII & both great guns. I used the Magtech ammo with my Colt don't know if it was batch I got but they smoked unbelievably I prefer Remington's ammo a lot.

dssin: your reviews are the best! keep em coming!

LoganAreaShooters: Going low and left could be a product of your trigger pull. I do that sometimes, too. Oh, thanks for the ammo testing.

frankgon4: Try practicing roostering the hammer with your left thumb. Looking forward to the ballistics barrel.

Ruger GP100 .357 Magnum Review 4.9 out of 5

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